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Nded His past self was not a bad person nor Alex's past self a man Nancy who was also incarnated as a man could not prevent it with all his intelligence and dedication to Alex This is the last Book insta.

This six installment dition has been replaced by the new all in one dition Derek finally remembers his past life in which he killed Alex's past incarnation It was 1865 the year the American Civil War

Llment of I Remember You series Can Derek forgive himself And how does this remembering influence his current relationship with Alex And can Nancy make peace with herself and overcome her fear of success.

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I indie published WHY WE ARE BORN in 2014 It has been selling steadily primarily by word of mouth and I cannot thank enough I consider this book reuired reading for any metaphysical seeker Pretty big praise but well deserved because she takes concepts that are huge and often confusing to the average Joe or Jane and makes them understandable and relatable to real life Pathways magazineMy