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Course of an afternoonMike is a college bound young man who has long since come to terms with the fact tha. R man from behind Meanwhile Mike’s attraction to Dennis grows when they decide to go to the same college to register But he does not know where Dennis stand when it comes to gay guys Will he be turned off if Mike tells him the truth MM First Time Gay Romance For mature audiences ONLY SAMPLE 1 “Damn that’s a big one” I said “Do you take a dick in the ass kid” “I have once but not that big” “Want to try” “You got protection” “Of course” I looked at the damn thing I knew it would hurt but damn I wanted to try it “Let me.

This book is a lightening ick bit of mindless fun and sexual arousal that can easily be devoured in the. The wayside had been an experience that I’d long remember but now I had all I wanted right next to me Mike’s road to discovering himself begins at a wayside where the writings on the wall and the idea of sucking another man turn him on He thinks he might be gay especially after seeing another guy in school Dennis with a hard on The wayside piues his curiosity and he returns there just to see if the messages on the wall were true And thus begins Mike’s adventures from being sucked to orgasm to returning the favor and finally to taking anothe.

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T he is gay However having grown p in a small town with small minds he d never acted on his sexual impuls. Suck it a bit and then we’ll try” SAMPLE 2 We got in the back and got naked We were kneeling on the carpeted floor and Tony put his arms around me and we began kissing It was really hot Then he started stroking my dick “Oh man I want that thing in my ass” he said He leaned down and sucked me a minute and then he put a condom on it “Fuck me from behind” he said as he got on his elbows and knees I got behind him and pulled his butt cheeks apart He had a little hair around his butt hole I spit on it and rubbed it with my finger He moane.