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Well that will teach me to buy a book high on cover lustIdentical twins Josh and Erick live together and have both loved each other since seventh rade yet neither had acted upon it in fear of the others reaction Erick has a bunny boiling Reine Mädchensache girlfriend now ex serious apparently that Josh had no inkling about please Then the plot just becomes ridiculous the characters well they were just insipid and the sex all I can say is there are only so many ways to explain blow jobs and mutual jerking off sessionsSorry this just wasn t for me andets one star for the cover which I love That cover promises so muchThis is the cleanest erotica I ve every read Pretty much BJ s and jerk offs it is Twincest and they Animal Babies go off page for a fuck Excuse me I like my smuttyoodness with raunchy behaviour Really It is like the Mary Sue of eroticaYou Offenders and Detainees go out on a date with your twin That is notoing to qasas-ul-quran go well But the person sending pictures around Justwhat NoIt was all toosilly and sweet 35 starsHot story about the love between two brothers but I felt like the incest aspect of their relationship was too easily accepted by the people around them to make the story completely credible Well writtenrammatically clear and an interesting storyWhile I write and read erotica I normally do not like Incest erotica but I thought this was uite ood This wasn t a bad story my main complaint is that there wasn t enough of it Reading incest stories doesn t bother me I rew up reading VC Andrews but if you re oing to write an incest story I do want on the how of it the psychological factors that led these two brothers to be attracted to each other because there are biological and psychological reasons that we don t fuck our siblings This was a little un. Josh is secretly in love with Erick How could he not be Erick is sweet funny smart and as wonderful as he is handsome He's simply everything Josh could ever want in a man Plus there's no one in the world that knows or understands him better After all Josh and Erick have been friends and companions for as long as either can rememberBut Josh is sure that he'll never

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Ears without iving their desires for the other away In any case Erick is apparently bisexual His point of view as he makes a huge life change would have been very welcomed here Now his side isn t Hear the Wolves given and we can t emotionally connect with the character as he basically uproots his whole way of lifeThis story s about than sex too There s an unnecessary women stalker subplot and also a coming out aspect which was a lot interesting I just wish the first had been dropped entirely and the secondiven depth In fact the story overall needs depth instead of melodramaThe writing s Valors Measure good and efficient so there s nothing wrong in that regard I find myself wishing Mr Cooper would write a longer in depth piece As is this novella has too much happening for such a short story Nonetheless for a twincest romance and this is a romance of forever kind of love than pure erotica this one s okay above average 35 stars but I rounded up I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed the story of Josh and Erick A week ago I might have uestioned the whole theme of the book It is so taboo Malemale romances ineneral are not main stream but when you add the factor that it s two brothers twin brothers it s uite shocking But then I read Two Point Conversion the other day and realized that the idea didn t bother me the way I thought it would I didn t uite feel the connection between the characters that I would have liked but it might be because the story is fairly short I think could have been explored I liked the twist in the end with a crazy ex irlfriend who was determined to keep them apart but again it was sort of rushed In the end I liked this book an I don t think it will be my last brotherly love tale I read. Mirror imagehis random connection is none other than the object of his desire his twin brother ErickWith only a screen of pixels separating them will Josh finally be able to confess his than brotherly feelings to his twin Will a lifetime of memories be enough to hold the brothers togetherBrothers with Benefits is a 22000 word novella featuring incest between brother.

Satisfying to me because the conflicts facing Josh and Erick are mainly external ones there s little to no internal conflict at all It feels unrealistic and it s something I very much WANT from an incest story This is what I call a happy incest story where there s no real uilt or psychological or even serious social repercussions from two family members having a romantic and sexual relationship The writing is ood however It mainly just needs fleshing out and for the author to take time with it not rush through it bangs head on desk looks at computer screen bangs head on desk again flails how does someone write PWP and forgets to add the porn Boring Nothing much to say not worth the time nor the money This is either a subject most readers love or hate I love itFor full review see here 35 stars The problem with this story isn t the twincest after all I knew that coming in but the speed with which everything transpiresJosh has a huge crush on his twin unfulfilled probably not helped by Erick constantly prancing around shirtless Then one night a video chats brings the twin brothers together for a mutual jerk off which turns into a live jerk off when Josh realizes who he s chatting with and takes a risk After that once the initial after awkwardness is dealt with the two men decide to start a relationship including coming out as ay loversThe story is iven in first person from Josh s point of view alone The pace is really uick and somewhat implausible These twins are in their twenties but all his life Josh has believed Erick to be straight In this story Erick has sex with women And yet he has also unbeknownst wanted Josh all this time I find it a bit hard to believe that they could have passed their horny teenage Ind the right opportunity to share his feelings with ErickHowever everything changes when Josh creates a profile on the popular online social network Visive Encounters a video chat website that randomly arranges face to face meetings with strangers via webcam One night in a collision of fate and software algorithms Josh is than surprised when his monitor reflects

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