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Hought loved her Sierra made a promise not to date a preacher Sierra meets Richard Castleton and she enjoys. Been successful in snagging Mr Right When she meets Minister Richard Castleton the draw between the two is apparent almost from the very beginning However there's one problem Sierra's heart was broken by a man of the cloth in her past and she's mad.

Sierra was a young lady who had a lot going for herself Sierra was hurt at the age of 18 by a man who she Sierra Banner is a very beautiful girl one who has a lot going for herself in life So there's really no surprise that she's dated extensively in her twenty eight years However despite her best efforts and all her positive attributes she hasn't.

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His company Sierra is confused once she finds out Richard is a minister Awesome story on forgiveness and lov. E a vow to herself to never date a preacher again Richard knows instinctively that Sierra is his soulmate and that she's everything that he could ever want in a woman or a wife Problem is he has to convince Sierra of that and persuade her to love aga.

Nikki is an artist and a first grade teacher She enjoys using a variety of artistic media Currently her illustrating techniue combines the use of watercolor collage and graphic design Her children's books bring together her experiences with children and art Nikki spends most of her free time as a lake girl or enjoying the ocean She slalom water skis on a lake in Michigan where her fami