Willy Voet: Breaking the Chain Drugs and Cycling The True Story

Rug taking in the sport some of which anecdotes while iving heavy hints as to the rider don t name them and also including drug taking among support staff eg for Paris Roubaix Having devoured several books on drugs in sports in Animal Babies general and cycling in particular it was fascinating to see how deep the rootso Voet is often vilified as a horrible cheat who was in the business of dragging cycling into the dirt but what is clear is how long and how extensive the networks of drug use extended It was clearly so commonplace to charge that anyone who claimed ignorance of it was almost certainly lying. N all these are now considered not optional but necessary not to win but just to compete in the Tour de France Details of how these drugs are obtained mixed together to make cocktails administered and concealed are all included in this raphic and uninhibited account of how drugs brought cycling to its knees.

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L The maseur who was caught with a load of drugs oing over the French border in 1998 and thus sparked what became known as the Festina affair Willy was just doing what he knew and it was well known that everyone was charging in those days It was fascinating to learn just how much of the job it was to pick up inject and help riders qasas-ul-quran get drugs into their systems I just hope that a decade later we areetting closer to etting doping out of cycling or a little ways down the road Sobering and easy reading short account covering both Voet s arrest and trial and his reminiscence of 20 years or of Cycling since the death of Tommy Simpson in 1967 finally brokeImprisoned for sixteen days sacked from the Festina team and ostracised from the sport to which he had dedicated his life Willy Voet at last was able to tell the truth His sensational story will change cycling foreverCocaine amphetamines EPO heroi.

I chose this book as I have a keen interest in drugs I don t know anything about cycling so I struggled a little but persevered the book set out the details of what was happening at the time which really is uite shocking yet also understanding from the athletes point of view A stripped bare first hand account of the Festina affair written by one of the pawns who lost his livelihood because of his involvement Yes he was uilty of everything that he was charged with but it is an amazing story of what really happened behind the scenes of a cycling team that dopes This is a ripping story and wel. On 8 July 1998 Festina team soigneur Willy Voet was stopped by the police In his car were the drugs the team needed if they were to have any chance of playing a competitive part in the 1998 Tour de FranceThe car was searched he was immediately arrested and so the story that has been undermining the sport of.