Don Tapscott: Blockchain Revolution How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money Business and the World

I actually read the updated edition of this book The author Don Tapscott had written some 9 books prior to this one spanning than 20 years from the onset of the Internet to today s onset of blockchain technology This atest book comes from a paradigm shift perspective that being that blockchain will be as big a deal as the Internet My main mindset in reading this book then was to find out why this is soThis 316 page plus 30 pages of notes small print no picture book is well researched and encyclopedic with plenty of expert observational narrative explaining the who s why s and what s of blockchain It took me about 2 months to read and digest which is a surprise because the book does not weigh the reader down with arcane technical detail of how blockchain works Suffice to say that blockchain technology represents a network of independent entities following a mutually agreed upon set of rules to build collective judgement on the validitytruthfulness of recordable information which is subseuently recorded by all for all for all hackproof time It should not be a big surprise that the origins of blockchain are in digital money bitcoin which is based on trustWhat makes blockchain revolutionary is the fact the recordable information becomes part of the environment we The Jewels of Manhattan live in muchike the air we breath ie no one has proprietary control over that fixed in concrete chain of information blocks recordable information This creates an obsolescence of the need for intermediaries such as banks which are there to a Nation as Mother large degree to imbue trust This also imbues transparency that makes poweress closed door and elitist The main fear with blockchain is that entrenched power elites will do anything they can to stifle itThat being said there are many powers behind promoting blockchain including major corporations and universities Blockchain is exploding out of its digital money origins to such diverse areas as food safety and health information The future trajectory of blockchain will be somewhat The Tryst Betrayed like the trajectory of the internet with many surprise successes as well as failures who remembers dial up America Online My particular area of interest is using blockchain to reform democracy which is currently rooted in systems of representative democracy ie intermediary well suited for than 200 years ago but unable to work for other than money d power elites in today s world Blockchain provides an opportunity to ateast initially augment representative democracy with citizen involved direct democracy There are numerous startups developing and promoting tools to get us there There are also some big ideas out there that take us well beyond a transition to a utopian world a world that is difficult to comprehend this early in what represents a major paradigm shift blockchain This book is a must read to understand and have ideas on all the promises of the Blockchain Technology and what is already being done today with it Part 1 focus on explaining the tech behind BlockChain and its design principles specially related to the new DappsDecentralized applications Part 2 is focused on core industries and ares where the blockchain will create disruptions I Barron's AP Biology Flash Cards, 3rd Edition liked aot chapter 5 on new business models and chapter 6 on the synergies of Blockchain and the Internet of Things Overall if blockchain is successful it will change many institutions and industries we take as granted today read it if you want to understand and be part of this disruption I think the promises of blockchain and the hype surrounding it way outpaces the technology I think the book is interesting in Amrita Sher-Gil laying out what could happen but it s a bit overly simplistic too much cheerleading and not enough critical analysis There are better books out there about blockchain and better books about. MAJORLY EXPANDED WITH NEW MATERIAL ON CRYPTOASSETS ICOs SMART CONTRACTS DIGITAL IDENTITY AND MORE The definitive book on how the technology behind bitcoin and cryptocurrency is changing the worldBlockchain is the ingeniously simple technology that powers Bitcoin But it is much than that too It is a publicedger to whi.

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Ation has already happened and what s currently being tried This wasn t that book There are very few books that I start and don t finish and this is one of them My problem with the book is that I don t think the authors understand the subject Blockchain They talk in analogies and don t actually tell you what Blockchain is apart from it being the technology behind Bitcoin and how it has the potential to change the world I think the book is about a case of writing about the subject first and not best Avoid it I did not finish this book What I read and what I saw by skimming through the book is an enthusiastic promotion of the IDEA of blockchains The book Flashback My Life And Times In Bollywood And Beyond lacked specific information as to exactly how blockchains are constructed and how they facilitate Bitcoin transactions Maybe I missed something but I was disappointed and give it one star I should have known what I was getting myself into having made an attempt to read Wikinomics by the same author before and eually not being able to finish it Blockchain Revolution is a wordy inflatedargely uncritical praise of blockchain technology and how it s here to solve mankind s problems The irritating thing is despite it being so adamant about the superiority of the blockchain I found the book to be unconvincing full of hollow superficial arguments and a good portion of wishful thinking As an engineer I m excited about the prospects of blockchain technology myself but I expected a critical analysis and not 350 pages of fluff with the same information regurgitated over and over againFor an example of the depth of this book consider this piece of insight from the authorsOur view is that the starting point for corporate boundary decisions is to understand your industry competitors and opportunities for profitable growth and use this knowledge as the basis for developing a business strategyWho would have thought Platitudes City Improbable like this are abound in this bookMore serious problems can be found in their reasoning about the properties of blockchain applications For instance they argue that building applications and services on the blockchain will essentially remove the problem of service interruption and downtime due to the inherent distribution and replication of the blockchain This is a misleading argument to make since it really only applies to the underlying storage and protocols but not the bits people use to interface with itJustike end users don t directly interface with a database or TCPIP they don t directly interface with the blockchain If for instance a service for digital asset attribution say photographies allows you to watermark a picture as being yours on the blockchain then there needs to be a means of uploading that picture first eg through a web form before anything is encoded on the blockchain The upload itself would ikely happen through a web frontend which itself can of course experience down time rendering the service useless regardless of its underlying blockchain technologyI also found many examples of blockchain applications unconvincing For instance the example of bAirBnb a hypothetical DApp version of AirBnb implemented on a public blockchain is given which is shown to operate cost efficient thus removing the necessity for the 15% or so surcharge claimed by AirBnb The authors conclude that this makes it a superior business because it benefits the customer The gaping hole in their argument is where is the incentive now for the business to be established in the first place if the only source of incoming is being removed That uestion among many others remains unansweredOn a positive note I did find a few bits and pieces of information useful such as references to existing services that operate on the blockchain Overall however I would not recommend this book. Changing technology will shape the future of the world economy dramatically improving everything from healthcare records to online voting and from insurance claims to artist royalty payments Brilliantly researched and highly accessible this is the essential text on the next major paradigm shift Read it or be eft behi.

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The transformational possibilities of technology Blockchain is probably the future but you can easily grasp that from a TED talk instead of reading this No Future for You long book about every possible potential iteration This book promised aot but eventually delivered very SOS Schlank ohne Sport - less I bought the book to get a hang of this new and exciting technology and how it can revolutionize the business world but this bookseaves a Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, lot to be desired There are hardly any discussions about how the technology is going to work in the real physical world Everything in this book isike sandcastles in the air a beautiful image in mind but nothing in concrete to be made use of This book did a good job giving an overview of the technology but nothing Sometimes I wonder whether even the authors know what they are talking about or not Definitely not worth the amount of time and money I spent on it My advice for the people who want to Making India Work learn about this technology will be stay away from this book and focus your efforts elsewhere by reading on the internet A prime example of muddy reasoning by analogy Reading this book reminded me aot of a famous cartoon by Sidney Harris that was originally run in the American Scientist two men are Everwar (Cal Leandros, looking at a blackboard with complex euations in the uppereft and ower right corners and one of the men is pointing in the middle where it says THEN A MIRACLE OCCURS the text below is I think you should be explicit here in step two This book is full of wonderful things that the blockchain will bring us but it doesn t explain how any of them will actually work Worse a ot of the things referenced in the book are from interviews and emails which is understandable with such a new field but makes it nearly impossible to check the authors work And the few times that they do try to explain technical matters it doesn t go wellThis book ooks at blockchain technology through definitely rose colored glasses although it avoids being as overheated as Blockchain Blueprint for a New Economy by Melanie Swan although in all fairness I do believe Swan does a better job of pointing out the risks and weaknesses of the technology even if she seems strangely unworried about them You could easily get the impression that the blockchain is some sort of magical fairy dust that you sprinkle on anything to make it better Not to mention there s no real discussion of the fact that there are multiple types of blockchain this book umps together say the bitcoin blockchain and the KSI hash calendar as if they were the same thingThis book seems to Sequins and Spurs lack an appreciation for just how messy the real world that this software needs to interact with actually is Programmers economists and apparently business book authors often seem to spend so much time dealing with simplified representations of reality that they begin to think the world is as simple as their modelseading to a sort of techno utopianism were every problem has a simple technical fix and the DK Adventures law of unintended conseuences never comes to visit This book even recommends against trying to solve social problems with technical solutions then spends the majority of the book explaining how to use the blockchain to do exactly thatHowever despite its flaws this book references so many interesting ideas and projects that I found it worth the read If you follow up on the notes that are not interviews or emails you will find aot of fascinating things Just don t think you can read only this and actually understand what s going on with the blockchain in any but the most shallow sense I skipped arge chunks of this book because there s only so much breathless exuberant techno utopianism that one can stomach What I hoped to read was a perhaps somewhat enthusiastic description of what blockchains are what experiment. Ch everyone has access but which no single person controls It allows for companies and individuals to collaborate with an unprecedented degree of trust and transparency It is cryptographically secure but fundamentally open And soon it will be everywhereIn Blockchain Revolution Don and Alex Tapscott reveal how this game.

Macrowikinomics New Solutions for a Connected Planet a “Schumpeter ian story of creative destruction” and the Huffington Post said the book is “nothing less than a game plan to fix a broken world” Over 30 years he has introduced many ground breaking concepts that are part of contemporary understanding His work continues as a the Chairman of Moxie Insight a member of