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Except for the womanI guess with her father not conforming to what society saw an Earl should be left Marilee pen to going into the kitchens and learning to cook which I think is against society s norms then too This made it easy n her to disguise herself become a cook and make her escape Although why does she just decide to escape the way she did without really going for true help It does turn ut great in the end but it was a little silly Sex, Lies, and Videotape on her partThis book was given to me in exchange for an honest review Great step back in time story Leslie Hachtel is a good writer that puts you and your mind back in time with adventure and romance Her writing is easy to read sitn the edge The Sanford Guide to Hepatitis Therapy 2016-2017 of your chair literature that makes you want to read another story by the author I just knew Marilee would have to have the Captain but didn t know how she was going to do it It seems hopeless but unafraid and gutsy you root for this young lady in disguise in fear going after what she dreams Adult reading I would recommend for a dayr two Syzygy: Reflections on the Monastery of the Seven Rays of pleasurable novel readingI received a free copyf the book in exchange for an honest review This was the first book that I have read from this author The preview f the book n the back was a good description Whore Stories: A Revealing History of the World's Oldest Profession of what was to come I thought that the book had very good ualities to it adventure romance a villainr two the sweet characters and the rough Personally I thought that the characters where not terribly believable because The Paper Wife of what Marilee expectedf Robert and the speed f the relationships If you are able to look past that and how the characters talked this book was great It had the romance it had some mystery it had the adventures f traveling and it had multiple relationships I also liked how you knew what happened to each character at the end We, the People: Of Earth Elders of the book I am not sure why the book was titled the way it was that was kindf confusing to me I wouldn t mind recommending this book but I am unsure Black Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition on who to recommend it to I say this because the book seems like a book for adolescents to me except there are sexual innuendos that I am wondering if it should be for young adults even though it is not descriptiver terribly sexual The book was a very easy read and did not take too longI received a copy مترو of the book in exchange for an honest review Romance and adventure await youn the sea Imagine if you had to flee your country and embark n a journey to a new land Such is the dilemma for Marilee Booth A woman alone n a ship is dangerous in any era but especially in the early 1700s Yet Marilee is a determined woman and keeps her head held high while moving forward with her lifeOne The Windy Season of my favorite characters is the captain s right hand man Tate He is honest and perceptive to say the least Tate has been loyal to the captain and doesn t betray his friends He is thene who takes a risk by giving Marilee a chance Oldies but Goodies on the ship Myther favorite character is Hazel She is the captain s house cook who brings comfort to Marilee in a new country Marilee relies A Month of Sundays on both Tate and Hazel to get her through the days and they also bring in some humor tooThere are times when we mistrust some people who end up helping us And then there are times when those closest to us show their true intentions Marilee faces tough and demanding circumstances but she faces these challenges headn Hope is always a present constant in lifeI received a free copy Evangeline, a Master For Tonight Companion Novel of the book in exchange for an honest review Captain s Captive a romance novel with the core issue being a casef mistaken identity and how it pulls apart Marilee and Captain Stuart Marilee is running from dangers at home and masuerades as an Beneath the Jolly Roger old woman andbtains the posi. Ooth masuerades as an Merzbook: The Pleasuredome of Noise old woman and hiresn as a cook aboard a ship headed to the colonies She seeks to evade her stepmother who has attempted to kill her She is smitten by the handsome captain wh.

Leslie Hachtel is a new to me author I had the pleasure f meeting at the RWA conference in July I knew she wrote historical romances but had somehow missed ut they had the element Pig of romantic suspense as well I was pleasantly surprised to discover Captain s Captive included a bitf suspense along the wayI absolutely adored Marilee Booth She is such a strong woman who disguises herself as an Scipio Rising (Scipio Africanus older woman cook named Mary to escape a threatn her life I love that the moment she saw the captain she was completely captivated and pretty much fell for him from the start I liked that Robert seemed to be drawn to MarileeMary even in her disguise Their initial night together was both sweet and sexy even if Robert had no idea it was MarileeMary the next morningI loved that Marilee took control f her life from the moment she landed in Virginia I also loved that nce Robert actually learned it was Marilee that he was with the last night Rim of the Pit (Rogan Kincaid, on the ship he worked hard to get back into her life The fact that another woman had claimed to be the woman he was with to trap him into marriage actually kinda made me laugh She was pretty pathetic and I felt sorry for her than anything The suspense element came into the book so well was centeredn Marilee and who wanted her gone Yes her stepmother was part They Also Serve of the issue butf course she wasn t working alone which I had kinda figured Conversations From The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys To Rediscovering Lost Dreams And Finding Your Life's Calling out It was very well executed and I loved thebstacles thrown at both Marilee and Robert Captain s Captive was a really great story I highly recommend this book to any readers who enjoy historical romances While I felt like the suspense elements weren t the center No Time for Sergeants of the story I do think they added something to the romance While Captain s Captive was the first book I ready by Leslie Hachtel it absolutely won t be my last I really enjoyed her voice and pacingf her storyRating 4 Stars BReview copy provided by author After reading the back f the book summary I was intrigued I love a good romance story and have recently been getting into the historical fiction genre A damsel in disguise stowed away n a ship who sleeps with the Captain That s gutsy since there are limited ptions regarding a uick getaway if things get awkwardMarilee Booth is in the process f fleeing for her life escaping her step mother in England to start a new life in the colonies What she doesn t plan n however is falling for the captain On top f that being the new girl in Virginia isn t as anonymous Large Catechism of Martin Luther or easy as she had plannedn it being Maybe she isn t as safe as she thought she wasThe story was well written and the characters were well developed They each had just enough flaws to make them believable but were endearing enough that you were cheering for all the right people There were several twists that I wasn t expecting and a few things that were predictable A couple Junior Jolt of action y scenes that get a little violent but nothing graphic and enough romantic scenes to keep it spicy All in all a nice pick for fansf historical fiction romance novelsI received a copy Ceux de la posie vcue of this book in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed reading this book It had a bitf mystery and romance both I like that there were a few unexpected turns in the plot even though there were uite a few predictable plots It did not distract r take away from the story Marilee gets so mad and frustrated at Robert because he doesn t recognize her under the disguise She basically wants to write him ff and have nothing to do with him because f it What does she expect She was wearing a disguise as Mary and he took her at face value without uestion I find it a little hard to believe that no ne really saw through her disguise. What if the man who made love to you last night does not recognize you in the morning True you had been in disguise but still and what if this happened when you were fleeing for your life Marilee

Tion as the cook Troublemaker:: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty on Captain Stuart s ship Right away Marilee is drawn to the captain but henly sees her as an tireless: old woman Marilee continues to harbor feeling for the captain and things build from there Marilee s character and her predicament are well built up and she becomes a heroine you really root for Despite coming from a privileged background she is a strong character who takes chargef her situation despite her Teach Them Spanish!, Grade 1 odd circumstances I really liked that for allf the problems even the Toque de Veludo ones she creates she remains likable and smart The author also is great at creating heat between Marilee and the captain and bringing life to the attraction she feels and can t uite control I received a free copyf the book in exchange for an honest review What a fantastic romance novel that is full f adventure Leslie Hatchel has created a fast paced love filled dangerous adventure for Marilee and Robert Marilee is a wealthy young girl who just endured the death f her father Her Stepmother is enacting revenge Kaleidoscope on her stepdaughter since her father left everything in his will to Marilee Marilee decides to flee for her life and take passage to the colonies She disguises herself as anld maiden who begs Tate to allow her passage The Four Racketeers on his ship in exchange she would cook for the crew Tate gains the approval from Captain Stuart Robert On this voyage Marilee finds herself in a brand new predicament and it is the beginningf her new adventure She has the captain under her spell yet he doesn t even realize that she is the ne to have captivated him so Marilee finds a cottage in the colonies and suffers greatly with the townspeople until she rescues a young boy whose family is very important The remaining events seem to fly past in the blink f an eye This is a uick and easy read I would recommend this book for adults who are looking for an adventurous romance novel with some danger There is violence and explicit sexual content The author wraps the book up neatly and ties up all loose ends I received a free copy Phantoms Monsters: Mysterious Encounters of this book in exchange for my honest review Leslie Hachtel s novel Captain s Captive delivers what is promised For the reader looking for an simply fun adventure the romantic endeavorsf Marilee and Robert will than suffice Unfortunately this isn t my cup Smithereens of tear perhaps I was unfairly comparing the characters to those represented by Orlando Bloom Keira Knightly and Johnny Depp in the movie Pirates The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness of the Caribbean Several times I wanted to put the book down and watch the Disney film instead What kept me engaged was Hachtel s intriguing story telling and developed characters that eventually made me forgetther fictional pirates and sailors and focus Dark Diversions on the journey at handAfter letting go my ill conceived notionsf pirate ships and Hollywood celebrities I realized that Hachtel has created an 18th century historical love story that seeped in detail and heart Who doesn t long for a second chance If Marilee deserves ne than I am glad I gave this book ne as well Grateful for sticking with it until the very end The book was Yamashita's Ghost: War Crimes, Macarthur's Justice, and Command Accountability over before it began Hachtel has created a great read and made me forget at least temporarily about famous actorsI received a free copyf this book in exchange for my honest review Ms Hachtel is a new author to me and I thoroughly enjoyed her story A fast paced Historical romanceSuspense set in America and England both Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-Birds on and andn sea A uniue story in many ways with a few twists and turns Well written with engaging and entertaining characters danger suspense mystery passion secrets and falling in love amidst danger and secrets An intriguing and interesting story The main characters as well as the seconda. O sees her merely as a part f the crew On the last night at sea when she doffs her disguise and decides to say goodbye to him while he sleeps her life is forever altered And now she may not surviv.

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Leslie Hachtel was born in Ohio raised in New York and has lived all over the country Her various jobs including licensed veterinary technician caterer horseback riding instructor for the disabled and advertising media buyer have given her a wealth of experiencesHowever it has been writing that has consistently been her passion Leslie lives in Florida with a fabulously supportive engineer