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K But perhaps I m not being fair Because I did not finish it Could not finish it Will not finish it There are far too many great reads waiting to be discovered and Sometimes a good book is a light and easy walk through the woods I m thinking of books like A Confederacy of Dunces or To Kill a Mockingbird For those books as long as the reader shows up they can t help but have a great time without considerable effortOther books are like a long and difficult hike up a steep mountain You have to work for every inch you go but once you reach the top you have the extreme satisfaction that accompanies hard work I m thinking of books like Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and Moby DickHere There belongs in the latter category I say this only as a warning to the reader You have to be in a very specific mood with a great deal of time on your hands to read this book but if you do all the way to the end I guarantee you will feel satisfied and accomplishedOn it s face it s a straight forward sci fi set up A brilliant scientist attempts a large scale experiment involving teleportation It appears that the result was a spectacular failureor was it What follows is an investigation within an investigation within an investigation within a book There are faux footnotes and faux sources There are tangents which don t seem to go anywhere There are revelations which shocked me because of how slow the boil was I felt like the frog Th But hidden from the public eye there exists a government report commissioned from criminal psychologist Dr Hilary Kahn chronicling the events that took placeDr Kahn disappeared without a traceNow her son Danny has unearthed and revealed the report fueling controversy over the details of Reidier’s uest to reforg.

There s nothing uite like the sweet anticipation of climbing into a warm bed on a cool fall night and reaching for a good book Ahhh to delve into a tome that so fascinates is so compelling so well written a story you just lose yourself in filled with characters you absolutely love or love to hate absolutely a story that draws you in such that you actually feel you are right there in the plot this is what I look for in a novel Unfortunately this book is not that However if you groove on uantum physics and impossibly long passages chock full of complex scientific and pseudo scientific terminology and complete confusion as to which of the cast of characters is relating the story at any given time then this may be the book for you If you dig lengthy dialog about uark Resonators or Boson Cannons or Pion Beams then this could be right up your literary alley Oh and don t forget the Entanglement Channel This story you may have guessed is about experiments in teleportation and the scientists who attempt to perform them Oh but wait there s It s also got some romantic scenes wherein the chief scientist Dr Reider is in bed with his beautiful French wife Eve or is it Elle He is writing formulas and euations all over her thighs while he expounds on his theories about transmogrification If that doesn t put you into a state of euphoria and heightened arousal I just cannot imagine whyNeedless to say I did not like this boo. It was supposed to be a simple proof of concept The physics were sound Over one hundred teleportation experiments had already been successfully performedDebate rages over whether the Reidier Test’s disastrous outcome resulted from human error government conspiracy or sabotage No one has actual nowledge of the tru.

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N hot water where the temperature is slowly turned up By the time I realized what was happening it was too lateI enjoyed this immensely but don t go into this work lightly Scher certainly put in his leg work in writing it I suggest you do the same A great deal of minutiae about nothing terribly interestingThis book is to fiction what reality reel movies are to cinema You now those flicks from supposedly lost footage Perhaps that is what he had in mindI didn t get too far because I hated the gimmicky approach This is also a pretentious endeavor where the author seems determined to demonstrate his intellect I would prefer a demonstration of character development in a workable plotI concede that I am primarily a nonfiction reader Fiction has to be extraordinary for me to like it I am a harsh critic Only halfway through but giving it five stars already because it makes me so angry that the only other reviews gave it one I ll tell you who this book is not for It is not for people who have lost their sense of curiosity and joy of learning It is not for people who need a linear plot and characters that can be condensed into a couple paragraphs But if you enjoy learning about physics philosophy psychology mathematics relationships or child development if you enjoy intellectual digressions and if you don t mind the structure basically a story within notes and footnotes and descriptions then I highly recommend it. E the fabric of reality and hold his family together Exposed with little chance of finding his mother Danny goes underground to investigate But nothing can prepare him for what he discoversIn this thrilling saga a paradigm shattering feat may alter humanity’s future as uantum entanglement and teleportation collide.

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