Victoria Hodge: The Magpie Masuerade Part 5

DOLLARS THEY MISSED THRIR MARK NOT ONLY THAT I AM NOT GOING TO BUY THE LAST LITTLE PIECE OF THIS BOOK NOR WILL I EVER BUY ANOTHER BOOK BY THIS AUTHOR I DON T GET TOOK TO THE CLEANERS VERY OFTEN BUT THIS AUTHOR WON T GET ME AGAIN Enjoyable story. Who is totally ineligibleand totally unimpressedby the new Earl When a newspaper publicizes Fin's imminent uel and sets a Bow Street Runner on his tail he is Miss Shumway Waves a Wand determined to put a stop to the scandal mongering Magpie If only he caniscover who it is AUTHOR'S NOTE This is a SERIAL novel told in installments Think of it like a mini series Rated PG for occasional very mild swearing eg amn Part 5 is approximately 24000 words Part 6 the finale will be released soon Enj.

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Review on part 6 Really wonderful Would recommend as a great regencyhistorical fiction BUMMERTHIS STORY WAS PRESENTED AS A SERIES IT IS NOT WHAT IT IS IS CRAP WHAT THEY DID WAS DICE UP A STORY AND SELL IT IN PARTS IN ORDER TO MAKE MUCH MORE MO. Part 5 of 6 Secrets and lies Everyone who is anyone in London is shocked and titillated by a gossip column reporting the scandalous tidbits of the social season of 1812 But no one suspects The Magpie is really Miss Marjorie Teague the orphaned poor relation who hovers on the outskirts of high society as the companion to her ebutante cousin Marjorie On His Majestys Service dons a boy'sisguise and files an anonymous story in order to stop a Different Class deadlyuel But when the newspaper offers to pa.

NEY FOR EACH SMALL PIECE RATHER THAN SELLING IT AS ONE STORY THIS LITTLE PIECE HERE ACTUALLY STOPS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A CHASE IF THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME WAIT WITH BATED BREATH FOR THE LAST THIRTY PAGE INSTALLMENT AND COSTS ANOTHER COUPLE. Y for regular reports she realizes she can earn enough money to support herself and be free of her cruel auntas long as her identity as The Magpie remains secret When Captain Lord Findlay Drake returns from war to The Essential Good Food Guide discover he's inherited an earldom he plunges into the social whirl as the biggest prize on the Marriage Mart Reluctantlyoing his uty to preserve the family name Fin's mission to marry is sidetracked and his curiosity piued by Miss Teague a young lady.