Simon Furman: Tales from Berk Dragons Riders of Berk Comics #1 2

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The artwork is adorable 4 starsThis is such a nice co. Ang set up a search party Unfortunately Alvin the Treacherous is also on the hunt or HookfangWho will get to Hookfang.

So don t care if it s Friend Foe for children this is great and. The collected adventures of Hiccup Toothless andriends When Snotlout's dragon Hookfang lies off and disappears the

Llection of different adventures of Hiccup and the gan. First the Riders or Alvin Written by Simon Furman Transformers Beast Wars with incredible art by rising star Iwan Nazif.

Simon Christopher Francis Furman is a British comic book writer who is best known for his work on HasbroTomy's Transformers franchise starting with writing Marvel's initial comic book to promote the toyline worldwide as well as foundations for both Dreamwave Production's and IDW Publishing's takes on the Generation 1 minifranchise