Vicki L. Weavil: Scepter of Fire The Mirror of Immortality #2

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Ead of my review here This was a really good story Second book in the series It continues the story from the first book A retelling of The Ugly Duckling Full of action The main character Varna is a healer Very plain in looks Her second mentor Sten Rask is a sorcerer unknown to Varna He offers Varna beauty and power Varna has a war going on inside her What will Varna do Looking forward to the next book. LbertFind it under Victoria Gilbert's author page.

Ver stopped her from being ind She would also do anything to protect those she loves Erik and Anders were also a nice addition both being brave and strong willed It was also great to see Gerda Thyra Kai Luki Bae and Sephia againScepter of Fire was a great read and recommended to fans of fantasy Scepter of Fire is the brilliant seuel to the first book in The Mirror of Immortality series Crown of Ice On is published under the author name Victoria Gi.

She did it again Although I have to say for myself the ending wasn t what I had hoped But non the less it was a great book I love the characters and I Secretly hope she writes another 45 StarsScepter of Fire was a really fascinating novelIt was filled with adventure magic and romance I enjoyed the plot of the novel and the charactersI liked Varna because even though she isn t really beautiful that ne. This edition is now out of printThe current editi.

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