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Interesting to me to see how unlike the others my reaction to this one is I read the first two stories and part of the third and uit because by then I felt I had a fair basis to conclude the rest would continue in the same vein poor characterization amateur writing at turns boring and drawn out themes punctuated with the odd bit of melodrama and at least in the two stories I finished really terrible ending lines that smelled like teenagers first drafts I felt personally disappointed that this was not better though I know this is unfair I want to read ood stories by first The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid generation or 15 I like that this category exists Asian writers who can recount experiences I relate to and who can do it without embarrassing me with poor writing Still looking Iuess Short stories are not my favorite because I often feel by their conclusion that I was left hanging with a big And so but their chief asset is that they re able to hook you in immediately than many novels w their languidly paced openings This collection conforms to the above description in that all of the stories engaged me almost immediately and all of the endings left me with a big Whuh I do think short stories can be done well I m a huge Lorrie Moore Dan Chaon fan neither of whom believes in spelling things out w easy resolutions I feel like all of Don Lee s stories in this collection needed to o one step further by their close to feel truly satisfying And I agree w numerous reviewers that although the writing flows nicely for the most part once in a while the soapboxing of Asian American issues all of which I care about as an AA myself comes out in a less than seamless way Still I have almost no attention span left these days yet never had trouble diving into this book and am always thrilled to see a ood writer Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, give voice to issues that so many of us Asian Americans live with day to day This is an excellent collection of short stories withreat three dimensional characters tied together both by their Asian heritage and their shared connection to the imaginary town of Rosarita Bay Lee does a Life Changing Smiles great job of depicting the challenges second and thirdeneration Asian Americans face while at the same time telling fascinating stories I really enjoyed this book and I love how the book ties together the stories in the last piece Some of Yellow s short stories and their characters. As the Los Angeles Times noted in its profile of the author few writers have mined the enre of ethnic literature as shrewdly or transcended its limits uite so stunningly as Don Lee Harking back to the timeless concerns of Chekhov fate chance the myste.

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From me Even the horrible sides of certain characters were heroically horrible I uess there were just too many heroes in one storyWhatever your reaction Yellow is food for thought and discussion The style is wonderful and the crafting of the stories is masterful Even though these are short stories he has a way of writing so superbly you have no choice but to care about these characters and relate to them in some way Superb short stories all set in a fictional Santa Cruz CA Don Lee is a first eneration South Korean writer which adds a fascinating cultural mix throughout each story Now that I finally forced myself through what seems to be the young adult version of this book I can finally take a breather and review it First thing s first I really really tend to dislike short stories I put up with them when I had to read them for class sure but enerally I stay away from them But Yellow was something else To think the short stories were actually connected with each other in some way Since it takes place in an imaginary port town in California it really threaded all of the characters together Instead of feeling like a hodgepodge of stories that are loosely connected simply because they re all about Asian American stories I actually felt like there was something to et excited about The stories themselves were also very human that s really the only word I can think of to describe it Lee doesn t rely on weird imagery and hugely distant narratives to tie his stories together He tells the stories of these people with voices you can actually relate to and hear in your head assuming you re an Asian American and are put into the situations the characters et into which admittedly can be surprisingly commonThe stories simply tell themselves I read it so uickly that I didn t realize it had Brooklyn's Song gone by it was as if I was just talking to an old friend reliving each other s memories in the form ofossip or just talking over coffee What s phenomenal was that the ending was extremely well done One of those endings where you can t help but feel satisfied with the time you took to read this book Sadly I don t Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide get enough of those lately I ve been reading books that I can t wait to just put down and be done with Thankoodness that Lee s compilation of short stories sated a hunger for ood Asian American literature that I ve had for such a long tim. And a diverse cast of complex and moving characters Nothing short of wonderfulsurprising and wild with life Robert Boswell Yellow proves that wondering about whether you're a real American is as American as a big bowl of kimchi New York Times Book Revi.

Are just plain magnificent ood like so dang Family of Her Dreams good however there are some stories that fall flat which is uite a bummer aood primer into fiction about the lives of East Asian cishet men and women i actually really liked it The linked stories in this short story collection are set in the fictional NoCal coastal town of Rosarita Bay and focus on the everyday lives of Asian American protagonists Though the characters come from specific cultural experiences and orientations they are eminently relatable psychologically rich and complex in their fears emotions and desires as they engage and interact in a predominantly liberal white community The characters are varied and textured in their backgrounds a surferowner of a sushi restaurant an attorney a master woodworker an operator of a boat touring company contemporary poets a school teacher My favorite story in the collection is probably Casual Water a tale about two adolescent hapa brothers who are abandoned first by their homesick mother who returns to the Phillipines to take care of a sick relative and never returns to her sons and later by their white father who aspires to tour the professional Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed golf circuit and bails on raising his children all on the cusp of the older brother s departure to college A story of family fractured absentee parents sacrificerief and loss Other stories in the collection are similarly provocative in their exploration of familial and romantic relationships and highlighting the inner worlds of solitary introspective characters navigating opening the heart to let in human connection This is a fresh entertaining and thought provoking collection of inter related short stories probably preparing for a novel to come Its reatest strength is the way it reveals subtleties of Asian American experience things many Asian Americans know but struggle to express things that might not have occurred to many others but that everyone comes to understand Like a lot of Asian American literature it strives to provide A A heroes which are altogether absent from almost all film and most writing However I didn t actually like most of the characters None were presented as perfect but the collection as a whole pushed the A A hero so much that it began to seem forced It ultimately left me with the impression that the unheroic sides of characters were being were being concealed. Ry of the human heart Stuart Dybek these interconnected stories are utterly contemporarybut rounded in the depth of beautiful prose and intriguing storylines Asian Week They paint a novelistic portrait of the fictional town of Rosarita Bay California.

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Don Lee is the author most recently of the novel Lonesome Lies Before Us He is also the author of the novel The Collective which won the AsianPacific American Award for Literature from the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association; the novel Wrack and Ruin which was a finalist for the Thurber Prize; the novel Country of Origin which won an American Book Award the Edgar Award for Best Fir