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Have chosen to focus n the romance But for me without the xploration of the dark the book lacked shade and depthThe other bias that seeps through is the unconditional positive regard the author has for his father in the book To be honest I didn t like some of the choices Miklos made choosing to continue writing to and possibly leading on other women Not Without a Fight even once recognising Lili as The One An independent writer may havexplored that and the reasons why Miklos did However in this book it was glossed overThis is a sweet novel and gives the story of two people who show how they started to recover from the horrors of the war Whilst not really alike at all I had the feeling while reading that those who Garden Bouquets and Beyond enjoyed books such as Letters from Skye willnjoy this novel a lot Not going to lie I picked up a physical copy of this book for 1 at my local Waterstones store having absolutely no idea what it was about research rule broken there Alice but since it was set during WW2 and involved the use of letters I was interested to see what Fever at Dawn had to offer Translated from the original Hungarian it is based off of the true The Unseen Wonder experiences of the author Peter Gardos and his parents basically it s the love story between his parents At thend of WW2 Miklos is told that he only has six months left to live he is in a hospital ward but has a dream to get married Soon he writes over a hundred letters to over a hundred girls to see which ones would reply One of the ones that does is Lili whose parents are still missing after she was deported to a concentration camp Using real The Management Bible extracts from their letters Fever at Dawn was an interesting tale however th. Girls all of whom are being treated in the Swedish camps with the aim ofventually choosing a wife from among themTwo hundred kilometres away in another Swedish rehabilitation camp nineteen year old Lili receives Miklós’s letter Since she is bedridden for three weeks due to a serious kidney problem out of boredom and curiosity she decides to write backThe slightly formal.

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25 I m a little meh about this one It s sweet and funny but it s fairly light The tone was good but the writing or perhaps translation didn t do anything for me A holocaust survivor love story crossed with How I Met Your Mother It will find an audience I m sure but isn t really my thing It is the Zu schnell end of WWII Miklos is on his way to Sweden to recover after being liberated from a concentration camp He is a mere 29 kilograms He is ill his teeth were so poor they were replaced with metal dentures and he has rampart tuberculosis with doctors giving him only six months to live But something the nazis did not take from Miklos was hope and his desire to live This is a theme that runs continuously through the book Miklosven at the most dire of moments Sleepless (Bird of Stone, even when things seem insurmountable still looks for hope and finds a way through things Miklos makes the impossible possible purely through sheer force of willThis book is based on the love letters and stories of the author s parents For me this was important to keep in mind because it does bring a bias to the story It is clear Gardos loved his parents and wanted to share their story it is a story of hope of strength of the remarkable ability of the human spirit tondure These areas in the book shine like a beacon resonant with truth But I found the book stubbornly unwilling to leave the light and xplore the dark How is it Miklos at 29 kilograms terminally ill having faced horrors I can t ven imagine remains so hopeful What is it that has buoyed him I imagine that as an author it would be very difficult to submerge yourself in the pain your parents xperienced which is why the author may. Twenty five year old Holocaust survivor Miklós is being shipped from the Bergen Belsen concentration camp to Gotland Sweden to receive treatment at the Larbro Hospital Here he is sentenced to death again he is diagnosed with tuberculosis and his doctors inform him that he has six months to live But Miklós decides to wage war on his own fate he writes 117 letters to 117 Hungarian.

E pacing wasn t smooth with some of the writing being uite choppy and difficult to connect with This book has been made into a film which I am interested to watch and feel I would njoy that rather than the written novel The Invisible (The Curse of Avalon emotional connection was not there for me Copy received courtesy of NetGalleyIt s so rare that Hungarian or Polish or Estonian writers get translated into English that I m always keeping anye out for works from that portion of the continent So when notice came up on NetGalley of this one translated from Hungarian I decided to take a chance Even though I struggled with how to properly convey my thoughts about this bookFever at Dawn is a fictionalized account about the love story of author Peter Gardos s parents Miklos and Lili who are both Holocaust survivors After being liberated from their separate concentration camps Miklos and Lili are Yummy Supper each taken to Sweden where they are sent to recuperate in hospitals Miklos learns that having survived the Nazis he has developed a virulent tuberculosis which will claim his life in 6 months or less Deciding he has no time to lose Miklos begins a letter writing campaign to introduce himself all the displaced Hungarian Jewish women in Sweden which is how he meets LiliWhile their real life story deserves 5 stars the book doesn t uite measure up There were moments of whimsy humor and at times a feeling of hope but in general the book felt choppy and dull Originally written in Hungarian it seems that something the language tone or flow was lost in translation 25 starsThank you to NetGalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for a galley of this book inxchange for an honest review. Exchange of letters becomes increasingly intimate When the two finally manage to meet they fall in love and are determined to marry despite the odds that are against themBased on the original letters written by Miklós and Lili ninety six altogether Fever at Dawn is a tale of passion striving and betrayal; true and false friendships; doubt and faith; and the redeeming power of lov.

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Péter Gárdos was born in Budapest in 1948 He is a multiple award winning film and theatre director As a director he has received than twenty international awards at major film festivals among them the Jury’s Special Award at the Montreal Film Festival and the Golden Hugo at the Chicago Film Festival Based on the true story of his parents Fever at Dawn is his first novel