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S called n to Seattle to Claiming the Enemy (Porter Brothers Trilogy, investigate a domesticncident the shooting and murder of a man by his estranged wife But was t really a situation of self defense Tracy with her team must search for the truthThe novel also deals with a cold case file from 40 years ago with the death of Kimi Kanasket a Native American girl while preparing for college supposedly committed suicide But her family and Deputy Sheriff Buzz Almond did not believe the findings Buzz s daughter Sheriff Jenny Almond asks for Tracy s assistance n reviewing this cold case and provide her opinion In this book the reader The Hero Pup is again exposed tonformative details on forensic procedures and how today s advanced technology can be used to help solve cold cases These dual After the Ice investigations small town secrets lies and the truth kept me entertained But I have to say this wasn t my favorite bookn the series I felt Super Grandma and Super Grandpa (The Unknown Superheroes it lacked suspense or maybe because I personally enjoy reading a whodunit murder mystery Loved seeing Tracy again but missed Dan her boyfriend as only a brief appearancen this novel I hope he comes back Murder in Mind in future novels I would like to thank Netgalley and Thomas and Mercer for a copy of this bookn exchange for my honest review The Hook I feel privileged to have been granted access to Robert Dugoni s fourth Tracy Crosswhite novel The Trapped Girl Wanting to read them The World in Winter in order I was happy the third madets way back to our library The Line You must be a magnet for murders her sergeant Billy Williams saidThe Sinker Seemed every time Tracy and her partner Kinsington Rowe were the homicide team on call someone got killed Another murder to solve just another day The Asylum in the homicide department Of course these murders are exactly why I read crime fiction Robert Dugoni and his character Tracy Crosswhite have me under their spell with whats becoming the spec for this series You get two for your money one current murder and one cold case each reuiring a killer to be brought to justice Detective Crosswhite gets a call from an old friend from her academy days who wants Tracy to take a look see at a forty year old case her deceased father Klickitat County Sheriff Buzz Almond Jr was unable to solve Sheriff Almond never believed that the river drowning death of high school Native American Kimi Kanasket was the suicide Trick (Foolish Kingdoms, it was ruledThe cold case was farnteresting to me than the one taking place The Road He Travelled in the present but the ability to use similar methodology to connect dotsn past and present day crimes was fascinatingThe advances made The Sea Garden in forensics and the ability to use these as well as new technology to solve cold casess key to my Introducing the Ancient Greeks involvementn this series One new field used The Student Cookbook in this case was thedentification of shoe prints This kick off point to find additional Torpedo Run information on this subject wasnformative It was fascinating to learn that there The Driver is much out there regarding sole prints due to the need to decipher the many footprints often left at crime scenes In an article on the National Institute of Justice website many other ID databases are explored Paint Glass Drugs Ignitable Fluids and help law enforcement solve crime Perhaps Dugoni will use some of thesen future outings of cases Crosswhite works Seattle and De glazen troon (De glazen troon, its surrounding has also become anmportant plot element Though the actual towns are Silent Witnesses intentionally fictionaln Crosswhite sDugoni s Seattle many mirror actual places making them The Hawthorn Crown (The Changeling, increasingly familiar territory In my review of Her Final Breath a GR friend askedf I felt Dugoni wrote his female character well I honestly never thought about The Past is Myself The Road Ahead Omnibus it until asked I paid attention this time While reading In the Clearing there were often times I had trouble remembering Dugonis a male author His skill The Common Years in creating this female protagonists seamless and credible In The Clearing by Robert Dugoni The Valkyrie Song (Jan Fabel, is the third bookn the Tracy Crosswhite crime seriesIn this Inishowen instalment the Seattle detectives The Other Side of the Coyne involvedn two cases One Zombacter is a seemingly straight forward domestic homicide the others a case forty years old concerning the supposed suicide of a native American girl Tracy s La muñeca asesina involvementn this latter case Risking It All is a favour for a close friend Her friend s recently deceased father was a rookie deputy sheriff at the time of the young girl s death and his suspicion that the death wasn t a suicide became a life long obsession Tracy casts her eye over the old files and becomesnvolvedRobert Dugoni writes clearly he doesn t over complicate plots and his characters are a believable mix of the good the bad and the flawed Tracy Crosswhite herself The Housekeeper and the Professor is an unshowy likeable character who calmly works to get results whilst managing just about to maintain her relationship with lawyer boyfriend DanThiss a slow burn plot with a satisfying conclusion a nicely written piece of escapism full of familiar faces and problems that reliably get solved This was the right book at the right time for me a good 35 stars rounded Tracy probes one small town’s memory and finds dark well concealed secrets hidden within the community’s fabric Can Tracy uphold the promise she’s made to the dead girl’s family and deliver the truth of what happened to their daughter Or will she become the next victi.

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This book was flat out fantastic I was riveted Tracy Crosswhite s a great character and I ve liked her n all three books The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary in the series I like how she and Dan both understand the nature of their work vs personal lives I think Dan will figuren future booksOne of the things that makes this book so good The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures is then depth forensics and Asian Bites investigation of a very cold case The facts were well laid out bothn 1976 and current day The case Perfect involved a young woman whose death was ruled a suiciden 1976 but the rookie deputy doubted that Forty years later his daughter s now sheriff She finds his case file n his desk at home after his death and asks for an Avengers independentnvestigation by Tracy While Tracy uses personal time for the cold case her partner and the rest of the team are nvestigating a current case n Seattle which was also American Prince interestingRobert Dugonindicates there are Tracy Crosswhite books coming I can hardly wait Yes yes YES I ve finally got to this oneThird book The Devouring (The Devouring, in the Tracy Crosswhite series which I ve enjoyedThis author has made anmpression on me Loving this series so much I ve bought them all for my shelf40 years ago we didn t have the kind of technology we do today hence Police and DI couldn t work with what they do nowSo when something happens t uncovers something from yesteryear 40 years agoIt was nteresting to me to see this plot unfold The chapters flew byI love this authors style and find The Campaign for Domestic Happiness it extremely easy to follow I get rightn there Amongst Il tesoro di Gengis Khan (Le avventure di Dirk Pitt, it allBrilliantly doneI m just late to the table with this I like to have a series so I can jump from book 1onwards I m so OCD with series Fresh off a very difficult case Seattle homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite finds herself entangledn two new cases one contemporary and the other a forty year old cold case In the first The Complete Idiots Guide to Crowdsourcing instance a mans found shot to death The Complete Idiots Guide to Fondues and Hot Dips in the home he once shared with his wife from whom hes now separated The wife and their teenage son are present Aloha Rodeo in the home when officers first arrive They claim that the husbandfather was abusive that he attacked his wife and that she shot himn self defense But what appears at first to be a fairly straightforward case soon turns out to be a lot complicatedAt virtually the same time Jenny Almond who had been a classmate of Tracy s Stealing Venice in the police academy asks Tracy to take over thenvestigation of a cold case All aboard the Ninky Nonk! in rural Klickitat County Forty years earlier a Native American high school student went missing while walking home from work one night She was later found dead floatingn a river The official verdict was suicide the explanation being that the victim Kimi Kanasket was distraught because her boyfriend had just broken up with herJenny Almond The Lady and the Peacock is now the sheriff of Klickitat County followingn the footsteps of her father Buzz Almond As a newbie sheriff s deputy Buzz Almond had Another Mothers Love investigated the case of Kanasket s death but was never satisfied with the official verdict Given his position at the time he couldn t challenge the conclusions of his superiors but the case bothered him enough that he kept the file for all those years and his daughter foundt after Buzz died She d like Tracy to review the file and see THE AGE OF ARTHUR: WARFARE IN THE BRITISH DARK AGES, 400 AD - 800 AD: WARHAMMER HISTORICAL. if anything can be doneOnce the books underway Dugoni allows the other members of Crosswhite s unit to pursue the contemporary case and the bulk of the novel Three by Atiq Rahimi is devoted to Tracy snvestigation of the cold case It turns out to be a fascinating case and Dugoni very convincingly demonstrates how Tracy with a lot of help The Witchs Kind is able to apply newnvestigative techniues and technologies to a case that originally seems cut and dried and devoid of any new The Galapagos Affair insightsLike the first two booksn the series Rome Sweet Rome it s a very entertaining read that should appeal especially to any fan of police procedurals I m anxious to get to the next bookn the series A tragedy of Shakespearean proportionsDetective Tracy Crosswhite Tales From Nature is called upon to unravel the tangled complications of a 40 year old crime that sitsn the dust pile of cold cases Her friend Jenny an academy classmate wants Tracy to bring to light the details of Jenny s detective father s case after his death Tracy doesn t have much to go on here Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, in Klickitat County Washington A Native American high school girl Kimi Kanasket was foundn the cold raging river nearby Goalie Interference (1Night Stand in 1976 Kimi had been walking home after her waitress shift at the diner late that night The local police determinedt to be a suicide Buzz Almond Jenny s detective father was digging The Lights of Manchester in another direction when the case went cold Jenny hands over her father s private file on Kimi to TracyTracy sees this case through the eyes of one who has experienced great loss Tracy s own sister was murdered and she dogged the case until the murderer was brought to justice My Sister s Grave Tracy Crosswhite 1 The greatest of tragediess the loss of one so young harboring the promise of bountiful potential and talentRobert Dugoni Detective Tracy Crosswhite has a skill and a soft spot for tackling unsolved crimes Having lost her own sister to murder at a young age Tracy has dedicated her career to bringing justice and closure to the families and friends of victims of crimeSo when Jenny a former police.

Resents a story rich The Reconstructionist in detail and richn well researched police procedurals The present day scientific methods The Dollmakers Daughters in crime solving are just mindboggling And the character of Tracy Crosswhite never lets you down My only concern was a backdoor case that Dugonintroduces alongside of the Kimi Kanasket case It didn t seem to have the fulfillment of commitment as did the 40 year old case Perhaps Dugoni keeps us aware that Tracy hasn t given up her day job Il in Seattle In the Clearings a standalone read If you re a Dugoni fan you ve probably read all the others like your hair was on fire Robert Dugoni The Missing is a word craftsman who locks you tightlynto each and every one of his storylines Wonderfully rendered and a smart smart read You can t write them fast enough for me Dugoni 45 starsAnother wonderful book Health Policy Analysis in the Tracy Crosswhite series I love reading this series because I know the neighborhoods and businesses Robert Dugonis writing about It s like I m riding shotgun while Tracy drives all around my city I ve come to realize that t s enjoyable to read a book set n your city or stateIn the Clearing The nexus is the third bookn the series and consists of two cases A 1976 cold case over Operatie oranje woensdag in Klickitat County Washington of a Native American teenager who commits suicide and a self defense murder casen Seattle of a woman shooting her estranged husbandI really enjoyed the cold case of the girl s disappearance the parts when Buzz Almond the sheriff The Mouse-Proof Kitchen is the point of view and the last remaining steps she performed before her death There were some twists that I didn t see coming and the ending was fantastic I really felt for the girl s surviving family at the end andt was a nice touch for the case of Kimi KanasketThe second storyline of the husband and wife was okay but Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success it did seem like this case was to fill up pages I m not suref The Prodigal Prophet it was needed butt was well written and gave substance to Tracy Crosswhite s life Bloody Seoul in SPD and the secondary charactersn the seriesFrom family lies small town secrets and suspense this was a great crime mystery book As always Robert Dugoni does an outstanding job with character development forensics and cop procedures Bravo and looking forward to the next book Migritude in the series For 40 years Kimi Kanakset s death was labelled suicide But when her father dies Jenny discovers amongst his possessions the original file on t I m really liking Detective Tracy Crosswhite Granted I have only read the first one and now the third one but I m going to backtrack to the second one and go on from there as they come out In this book we aren the present and The Color Purple in the pastn 1976 In the year of 1976 we are reading about deputy Buzz Almond trying to figure out what happened to Kimi Kanasket In the current year of 2016 Tracy Truth and Nothing But is asked by Buzz daughter Jenny whom she knows from working together to help with the cold case Tracy goes down to Stoneridge for Buzz funeral and Jenny brings up the cold case from 1976 Kimi was walking home one night after her shift at the diner but she never got there She was found later onn the White Salmon River and they ruled Negotiate the best deal it a suicide They say Kimi was distraught over her break up with Tommy Moore but she wasn t Buzz did not think she committed suicide but there wasn t much he could don a small town that was run by not so good people He even wondered f t might have to do with the Native Americans having rally s outside the football games because the team was called the Red Raiders and that t was being disrespectful to the Native American culture which t was But like I said t was ruled as a suicide They say she just jumped right off the bridge Yeah not so much With the help of an old file from the case that Buzz kept to himself Tracy cracks this baby right open After 40 freaking years the truth comes out and t s not what your thinking at all I like how the author puts t n different scenarios to keep you guessing Meanwhile back Im Afraid of Men in Seattle Tracy and her team are trying to solve the case of who shot Tim Collins I mean the wife confessed and the son confessed so theres a lot going on there too But I had the most fun going around finding out clues with Tracy on the Kimi Kanasket case The thing Reforesting Faith is when you find outt s just really sad The whole ordeal and why Peggy Deans Guide to Nature Drawing and Watercolor it happenedt just so sad Pointless Stupid But that s they way Foursome it goes right Like I said I really enjoyed the book I m loving the Tracy Crosswhite series so far Keep them coming I would like to thank Netgalley and Thomas and Mercer for a copy of this bookn exchange for my honest reviewMY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List IN THE CLEARING by Robert Dugoni Corduroys Garden is Book 3n the Tracy Crosswhite detective series Having already read book 1 My Sister s Grave and book 2 Her Final Breath and really enjoying them when I was approved on NetGalley for the 3rd book n the series In The Clearing I was very pleasedIn this third book of the Tracy Crosswhite series Tracy Academy classmate and protégé asks Tracy to help solve a cold case that nvolves the suspicious suicide of a Native American high school girl forty years earlier Tracy agrees Following up on evidence Jenny’s detective father collected when he was the nvestigating deputy.

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