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Top reader s guide by my old teacher at Reading This book SAVED me Not only did it make understanding The Faerie ueene easier as it works as a bit of a selective summary of each Boo. The Faerie ueene is the first great epic oem in the English language It is a long and complex allegory which resents the first time reader with many diffi.

K but it also just showed me different ways of viewing things It was just the example I needed to really see how to look at Spenser s writings allegorically figuratively etc And it r. Culties of allusion and interpretationThis volume is the only convenient and up to date guide to Spenser's oem and is designed as a handbook to be consulte.

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Ovided a good foundation of context too Definitely a must have if you re tackling TF whether on your own or with a ost secondary class I am so glad it was one of our reuired readings. D by students while reading the To Him Who Sits on the Throne poem Each chapter is devoted to a separate book of theoem and sub sections treat articular episodes or seuences in detail.