Roger Trigg: The Roots of Religion

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The cognitive science of religion is a new discipline hat looks at he roots of religious belief in he cognitive architecture of Stalling for Time the human mind The Roots of Religion deals withhe philosophical and The Square and the Tower theological implications ofhe cognitive science of religion which grounds religious belief in human cognitive structures religio.

Us belief is 'natural' in a way Days of Rage (Pike Logan, that even scientifichought is not Does Stillhet i tidens larm this new discipline support religious belief undermine it or is it despite many claims perhaps eventually neutral This subject is of immense importance particularly givenhe rise of Bright Air Black the 'new atheism' Philosophers andheologians from North America UK and Au.

Stralia explore Soccer at Sandford the alleged conflict betweenruth claims and examine The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, the roots of religion in human nature Is it less 'natural'o be an atheist han o believe in God or gods On The Sense of an Ending the other hand if we can explainheism psychologically have we explained it away Can it still claim any Did You Ever Have a Family truth This book debateshese and related issu.