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Ce with the details of her husbands grisly murder Ryan and Marie didn t anticipate the whip lash of attraction they feel for each other though Ryan has a job to do and justice to seek out without complicated emotions getting in the way Marie isn t alone in anything she does Daisy has a stake in what happens and is just as easily harmed if not so if things go wrong Getting involved would be inappropriate and seemingly a bad idea with Ryan having such an honorable profession and Marie coming from a past filled with criminal dealings by way of her husband But both their worlds are turned upside down when Ryan has to protect Marie and Daisy and sift through the massive amount of evidence Marie was able to take with her from McLaren s operation Protecting a witness means time spent with said witness and time in this particular case means the already blazing attraction is heightened to unbearable levels Passion lust and the beginnings of love bond them in an intimacy neither one saw coming For the first time in a long time both Ryan and Marie see a future bright with family and love But before their peace and contentment can take hold danger again unfolds and Daisy s life hangs in the balance Ryan will do everything in his power to protect the family he s come to love and Marie will find herself staring straight into her past and the demons that always seem to be on the edge of her vision only with so much in the balanceFirst I love love love that Ben and Abi were back for this story They are my favorites mostly because of Ben and it was great to see what they have achieved together Now MarieI m sorry to say that I didn t like her much at first As a mother I could understand why she thought to just rid herself of everything and move on for the sake of Daisy but I also feel she was being selfish in order to not face what she went through If I new turning over something I had would be dangerous but be for the better good and had someone like Ryan I wouldn t hesitate to do what I could Luckily as the story progressed I found her appealing Ryan was definitely the night in shining armor I liked him for a hero but I wish we saw of his alpha behavior outside of the bedroom I liked him from the beginning but wasn t able to connect with him as well as I did with previous heroes in Nicola s books Still he made for one hell of a fantasy man and the added storyline and conclusion to the McLaren case made this book unput downable Haha I fell in love with Nicola s writing in Sweet Seduction Sacrifice and it only Forbidden Stranger keeps getting better Now I m frothing at the mouth to read Kelly s story We venown her from the beginning and she s been one of my faves throughout Great job Nicola and Snowy River Man keep em coming 3 I love this series Nicola Claire rocks my world I can t get enough of the gang Another awesomesauce book in this oh so awesome series Review in progress And just so everyonenows I sooo can t wait for the next one already. Es to protect in the endTattooed henchmen on her trail high speed car chases through inner city streets gunshots Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze kidnappings fierce male bodyguards and even assertive female friends Marie has something the bad guys want But will it be her downfall in the end Or can hernight in shining armour protect her And will she let himLove at first sight has never been so dangerous and so very delicious at the same ti.

Somehow this series Les brumes d'avalon : roman keeps getting better Every one of Nicola s Alpha heroes is my favorite until I read the next book Ryan is my new BBF And Nicola explaining how Ryan was Marie s shield how she fought him from taking things further because shenew Ryan shouldn t have to compromise his job or values to make sure she didn t go to prison was greatly descriptive And I think having a little girl for Ryan to fall in love with too especially since she was so like her mother helped me stay involved in the story just a bit I think my only complaint which is sort of ridiculous is there was no Kate in this book She s been in every story and her lighthearted and fancy talk would have been a welcome reprieve for both Marie and Daisy Yes there are a ton of side characters so maybe Nicola had to choose to leave one out but she was mentioned maybe one time and not even when Jason was in the scene Sorry that ends my rant on that Otherwise the dialogue was great the descriptive words and background were sweet and the falling into bed and love was super hot Another one to add to my Favorites pile 5 Loved Ryan stars Consistently in this series there are likeable characters alpha males who instantly fall in love with their heroines and lurking danger throughout the book Usually there is steaminess too but this one had a really long build up finally at 70% mark we see some action Unfortunately I have noticed there are details lacking in each of the books which have come to frustrate me as a reader Ex Never is any reference to protection made no condoms references or fear of pregnancy which I find odd and slightly unrealistic and irresponsible In this book this ledger was referenced but earlier on it was too big and had to be transported in her purse later Sweet Seduction Shield begins when Ryan Pierce walks into Marie Cox s office and brings her worst fear to life He s asking uestions about things she s been running from for the last five years and now she Malakai (Wicked Games, knows she s not safe But not only is she not safe neither is her daughter So once she gets rid of the sexy cop she must then run However her plan is destroyed when she finds someone breaking into her home Now her only option is to go to detective Ryan for help He has a major attraction to her and he s not eve Every time I read a book in this series it reminds me of the rock chick series by Kristen Ashley It s the same but not You will see what I mean when you read the books I am going to be so sad when this series ends This book was wonderful It had all the action and romance you could want With all the normal misunderstandings associated with a budding romance I enjoyed every minute Cant wait to get my greedy eyes on the next installment This is definitely the best book of the series so far Loved both of the characters and loved the way the past casts backed them up Looking forward to finding out who Fred is I had almost given up on this series I m so glad Marie I want to be a part of your lives Not just a satellite Not just a fading star I want to be your sun And I want you to be mineFive years is a long time to hide from your greatest fear and biggest regret Ask Marie Cox she shouldnow She's developed an icy shield of confidence to ensure no ones sees her hidden angst But her dangerous and dirty past comes back to haunt her when everything is torn asunder.

Took a chance and read this book I really liked the first book in this series but the second and third books failed to live up to my expectations Several of my GR friends didn t like book four so I skipped it I really figured this was just another series that started on a high note but fizzled out along the way I was cleaning my Kindle up a bit and came across a sample for this one I had downloaded at some point I ended up reading the sample and got sucked in Go figureSweet Seduction Shield was as good if not better than the first book in the series It was definitely sexier The steamy parts were well done I love an author who isn t afraid to spend several pages devoted to the sexy bits and Nicola Claire wasn t scared Overall the book wasn t a scorcher compared to some of the erotica I read but it was uite HOT A little dirty talk some face fckingyou The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone know the important stuff I did think the story may have dragged just a bit at times and I wish the book would have been written with dual POV instead of just from the heroines but other than that I really enjoyed it The main characters had good chemistry together the hero is book boyfriend material and the suspense part works Hopefully the next books continue to be this solid because this is a series that I really enjoy reading As usual Nicola Claire has given us another steamy action packed adventure with the Sweet Seduction crew Sweet Seduction shield takes us back into a story that began in Sweet Seduction Shadow and includes my two faves Ben and AbiSummaryMarie Cox has spent five years with a shroud of confidence and ice surrounding her toeep her never ending fear at bay With one visit from an Auckland CIB detective her shield crumbles and her heartbreaking past comes back to haunt her in real time Marie used to be married to her college sweetheart She had hopes and dreams a bright future to look forward to but it slowly seeped away Her husband became a man she didn t recognize as the one she fell for and his actions on behalf of a New Zealand drug lord were what made it that way That part of Marie s life ended tragically and filled with danger and fear but before she found herself clear of that world she guaranteed herself a little insurance and a way to get payback Unfortunately she never followed through after the warning she was given and now she doesn t have just herself to worry about She also has a five year old daughter Daisy that depends on her to eep her safe healthy and happy Never imagining her past will come back in the way it does Marie s perfectly put together existence shatters with the entrance of Detective Ryan Pierce Ryan Pierce is a dedicated and loyal cop He s spent his career seeking out those in need and helping them to achieve protection and justice after experiencing his own tragedy and the fallout He started the case on Roan McLaren getting Abi to work with him and now he thinks Marie will be able to provide even eviden. With the determined and sexy Detective Sergeant Ryan Pierce walking through her door And he won't let her get away with anythingBattling her returning dread and fighting her instant attraction to a cop with his own demons but a pure heart Marie faces the biggest challenge of her life And this time there's at stake than just her survival A precious five year old secret both Marie and Ryan would give their liv.

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Nicola Claire lives in beautiful Taupo New Zealand with her husband two teenage boys and a Miniature Schnauzer named RudyA bit of a romance junkie she can be known to devour as many as half a dozen books a week if she drinks too much coffee But her real passion is writing sexy romantic suspense stories with strong female leads and alpha male protagonists who know how to love them So far sh