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I received this book via Don t Buy My Love program in exchange for an honest reviewWhen I started reading this bookI on t know what my expectations werebut I was not expecting it to be so raw and intenseor for me to be sucked into it from the page oneI read this in one sitingbecausemake no mistakethis is that kind of readThis story centers around Claudas and Lancelot Claudas is the king of the lands which were once ruled by King Ban By subterfuge This book gave me serious feelings and I loved it If you The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS d told me before I started reading that I love it so much I probably wouldn t have believed you but this was LOVELY Great main characters wonderful writing and a plot that kept me gripped at every turnYeah the sex scenes were a bit unrealistic But they were also very hot and gave me a lot of feelings tooFEELINGS Falls over in happy glee Fascinating story I spent a good amount of the time reading trying to remember the ifferent tales from my Arthurian Lit class in college can t wait to read the next one Good bones but the window ressings need some work Raw gritty intense A Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, different spin on the Authurian mythos Again I repeat intense Thearkness and gloom hung heavy through out this story I kept sensing a foreboding a tragic end for the two The current ending makes sense and I m relieved to see there is a seuel cause I need to know what happens I wanted to like this novel so much and regarding some parts I Pages From Bee Journal did I could give it 1 star or I could give it 4 stars because I hated and I loved it at the same timeThis is the tale of King Claudas which is a pretty much ignored and forgotten character in arthurian novels while here he is a rounded character which I liked a part from the romance scenes Lancelot arrives to get back his father s kingdom but well Claudas ends up seducing him Sort of The pairing was interesting I love pairings where the two characters can t be together because of theirifferent loyalties To explain why I loved the arthurian parts and I hated the romance parts I ll have to write something spoileryview spoilerWhat I loved The general setting and the plot There was a plot yes There s no Stones of Witness doubt that the novel is a romance one and the novel itself tells it immediately in the subtitle “Please” Claudas said lookingown into Lancelot’s face seeing his confusion and beneath that his My Indian Kitchen desire – though for something he perhaps had neverared to give a name to “Don’t tell me this isn’t what you’ve wanted” Standing alone in the ruins of his own lost empire the great King Claudas watches as Camelot's greatest knig.

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Esn t sell out her characters in favor of spending valuable time Lots of Mommies describing or focusing on the universe noroes she in ore it completely I was astounded by Arden s fluency in historical etail not to mention the authenticity of the gay male sex acts She proves that any sex scene can be arousing to anyone regardless of orientation the passion hunger and starved esire of any person makes something sexy and arousing Note I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThe reason I signed up to read this book is mostly because of the warning that this work includes Ds scenesI was left bitterly Fantasy Man disappointed Over the course of the many many sex scenes in this work there is only one that actually comes close to resembling Ds and even there Iidn t feel itMostly there s a lot of The Flame Of Adventure dubcon bordering on rape Which would also be right up my alley except it felt simultaneously too tame Lancelot really wasn t resisting that much and strangely brutal Claudus just shoving it in without lube or spit or anything Honestly I couldn t understand why Lance kept coming back because the sex sounded awful for himThe connection between these two was flimsy at best By the end of the novel we re told that the two are in love with each other but Iidn t feel the connection I would have bought an unhealthy obsession type of relationship but that isn t what was being escribedOverall the work barely held my interest I like erotica I on t need a strong plot if the porn is good but it kind of felt like the author couldn t make up her mind what story she wanted to tell And yep still Divine Magnetic Lands disappointed that the warnings were so misleading An interesting read I liked the ending view spoiler it would have ruined the story if they stayed together They were essentially still enemies hide spoiler I am not a huge fan of sex scenes in every other chapter but Iidn t mind it in this book Glad to finally come across a book written by a skillful writer 5 stars for thatThe only reason Laid to Ruin got 4 stars from me is the editing If the author Frog and the Treasure decides to include lube or even spit in the shenanigans I will then add another star Claudas repeatedly almost laughing was another pet peeve of mine Other than that no complaints whatsoever. Ing hisesperate loyalty to his king But in the battle for The Butterfly Club dominance that follows and with the fate of a realm on the line will Claudas find that he's only managed to lay a trap for himself Warning Laid to Ruin contains explicit scenes of gay sex as well as scenes ofomination and submission It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Ut the plot was very interesting A part of me wished for what happened to Morgana s plans what of her revenge against Nimue and Arthur for taking Mordred from her The plot also managed to keep the reader interested as we start from nothing we Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors don t have all the elements and the author cleverly add them slowly to let us getragged into the story why His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, does Claudas hate Arthur so much for example Reimaginations of arthurian themes This is just a little thing but I love to see how originally and cleverly the authors reimagine particularly arthurian episodes and I liked that Isabelle Arden not only talked about Galehaut but also managed to reimagine the Lancelot Grail episode of the kinggiant surrending for the love of Lancelot I adored the little hints about Mordred too and the reason why Loth wanted to get his revenge because Arthur accidentally killed his son the first of may The endingsecond part of the novel The noveloesn t end with an happy ending It is some sort of open ending but for the fact that we all know how arthuriana ends and a part of me would love to read a seuel Still it was a fitting ending because for once the two loyalties could not be resolved The characters The secondary characters are just a few but the novel is very well written and they are all interesting especially Morgana I liked even Claudas especially him and Lancelot BUT But for the parts I ll explain laterWhat I hatedThe romance ClaudasLancelot seemed such an interesting pairing and the potential of it was the reason I bought this novel It is an interesting pairing but I couldn t close my eyes over how much the love scenes the sex scenes were forceful almost rapes I simply couldn t Their love story told from Claudas point of view is slowly presented as love but even at the point it should be love the idea of possessiveness and humiliation so much humiliation permeated it The romance is harsh and not in a good way on the uncomfortable side than the passionate side And stalkerish So much stalking Magical crystal balls alike helped Claudas stalk Lancelot Yes I said it hide spoiler This is a ambitious grand sexual adventure set in Arthurian times Ambitious because Arden takes on myth and has managed humbly to make them human She Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? do. Ht Lancelotu Lac comes to claim his birthright But what starts as a mere contest over land to be won by blood and steel in single combat becomes much the moment Lancelot steps inside Claudas' castle By inviting Lancelot into the shelter of his hospitality Claudas raws the man into a game of lust and intrigue bending him to his will and warp.

Isabelle Arden is a good girl by day but when she gets home from work she likes to kick off her sensible heels and write some seriously dirty fictionIsabelle writes a wide variety of stories from gay to straight historical to contemporary kink to vanilla but she's always a sucker for a happy endingAny comments or uestions at all please never hesitate to send her a message