A.L. Thurlow: Billionaire Incognito

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I was hooked almost instantly and that s not something that happens to me very Oddly Normal often An interesting and well thoughtut plot I loved the characters they were well rounded and relatable The. Roman Karve is New York City’s third wealthiest man He’s dominant kinky and in search American Studio Ceramics: Innovation and Identity, 1940 to 1979 of true love He’s also accustomed to boys who use him for private jet rides to Hawaii and new Armani suits So for his next uest in long term romance he decides to go incognito He knows exactly what he’s looking for A puppyf a boy who will McNally's Risk obey him adore him and above all be loyal to him He wants an intense connection with someone who has no idea Romanwns the biggest hotel chain in the world Logan Seaborn is new to the city and clueless about everything else He wants a Dom and freuents Manhattan’s Puppy Love Club in an Slaves of New York ongoing futile search for the right man Of course he has no idea what “the right man” means until a half Greek half Argentinian godffers to take him home There’s just ne condition.

Re was a handful f errors grammarspelling at times is caused slight confusion but nothing that detracted to bad from the storyline If you like instata love that s fast paced then this is a If Logan’s going to leave the club with this man then he has to do so in a leash and collar “Master” he gasped The word was swallowed against Roman’s unrelenting lips This was just a kiss that was all this was but Logan was consumed He needed – everything – badly – now“Please” he cried “Please it aches – ”A finger against his lips He could feel Roman’s chest pounding forcefully against him “Hush” said Roman “I haven’t even reached your freckles yet If you wanted to come in under three hours you should have told me you had work in the morning”Roman took him again lips to Logan’s panting mouth fingers rough and tangled in his hair Roman pulled away for a moment and Logan breathed hard He closed his eyes and felt the tip f Roman’s tongue touch his cheek He forgot

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Olid read I ve already downloaded the 2nd installment it does leave From Rodin to Plensa: Modern Sculpture at the Meadows Museum off with no conclusion as there is at least 2 in a series and it doesn t give a close at all to the first book it just ends. E had freckles mostf the time but as his mouth was given a break he sunk into the mattress and allowed his sun kissed skin to be adored This was bad One night stands had left him feeling attached before – the morning after when he wanted to stay and that inclination wasn’t reuited It wasn’t exactly hard for Logan to fall but holy hell – how was he going to survive when this gorgeous man was kissing his frecklesRoman had a body made to worship but did the worshiping himself He raised his knee and it brushed against Logan’s inner thigh Logan cried Goin' the Extra Mile (a Mary Jo Melendez mystery Book 3) out a flairf pleasure and Roman made an indulgent rumbling sound from deep in his throat“My poor puppy” he sighed nose pressed against Logan’s skin as he inhaled “If you want to whimper and whine and woof that would turn me n like hell”.

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