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I received a reader copy from Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd via NetGalleyBLOG LINK Okay so sadly I will end up paying a late due for this book Seeing as it was due on 821 but I turned it in today which is 824 But whatever Seeing as I didn t ave any real time to read it expect in the mornings and plus I skipped a little part and read some of it so I didn t Naturalistless have to re read that part and could skip right to the last part of it Anyways though The book it s self was rather informational It tells youow to protect your self from Demons and other negative entries rather you believe in them or not Would I buy this book to reference back to it No I don t consider this something I d go out an spend 1599 for Even with a coupon I wouldn t do it But I did find it The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler helpful While I m sure Mrs Chestnut didn t mean for this toappen seeing as the focus of this book is learning Babys Mealtime how to protect yourself and when to do an exctoiset I canonestly see now why so many people attend church While I do believe in a Higher Power and The Miracle Equation have started preying often after reading this book then before I personallyave only attended church once or twice in my 24 years of life Does that make me a bad person I don t think so but that s my opinion seeing as I do believe and prey The reason I put this in The Dawn of Modern Thought here though is so that I can tell you all what I took away and not to preach to the chore Seeing as I KNOW y all don t want toear anyone preaching to the chore in a book review And that is not what I set out to do seeing as I know very well that we all The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, have different beliefs But I still felt it was somewhat necessary to put it inere as well Seeing as later on in the book it gives you some preys that you can use to protect yourself But also I Samael Aun Weor, The Absolute Man have read many many many New Age books such as this one before that explains and teaches you about Ghosts and Ghost Hunting Seeing as I kind of want to Ghost Hunt someday with a group But in all the books I ve read about Ghosts and a couple stories about Demonsere and there over the years none of them Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe (Halcyon Blithe, have actually slightly scared me as this one did But that again was not something she set out to do But I only read it one night and while I didn tave nightmares or end up not being able to fall asleep it was uit disturbing reading about Demons and other negative entities at about 10 pm at night So if you want to read this or get info on Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 how to protect yourself by all means check it out seeing as it waselpful But I wouldn t recommend reading this at night when it s dark out and your the only one up For me I would Highly recommend you read it in the mornings or early afternoons If you get scared easily that is But if you want to read it at night well that s your business Consider yourself warned The book starts off by telling us that most of what we see in movies is wrong then proceeds to tell me that basically everything I Goethean Science have seen in movies is correct The Entity The Exorcism of Emily Rose The Conjuring all of those are apparently accurate to an extent Even Ouija even Don t mess with a Ouija board and nothing bad willappen to you If you don t believe in demons you re even susceptible to getting possessed than others The best part of the book was when the author compiled a bunch of stories throughout the years of exorcisms gone bad People who physically assaulted someone while saying they were beating the demons out of them It didn t really serve to ma Debi Chestnut did a good job describing the vast and fascinating world of paranormal entitiesA very precise and informative account of types of entities Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! how they operate the most common signs of a demonic infestation and all you might need to protect yourselfA curious yet interesting book whether or not you believe in such thingsThis book was kindly sent to me via NetGalley by Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. St a book it's a warning In the world of malevolent beings knowledge and faith are your only sources of strength Discover what demonic creatures doow they behave Digital Crossroads how they infest and possess andow to get elp before it's too late.

25I am a sucker for true life ghost storieshauntingsdemons coming at you tales I do not know why I find these sorts of books so intriguing since they are generally too outlandish to be taken seriously and are typically poorly written as well Yet tempt me with demon probably lives in your basement and for some reason I I normally love books like this because I am a sucker for ghostdemon stuff especially if it is based on true stories or whatever but I could not get through this This book is filled with ypocrisy and repeats of the same information its irritating I found this book to be slightly boring as well it was The Einstein Theory of Relativity hard to keep my attentionI received this from NETGALLEY in turn of anonest review Face to Face Confrontations with Pure Evil Forget what you know or think you know about the malicious entities that lurk in our world just waiting for an opportunity to strike Unless you re one of the few who How to Negotiate Your First Job have encountered a demon it s almost impossible to grasp the depth and scope of their destructivenessJoin Debi Chestnut as she shares the true stories ofer own life threatening encounters with the darkest entities known to man Something Wicked is not just a book it s a warning In the world of malevolent beings knowledge and faith are your only sources of strength Discover what demonic creatures do ow they behave ow they infest and possess and Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, how to getelp before it s too latewhat did I think of it4 starsWhile I did like it I just didn t love it but I think that it was my fault instead of the book or the authors I just couldn t get into at this time but I did like it What I did likeone of the things I liked was The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore how itelped me to understand about malicious entities that lurk in our world then I did before and I did like also ow the author alternates between pure information input and personal experiences with that said I will be keeping the ARC copy so I can re read it and opefully when I do my rating will go up would love to say thinks to Netgalley who give me a chance at read what was a really good book in a change for my New Exploration honest opinion which this is 100% I mean if I believe everything in this book then it s amazing that I m not constantly possessed despite years spent as a depressed alcoholic with ADHD and I should obviously be in a museum I learned that apparently addiction mental illness messy rooms and autism are monster food The book is 99% opin formation personal opinion presented as facts sigh and since I m not a 12 year old looking for aero or a complete paranormal newb n anks Like legit this shit The Shaping of Western Civilization hurt my feelings and bored me This is a non fiction book written by a professional ghostunter who reports encountering negative entities even demonsI m always fascinated by this sort of book that presents spiritual entity experiences as true things that appened because it makes me examine my own beliefs Do I believe in ghosts In demons Do I believe things actually appened as the author relates These are scenarios I would The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles happily read in a fiction story but the claim that it s all true adds a different perspective to the reading experienceRight at the beginning the author says thater ghost Medicine and Religion hunting team is made up of people from different religious beliefs including Christian Buddhist and Pagan but that each of them is ualified within their belief system for dealing with these negative entities On oneand that sounds a bit like the one size fits all totally inclusive attitude that a lot of new age books fall into so that they will appeal to the widest possible audience but on another level it is a recognition that practices like exorcism don t belong to just one religion The author The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, herself takes a Christian perspective onow she operates because it works for Valentino herIn the second chapter she explains different types of spirits and especiall. Face to Face Confrontations with Pure Evil Forget what you know or think you know about the malicious entities that lurk in our world just waiting for an opportunity to strike Unless you're one of the few whoave encountered a demo.

Y negative spirits from er own perspective It correlates reasonably closely to similar definitions I read in my igh school days The problem I Shunned have with it though is that it begins sounding like a thinly veiled born again Christian attempt to convince people that demons exist then flips over and starts talking about new age methods like visualizing white light and at the same time refers to using tools of magic as something that will invite demons in References to God s law forow demons can behave followed by instructions for Craving (Willow Creek, how to use crystals for protection and clean theouse with smudging just sounds like the author is confusedThe writing itself is good but the mixed messages fail to convince There is also very little about the other negative entities or malevolent ghosts that are referred to now and then No instructions for Oba, the Last Samurai how to deal with the ghosts or what these other entities could possibly be or what to do about them apart from calling in a ghostunter who says it doesn t matter what method you use to rid yourself of demons as long as you believe in it Approach as fiction and be warned the section about false exorcisms is not for the sueamish Something Wicked A Ghost Hunter Explores Negative Spirits is a non fiction book written by a real life ghost Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, hunter Debi Chestnut In this book Debi shareser own life threatening encounters with the darkest entities known to man She gives also explanations of the different types of spirits involved in er encounters This book is supposed to be a work of non fiction but I also suppose that all depends upon ones belief in the paranormal too For those that do not believe that any type of spirits exist then they of course would be skeptical about what you find within the book For me I thought this would be an exciting read whether I truly believe that it could or did appen to Debi or not so I thought I d give this one a shot Unfortunately this book really never grabbed me at all It really just seemed to read very technically as explanations of what the different encounters involved that I found it very dull It also seemed to get very repetitive to me after awhile Perhaps I just should The Wood Demon have stuck with fictional ghost stories as they seem to be entertaining I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for anonest reviewFor reviews please visit This is an informative book about the negative entities that we may encounter Miss Debi created this just to give information for those who are interested in paranormal and also as a guide for those who will be doing a ghost First Shapes huntingThe truth of the matter is just because you don t believe in something doesn t mean it doesn t exist Debi Chestnut Something Wicked A Ghost Hunter Explores Negative SpiritsWhen I started reading this I am really interested in finding out what should I know and expect on these creatures that may be just a negative entity or worse a demonic one But as I flipped pages I noticed that some of the explanations that I ve just read from the start just keep on showing on the other parts Meaning I found it repetitive and it makes me lose interestAside from the information that she shared about those entities I also enjoyed this one when she shares an experience shead with those kinds of entitiesThe book cover is perfect for the title and the purpose of the book The book is about exploring negative spirits The cover is a person going down the stairs as if that person is looking for something and for me it is an excellent presentation of what the book is all aboutI suggest this book for those who wanted to learn paranormal And if you re a ghost Dispatches from Dystopia hunter especially if you are a newbie this will be veryandy and Max and the Tom Cats (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 8) helpful for you to know the precautions to take when you come face to face with those negative entities Disclaimer. N it's almost impossible to grasp the depth and scope of their destructivenessJoin Debi Chestnut as she shares the true stories ofer own life threatening encounters with the darkest entities known to man Something Wicked is not ju.

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