Heather Knox: Dowry Meat

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F them uite recapture the magic of VIMVIMRECOIL they are filled with horrors and beauties and of their own Circling around ideas of sex and abuse and violence and through all of that love and trust the collection provides a nice variety o f rather dark and impacting pieces The poems take on a less speculative edge in this second part which I personally lamented but uickly got over as the uality of the work and honesty and art of the verse kept me reading right alongIn the end my biggest complaint is that the collection is very short I would have loved another longer piece to perhaps close things out but what s here is uite good It s a dark collection as the title might give clue to and I found myself captivated through the occasional brutality of the images It s compelling work and for me an 8510. Dora Malech author of Shore Ordered Ocean Say So Heather Knox’s debut collection is a lyric wreath made of purulent ribbon and the most inviting of thorns Tansy and tokophobia lachrymosity and lavage are braided together in this double collection which marries a sci fi Western narrative to a lyric seuence Both elapse in an impossible location made of opposites futuristic nostalgia or erotic displeasure otherwise known as the universe in which we attempt to live Joyelle McSweeney author of The Necropastoral Poetry Media Occults Salamandrine 8 Gothi.

Heather Knox s Dowry Meat is a MUST READ Her imagery themes are beautiful and necessary for any witchfeminist in your life Stuff I Read Dowry Meat by Heather Knox ReviewSpeculative poetry is a strange beast By that I don t mean that I d hard to define really but that it s like a monster that lurks in the margins of imagination and possibility defying not ust the conventions of polite society but of impolite society as well stalking language as it strolls at its leisure making it cast nervous glances over its shoulder uickening its pace until it flies slapdash through the deepening darkness for the desperate hope of a familiar sight What this collection captures is a sense of the lurking danger an undercurrent of something raw and primal and bleedingThe collection begins with the surreal and inn. Heather Knox’s Dowry Meat is a gorgeous tough as nails debut that arrives on your doorstep hungry and full of dark news There’s damage here and obsession and haunted beauty in the wreckage of The New Political Culture just about everything relationships apartment clutter rough sex the body and of course theust post apocalypse than you or I could hope to find on our own These are poems that remind us not that life is hard that old news but that down there in the gravel and broken glass is where the truth worth hearing lies and maybe the life worth living If you were a ci.

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Ovative VIMVIMRECOIL which reads as part postapocalyptic horror and part urban fantasymagicpunk epic The setting is unsettling the imagery brutal and sparse and needful The plot unfolds as the poem follows a series of people who might all be one person who all reflect in each other s stories and end up in the same place the poem an exercise in returns and the lurking threat of violence The single poem takes up a large part of the collection and it does not disappoint managing to tell a story and a damned disturbing one and maintaining an inventive and striking style and language The setting is as twisted as the lines stilted and shocking at times and desperately beautiful at others It is a great marriage of form and functionThe rest of the collection consists of much shorter works and while none Ty Knox tells us unflinching as always I’d read your graffiti Drink your tap waterFeel your smog and dirt stick to my sweat If you were a city I’d expect to be robbed Jon Loomis author of Vanitas Motel winner of the FIELD prize The Pleasure Principle Dowry Meat’s apocalyptic fever dream myth making bleeds into what we might call the poetry of witness or the tradition of the confessional except that these lines throb with lived experience and a body isn't necessarily a confession Heather Knox’s poems are beautifully wrought and beautifully raw.