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Aution if you are a picky reader and I admit that I am not but it is the reason for 4 stars be prepared to get over uite a few inconsistencies in the stories especially as the series grows Some are small like the time Zack gets out of the river and puts his clot This is one of my favorite shifter series I m so glad another goodreads friend helped me find this book which was a fantastic read This series is never boring and the last book in this collection Bad Wolf just blew my mind If you never read this series before its best to start at the beginning to fully appreciate it Money which the books are extremely reasonable and time read are so worth it This is one of my all time favorite shifter series I was so happy one of my goodread friends helped me find this particular mini pack of books books 9 thru 12 There is never a ull moment in each of the books and the last one in this Bad. Hreatens their friendship and causes Zack to attack Nicky Will the alphas be able to tame and control this Ask the Past dangerous wolf or will it threaten not only Nicky and Marco’s relationship but their lives as wellBad Wolf Book 12When Connor goes out for the evening he thinks it’s just going to be another boring Saturday night And then the fireworks start An out of control pickup runs a red light striking Connor’s car and causing a three car pile up When Connor rushes to rescue an unconsciousriver he’s surprised to find his blood match and even shocked when his friend Rayce recognizes the man as the worst enemy of the Dark Hollows wolf pack the infamous Jeremy Tate EMTs rush them to the hospital where Connor effects a aring escape with his unconscious mate After spending time with him in a hotel Connor’s ready to bring his mate home but the pack is horrified Nicky and Marco want to kill Jeremy Cade and Jax are concerned about Connor and everyone’s in shock Can Connor pull this off or will the impossible situation blow up in his fa.

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Recommendation to all who like a suspenseful love storyBlood lust was fun to read because Jax was a tough little guy who ran with his brother Mason and ran right into love with his wolf Cade Blood of the Alpha s was indeed one of my favorite books Race and his little Hunter let were perfect for each other Heart s blood came back to my favorite characters Nicky and Marco I was so sad when Nicky and Marco lost their connection Now they have heart list which is even stronger all because of the evil intent of Jeremy Tate Bad wolf is the story of Caves brother Connor and his mate And lo and behold its none other than Jeremy Tate himself This story felt incomplete I hope we find out about what happened to Jeremy to turn him evil All in all I recommend these books too anyone who loves a good suspenseful love story I have all 15 books in this series and I enjoyed it I read the first 7 seve. Volume three in Shannon's acclaimed shifter series Includes Bloodlust #9 Blood of the Alphas #10 Heartsblood #11 and Bad Wolf #12Bloodlust Book 9Forty miles east of New Orleans og tired and out of money nineteen year old Jax and his little brother are on the run They stop for breakfast at a roadside café and have a run in with the leader of a tough looking motorcycle gang His name is Cade D’Allisande an alpha wolf leading his pack to a new home in North Carolina hoping to join the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Cade instantly recognizes his bloodlust mate an intense and rare blood match that forms an alpha pair The trouble is Cade isn’t ready for a mate Unable to leave him behind he convinces the young man to join their group and takes him with them on their journey to find a new home But once there an old enemy of the Pack threatens their happiness and Jax Nicky and Gabe must team up to save their matesBlood of the Alphas Book 10While working on Cade and Jax’s new lodge their beta Rayce notices someone watching them from the hillside Ta.

Ral years ago and ecided to re read them again since the entire series is out now There is some redundancy in that each book heavily features the mating between the wolf and less Different Class dominant partner however the individual stories intertwine with a larger story that kept it overall very entertaining Book 15 is called The Final Chapter but it appears it s just the final chapter for the wolves being the main story as the author now has a new series out called The Darker Hollow using one of the minor characters Mason a Jax s little brother and vampireswolves but still taking place partly or mostly in the same area The Dark Hollow 2 books are out in that series so far I m a little burned out so I haven t bought them and I ll wait to see how many show up in that one Ion t like cliff hangers and I worry that this will be another long series and the overall story will be left openOne note of King the man captive Rayce is shocked to find his own blood mate The new man Tyler Adams is a good looking actor and surprisingly his father was a Werekin He says he’s only there to see the wolves in action but no one believes him The alphas believe the Hunters have returned Rayce is torn between protecting his mate and Short Stories by Roald Dahl discovering his secrets Meanwhile Jax and Cade are having problems with their new bloodlust connection and Nicky is about to start on a journey ofiscovery not only about himself but about his place in the wolf hierarchyHeartsblood Book 11Nicky finally has the close connection with Marco he’s wanted for so long the bloodlust a rare and little understood phenomena that changes a pet into an alpha wolf But Nicky’s bloodlust was given to him by his sworn and Goldilocks the Three Bears deadly enemy Jeremy Tate for reasons known only to him and he sooniscovers that the wolf inside him is angerously insane When Gabe and Zack come to see the changes in Nicky Gabe iscovers something else about the wolf inhabiting Nicky’s body something that