Sharon Kendrick: The Sheikhs Christmas Conuest The Bond of Billionaires #2

Ther book that I have read recently where I found myself really into the storyline and the characters Olivia takes the lead as a strong female but on t count Saladin out too uickly as he can Citizen Cain dish it right back to Olivia as much as she can hash it out Their chemistry was undeniable Plus they kept the story entertaining with their comments I would not mind being stuck in a cabin in the winter with someone like Saladin Even though Saladin is rich he never flatted it and wasown to Earth The Sheikh s Christmas Conuest is a fun uick steamy read Sweet love story about a brooding Sheikh who is still not over the Trail of Secrets death of his first wife and the woman who helps him heal the pain of his past Hero was too arrogant and Olivia was a sweetheart so that s a perfect combination as far as I m concerned Epilogue was heartwarming This is my first Christmas read of the holiday season and have to say I was thoroughly impressed and immensely enjoyed it It was a pretty perfect read This romance was sweet tender and hot And add the holiday season vibe and you have a winner The chemistry between Saladin and Olivia was off the charts and pretty much began from the moment they met And it waselicious to watch as it was entertaining Just their whole banter and back and forth between them was just fun Loved all the passion they had for one another The love scenes were pretty spicy and tantalizing There was one really How to Train a Cowboy detailed scene that was the first time scene was written well and showed how much chemistry and connection that they had It raised my pulse increased by a fewegrees I Cringejust cringe This is the reader not the genre This sheik business is hard enough but to One Special Moment do it in audio Not well thought out Not well thought out at all NOTE read this as part of New Years challenge in the Unapologetic Romance reading group Sheik categorySetting Time Genre CurrentSeries I think soSexy times Yes Sheiky sexy times He s so masterful Plan on reading by the author This is the second I have read The first bookidn t bother me so much This onemakes me uestion whether I wish to read another Why it A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain did oridn t work for me Gah This guy He is a jerk Flat our full on jerkalicious The heroine was all ok I can t have a lasting relationship with him because if his many issues Fine give him my V card and move on Hero is all super suspicious and constantly accusing her of sht Like there are not enough Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, dingings for me to punch here The book was not awful and I was than willing to listen to all the ridiculous The Mommy Makeover dialogue and sex scenes because it was the Sheik genre It is made to be eye rolling So for that it get s a three star Glad this category isoneSigned Lawrence of Arabia this guy ain t Bam I m outPS I DID NOT read this two times Thank you ever so much GR. Sically compelling man on her The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives doorstep The sheikh sheared to refuse is here to whisk her off to his kingdom and this time he won't take no for an answerA passionate read for Christmas nights.

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I had great hopes for this book when I started reading it Livvy seemed like a very spunky girl that wasn t going to take crap even from a Sheikh She was working hard at keeping up the historical home as a sort of B B rather than working with horsesSaladin needs her horse whispering skills for his own horse I liked Saladin to a point He wasn t overly arrogant but he id go out of his way to get what he wantsThen things started to go wrong for me The power outage from a snow storm as well as Livvy being a virgin just First Blood didn t sit with me that and how uickly these two fell into bed I always like a little getting to know you thing rather than a fling or a seductionThe other thing thatisappointed me was the lack of Christmas in the story I read holiday stories because I love that theme in the plot of the story That element was pretty much nonexistent here except that Livvy s guests were The Palliser Novels due for the holidayEverything else was pretty predictable from there on including her healing his horse I m notgoing to complain about that though because even in fiction Ion t want to see an animal sufferThis wasn t a bad read It is pleasant enough for a uick weekend fix but it just Men And Gods In Mongolia didn t fit the holiday bill for me I first read a MB book when I was about nine or ten stealing them from my mother and hiding in my room to read them My mother was horrified when she found out believing me too young to read a lot from the sexy line and instead I had to only read the sweet until I was in high school and they relented simply because my Nan had so many of them and I read books that they could keep up with From a very long way the Sheikh ones were kind of my favourites and Ion t really know why I think that probably of all the MB storylines these are the ones that are the most idealised and romanticised Olivia Miller has turned her back on the horse world but Sheikh Saladin Al Mektala isn t taking no for an answer when it comes to his star stallion He turns up to her BB in terrible weather to persuade her to come back to his country and work her horse whisperer magic on his injured stud so that he might be saved Olivia takes some convincing the horse world holds bad memories humiliating ones and Saladin is a Hunter Killer (Pike Logan dangerously attractive man as well which complicates things Eventually he promises enough money so that she could fix up her old house and get herself out ofebt and she finds herself on a private plane heading for a foreign land I Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, don t read too many MB theseays but every now and then I find that they re a good palate cleanser or something nice and uick and easy to help when I m in a bit of a slump and can t The Friend Zone decide what I want to read next When Io read one I like them to be like this Although Sheikh Saladin is uite alpha as most sexy li. Summoned by the sheikhSheikh Saladin Al Mektala isn't used to being isobeyed Incomprehensibly the woman he summoned to help his favorite mare the best horse whisperer in the world turned his.

Ne heroes are he manages to avoid verging into utter ouchebag territory where they basically ride roughshod all over the female character He was nicely fleshed out with his grief over his first wife which gave him some Alpha (Shifters, depth that the male heroes can often lack Hisevotion to his livestock also worked to accomplish this as well and I found that make him somewhat likable Olivia was actually uite spunky I Whalerider do like the way that she attempted to hold her own as much as she could against the Sheikh and all of his obvious power and influenceI enjoyed this It s always good to have one or two handy as they are so useful for when you just want something that youon t have to think much about I stopped reading so many because some of the alphas made me irrationally angry but when you can find one that manages to balance it out it s worth the read The Sheikh s Christmas Conuest was a compelling romance about a hero Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex dealing with past heartache and the stubborn heroine who gives him a chance at loveWhile this book was a very uick read compelling too I felt the hero was lacking thatevious over the top obsessed uality which would have made it a 5 star I wanna Graphic Design For Everyone do a reread type of romance Sadly the hero has a mediocre alpha uality that makes this reader a bitisappointed I enjoyed this oneI totally liked Olivia attitude in that she spoke her mind and Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, didn t bow and kneel before him She said no and she meant no She also continually surprised him by not weeping and wailing when heidn t give her like so many of his past womenshe left him confusedI liked his confusion it took alittle bit away from his I am king attitude and made him human plus all that confusion and trying to understand her got him hooked He was a sexy alpha male with a caring heart that just needed that jolt to stop living the past Wonder why the cat Sweetland didn t like him LOLThere weren t any nasty OW or evil family members just some bad memories and a ghostly loveplus a sweet horse and a cat with an attitude A highly entertaining read Sharon Kendrick incorporates angstrama and electrifying chemistry between her flawed characters in The Sheikh s Christmas Conuest which make for an indulgent read At first I hated Saladin For me he he been too arrogant too chauvinistic towards Olivia But as the story progressed I saw Saladin to be than just a handsome wealthy man who lived a royal life and commanded others to o his will As a character he had epth he had a sense of loyalty in him once he opens up to Olivia Olivia on the other hand compliments Saladin But she brings her own set of baggage into the mix Her stubbor The hero bugged me Just idn t like him very much I have not read the first book in this series but that is ok as this book is a stand alone novel This is ano. Generous offer The Intelligent Entrepreneur down So he takes matters into his own handsThe snow is falling the fire is roaring and the mince pies are in the oven when innocent Olivia Miller finds aarkly handsome and phy.

I was told off as a child for making up stories—little did I know that one day I’d earn my living by writing themTo the horror of my parents I left school at sixteen and held a bewildering variety of jobs I was a London DJ in the now trendy Primrose Hill a decorator and a singer After that I became a cook a photographer and eventually a nurse I waitressed in the south of France drove a