John Gilstrap: Time to Steal Nick of Time #3

This is the third of five books in the series that make up the Nick of Time novel I have only ead this one out of the series but I didn t find that to be an issue as you can uickly gather what has happened in the previous two books I found the characters to be 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life really good and the pace and writing style was excellent I have added the other books to my wish list and look forward toeading the Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, rest of the story As with all of John Gilstraps book I love this one too He has a very uniue way of writing and I love it Every one of his books getsight to the point to the energy of the story without the frivolity of many writers who find they need to add a lot of filler material to make their book longerJohn does it with story and plot His plot twists come out of the blue taking you by surprise and upping the thriller part of the word Thriller Don t ever worry about buying any one of his books they are al wonderfulI especially like his Jonathan Grave Series It never disappoints I give John Gilstrap s books a healthy 5 star A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners rating In this third installment of the book the three main storylines that have been developing finally converge as. DANGER CURVES AHEAD   In the third pulse pounding installment of John Gilstrap’s five part novel a nationwide manhunt for two young lovers spins out of control and where it stops nobody knows Nicki Janssen knows she can’t cheat death But she can live out her last days in the arms of her beloved Brad at least until the police catch up with them   Brad Ward knows theoad ahead will be fille.

Med her obsession with weight loss and had turned to diet pills The pills however had side effects ending up putting Nicki in the hospital herself and without a heart and lungs transplant she finds herself with only a year left to live Not wanting to live out her emaining time hooked to machines and with little hope of living long enough for a transplant Nicki has decided to un away with a boy from her childhood Nicki s father is a prosecutor and teams up with his law enforcement buddies trying to track Nicki only to find out that the boy in uestion is wanted for murder In Time to Steal Nicki and Brad are truly on the Au bagne run from not only Nicki s father but law enforcement too I would warn that this the series is getting a bit dark with not only violence butape mentioned Each book so far has just gotten and exciting and action packed Completely enjoying this series and hope to be able to finish with it sometime ight now I only have the first three books so I will be impatiently waiting to see how this will all turn out I eceived an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest eviewFor eviews please visi. Loser to a dead end   “Gilstrap is one of the finest thriller writers on the planet” Tess Gerritsen   “When you pick up a Gilstrap novel one thing is always true you are going to be entertained at a high ate of speed” Suspense Magazine   “Gilstrap pushes every thriller button” San Francisco Chronicle  Includes a preview chapter from John Gilstrap’s next thriller Friendly Fir.

John Gilstrap ↠ 9 ead

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Brad and Nicki find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time Brad s character is fully developed as we are introduced to his troubled childhood teenage years and prison life For the first time Nicki begins to see Brad s true colors and it terrifies her She uestions what she has gotten herself into and whether or not she should get out while she still can To add to her uneasiness about the situation her health continues to worsen as the time marches on and the pressure and stress continue to mount Should she just walk away and let Brad continue on his own Or maybe she could each out to her father for help At the end of this installment Brad is forced to eveal a secret he has been keeping from Nicki that just might push her away for good I eceived this as a free ARC from Kensington Books Lyrical Underground on NetGalley in exchange for an honest eview Time to Steal is the third installment of five in the Nick of Time series by John Gilstrap In the first of the series we meet seventeen year old Nicki Janssen who had overcome an eating disorder only to then lose her mother to cancer While grieving for her mother Nicki had esu. D with twists and turns But if he hopes to beat a murder ap he’s got to outrun the cops with Nicki by his side   They’ve stolen a car Witnessed an armed obbery And crossed state lines from Virginia to North Carolina But prosecuting attorney Carter Janssen knows that his daughter is about to hit one major oadblock Nicki needs medicine to stay alive and every minute without it brings her

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