Miranda Glover: Soulmates

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To read I just couldn t get nto the story the characters were not captivating perhaps King Solomons Carpet it would have been. Ves one another and the parents who made them Behind the twins theres the creator of their souls a woman called Sarah a mother without whom there would be no story to be toldFrom the edgy heart of London to a remote dyll on the Stockholm archipelago th.

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If I had picked up and put down War and Peace like I did with this book t would have taken me 6 months. Emi and Polly Leto are The Big Snuggle-Up identical twins with a shared life until Emi vanishes and Pollys left searching Now one becomes two and twindom becomes duplicity as myth and memory merge forcing Emi and Polly to confront what they thought they knew about themsel.

Better for the reader to not know where Emi was so you could empathise with Polly All up I m disappointe. Is Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham is a journeynto the power of love the damage wreaked by emotional depression and the agony of sexual deceit It Trauma is a story of the geneticmpact of nature wrestling with the heady demands of nurture of patterns of behaviour and the cruel turns of fate.