Uniue Interesting Sobering Interesting story Maybe the appeal was living in Colorado as the reader Gives some insight into the life as a whore in early 20th century small western town A great look at the history of painted ladies in Colorado The story is about her lifestyle and hardships and how she helped her communities than about her clients A fascinating well written book This book is a well researched biography about the last Madam in Colorado Miss Laura Evens Very interesting stories about some of my favorite places in the state Book club book A biography of a whore in turn of the century Colorado Pretty interesting and the contrast with Emma Donoghue s Frog Music which is a novelization of a real crime that happened in SF was interesting I really enjoyed this book The author did a fantastic job of telling Laura s story I was totally lost in the story and I learned a few things about different presidential elections prohibition and life of parlor ladies This was a well written book not a smut story by any means Really enjoyed this Laura Evens had a really interesting life and I had never heard of her before we chose this book for book group The book is written smoothly in a way that makes all of her stories come together seamlessly despite gaps in time and Laura s sense of humor helps make the book read really fast I bought this book on the recommendation of the An extensively researched book about a well known Colorado madam but most of what's known about her is wrong including the spelling of her last name Follow the antics of Laura as she works in parlors in Denver Leadville and.


Ocal bookseller who said a woman from Salida CO wrote this about the Madam from Salida Despite the title that made me not want to buy this book I found it so interesting The wild west history of the turn of the century the funny stories and the unbelievable stories of this brave woman with the big heart captured my imagination It is definitely worth reading I really enjoyed this book I have been reading a fair amount of Colorado history lately and despite being my passion for the subject and my ability to get through any book regardless of how tedious it is I have been UITE disappointed at the widespread omission of the experiences of those who aren t white straight men I have also been disappointed in the subpar writing that characterizes a lot of these booksI loved this book for the alternative history it provides Reading about these soiled doves provided a much interesting and vivid narrative of Colorado than those I ve been reading These working women also provide an interesting parallel narrative as many of them interacted with prominent politicians I particularly liked learning about the business of sex work at that time how those new to the business had internships It also surprised me that there was a kind of career path from sex worker to madame and that these advances were often made with the help of other women or of men who wanted to support them The role between re. Salida until she opens her own house Laura's house stayed open longer than any other in Colorado due largely to the unusual ualities of its owner After ears of trying to shut her down the Salida town council finally passed.

D light districts and cities at that time fascinated me because it seems that the relationships were much progressive than they are now Red light districts would pay high fines and contribute to the tax base and in some cases cities would reuire sex workers to get health check ups and then would be left alone In Salida as the book details the city ended up reversing a sex working ban because after they prohibited sex work they ran out of moneyI was also touched by the generosity Laura showed during the Great Depression It reminds me of today people living on the fringes of society sharing resources including with those in power Laura paid for a new roof for the church uniforms for the local football team and gave jobs and food anonymously to the community only to be treated like crapWhile I appreciated the author didn t use a sex work as tragedy narrative I do think she was too flippant in her treatment of Laura Yes life as a sex worker offered the chance for financial self sufficiency self determination etc but I bet it was much harder than Beach depictedAnother reason I m giving this book three stars is because Beach liberally uses the word Negro when describing black people What the fuck I see the book was published in 2015 and Beach looks pretty oung in the photo on the back of the book Why does she use this word at all Why didn t the editor tell her it s inappropriate Weir. The edict Not long after Salida began having numerous assaults on the streets The council came back to her and suggested that she re open but she turned them down Includes numerous historical photographs of Laura and her gir.