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StupidI don t understand itThis is clearly competent and honestI don t know how I know thatBut it seems soBut it is like a foreign language to me Norweigan perhapsA language where even some of the letters are differentI don t know how it worksI don t know the rulesI tried to let it wash over meThat helpedA littleBut still it was like looking a something through somebody else s spectaclesI didn t enjoy itBecause it made me feel stupidBut some of the words seemed to touch me SomehowAm I condemned to keep trying and failing to understandOrOne dayLike gazpacho and jazzWill I just get it It felt a little too much like poetry like I was constantly aware that I was reading very poetic poetry with all the various techniues employed etc Definitely some beautiful and brilliant lines but I was just too aware of the writer I want to be tricked Is that weird One of my favourite collections of recent ears Disappointing The poems I liked were ones I d already read in the FNP pamphlet It s been a long time since I enjoyed a poetry book so much I enjoyed the fresh voice and imagination I loved Underwood s metaphors and similes sometimes in the same sentence Such asSometimes Dog Love - An Unbreakable Bond your sadness is aachthuge white and expensive like an anvildropped from heaven how will we get onboardup there when it hurts our necks to lookThe best thing about this book is the tone The title after all is Happiness But it isn t effusive or in Henry and June your face or even especially upbeat The love poems remind me sometimes of ee cummings but without the tumescent lust sometimes of Kenneth Patchen but without the sacredness There s even a Love Poem to Myself which beginsYour basic appetites and pale feet renew my faith in evolution whenou slide drunkinto a bath all the palm trees in Miami burnMy favorite poems at the moment are Love Poem to Myself Poem of Fear for My Future Child 13 Say and I promise when I lift our egg There s a very funny prank poem called The Spooks I won t spoil it. Possibility of its departure and the ways we try to grasp and keep hold of it 'Every single thought I'm having is about LOVE' here meaning both the pleasure and panic of love its peculiarity; love as a feeling of risk love for one's own body familiar et estranged of 'cack handed LOVE at his console' love like 'pausing to move a snail somewhere safer in the rain.

Clever short book of poems some lovely some so so but the good ones are worth the read Deeply enjoyed it Savored it really Intense and thought provoking Two SO Clich words I know but that s a good way to describe this poetry collection Atypical in its approach Underwood has a knack for maybe leading My Names Friday you on a thought pattern and then sideswipingou with the next line At times uncomfortable it s a collection that makes ou feel and to me that s of the highest compliments to poetry Although some highlights do exist I think it s a matter of mood mindset and what poetry ou like that will ultimately decide how much ou enjoy this collection That said the talent is there and the emotion is direct I absolutely loved this collection the range is fantastic and the exactness of the imagery Underwood uses is incredible It s not obliue and obscuring to the point of ridiculousness but he approaches subjects from just the right off kilter angle to summon what he means I had a worry in my chest like the bad layerof an onion someone loves like tennis played by amateurs a steak is a uestionhung in itselfabout blood And those are just some random uotes I picked out flicking back through itMore impressively I feel he writes very well about love and ou guessed it happiness in a way that is un cynical un sentimental and touching and for that I can only take my hat off to himMost of all this collection filled me with relish for the form and desire to go back and fine tune all my own work which is very useful indeedWonderful stuff Jack Underwood is one of the new oung guns in British poetry He has a PhD in creative writing and was on the cover of the last issue of Poetry London Happiness published eight ears after he was awarded the Eric Gregory award is a mixed bag of postures and emotions and for the most part a very satisfying read The title poem starts off with this personificationYesterday it appeared to me in the form of two purpleelastic bands rou. Happiness is the long anticipated debut collection from the award winning Jack Underwood With the sort of smart persuasive voice associated with Simon Armitage and Michael Donaghy these poems worry at the world in search of consolation or else meet life's absurdity and strangeness half way; whether sitting proudly atop an unexploded bomb or injecting blood under.

Nd a bunch of asparagus which wasa very small happiness a garden variety nothing likethe hulking conversation cross legged on a bed we hadten American Poetry years ago or when I saw it as a thin space in a mouththat was open slightly listening to a friend pinning themwith an almost cruel accuracy the sense of being knownmaking a space in their mouth that was happinessAfter a few variations it ends in this wayOrprivately withou when we re watching television andeveryone else can be depressed as rotten logs for all we carebecause various and by degrees as it is we know happinessbecause it is not always usual and does not wait to leaveUnderwood has an identifiable absurdist bent that looks back to the work of James Tate whose recent passing was a great loss to US poetry Underwood is inclined to make a poem with recognizable lyrical elements He chiefly focuses on the domestic drama even when he dabbles in social comment as in Some Gods God with merciful expression holding knife and fork God as a female infant God with stomach as gumball machine God as Every Good Girl your barely visible reflection in the eye of a dead robin The joy of this writing is in the ride and I imagine that it appeals to theoung adult poetry readers than seasoned ones who may be looking for a little life experience gravity and substance Even Poem of Fear For My Future Child which raises the specter of domestic tragedy from the viewpoint of a parent is a little too safe because the tragedy is imagined with no real skin in the game Instead Underwood s sweet spot is his ability to identify with and invest the emotional experience of a oung adult with psychological complexity and pathos which is a very neat accomplishment indeed I loved this collection It felt like a friend was telling me his confessions Intimate elouent and adding humour to dark subjects It has been mentioned by Kit Harrington of Game of thrones fame how I heard about it Superb I will be re reading many times Poetry makes me feel. The skin of a banana playfulness and imagination are vehicles for confronting 'the fearful and forgotten things I've lied to myself about' Here are poems which address anxiety about fatherhood remorse for lost lovers and friends or mourn for a miscarried sibling Happiness is a collection preoccupied with the ephemerality of happiness itself at the ever present.

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