Charlene Sands: Twins for the Texan Billionaires and Babies #3

But being around his kids makes it a little better I loved seeing how much he loved them They have become everything to him and he doesn t see that changing at any time in the future I liked the way that he owned up to his mistake in leaving the way he did the morning after the weddingI really enjoyed seeing the development of their relationship Brooke had come to tell him about the baby but chickened out when he was talking about his two being enough for him Trapped together on the ranch and working together to take care of the twins the attraction between them is still there and just as strong but both try to resist it Brooke knows there s no future in it and doesn t want to get her heart broken again When Wyatt gets into a bind and needs a nanny for the kids Brooke offers to fill in until he can find one for real But all that togetherness has her falling hard for him Wyatt isn t sure what he s feeling for Brooke but it has him really confused When her nanny time is up she leaves still unable to tell him her secret Meanwhile Wyatt finally starts to realize the truth of his own feelings but isn t sure if it s too late for him I loved his big moment at the end especially the help he hadI also liked seeing Dylan and Emma again Their love is still going strong of course I loved seeing their support of Brooke Dylan s overprotectiveness still tends to irritate her but Emma does a good job of keeping him under control I liked his conversation with Wyatt at the end 4 stars Really cute uick and fluffy read It s just under 200 pages and I think the author did a great job giving the characters some depth and complexity in such a short amount of time The writing was good and I liked Brooke and Wyatt uite a lot The hot and coldback and forth of their relationship kept me interested and I thought their chemistry was well done They both had their issues they were trying to overcome and there are some secrets being kept mainly on Brooke s part but it all worked out really well and with no unnecessary drama I loved Wyatt s twins they were absolutely the cutest little things and I loved watching Brooke bond with them and falling head over heels in love with them as well It was all just so cute Great read and I m interested in going back and reading the first three books in this series Challenges completed YA Buddy Readers Corner Read Whatever You Want Team Challenge September For Love of a Book Animal Whisperers Challenge For Love of a Book Camping Team Challenge For Love of a Book Baking Challenge For Love of a Book The Walking Dead Word Search Challenge Wyatt had lost his wife He was still grieving her He had two adorable twins Brett and Brianna kept him busy I really loved his twins throughout this story His friend and housekeeper knew he needed to go out They talked him into going to a friend s wedding On the way there he stopped to help out Brooke who had ran out of gas Come to find out they were both going to the same wedding What are the odds Brooke had a famous brother Guys used her often to get close to her brother For just one night she just wanted to be Brooke So when she met Wyatt she gave him a false last name The two drank danced and really enjoyed the night That night Brooke got pregnant The pregnancy was hidden from Wyatt throughout most of the story She knew he was still grieving his wife It was sweet to see him slowly fall in love with Brooke and let go of his wife throughout the pages of the book This was a sweet storyI really liked Brooke She is great with the twins She sings with them and enjoys playing with them Wyatt s mother is coming for a visit His mother was set on moving in to help Wyatt does not want his mother moving in as much as he loved her Brooke offered to pose as his nanny while the mother is there That way the mother would know she was not needed Brooke slowly won over his mother Great book I was given this book in exchange for an honest review and fell in love with Brooke and Wyatt s story especially the twins On the road to her best friend s wedding her rental car ran out of gas with no cell service Brooke McKay prayed for a miracle as she sat on the side of deserted road with her head on the steering wheelWyatt Bryant ran late going to his friend s wedding He was still getting over his wife s death nine months ago and he tried to decline but Blake wasn t giving up so now he had to go leaving his twins in the care of an elderly housekeeper but he had a builtin excuse to leave early He saw a car on the side of the road and although he ran late he got out of his SUV to see if he could help. L time job Wyatt can't do alone He doesn't expect the ideal nanny to be the beauty who briefly shared his bed But he accepts her help gladly not knowing her little secret will change his family forever.

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Nd up back together but Brooke is afraid to tell him about her pregnancy since he pretty much told her that he was through having children I loved watching Brooke deal with trying to tell Wyatt about her pregnancy along with how Wyatt dealt with Brooke s presence as his pretend nanny I highly recommend Twins for the Texan as I couldn t put it down and rea Twins For The Texan by Charlene Sands Wyatt Brandt lost his wife a few months ago He has baby twins A boy and a girl He put all his time into his kids He ends up going to a friends wedding On the way he finds a car stranded It was Brooke McKay She was going to the wedding also Brooke ends up going with Wyatt They ended up spending the night together Wyatt s mom is coming to visit and Brooke volunteers to be the new nanny to the twins Plus Brooke ended up getting pregnant during their first night together Wyatt is still in love with his dead wife Brooke can t take that She leaves the ranch Wyatt ends up going after her A VERY good story Brooke McKay s car breaks down on the way to a wedding and she is rescued by hot millionaire rancher Wyatt Brandt The sparks fly as they attend the wedding together and have a one night stand Wyatt disappearing before Brooke wakes up He leaves a noteA month later Brooke is pregnant from the experience it s never explained how this happened when it s clear they used protection She and Wyatt spot each other on the set of Brooke s brother Dylan s movie set and he invites her around for dinner to explain himself She arrives there where she learns he is a father of twins and still mourning the death of his wife nine months ago She s eager to leave but gets trapped there by a storm Too scared to tell him of her pregnancy because he has made clear to her he thinks two kids is enough Brooke nonetheless offers to pose as his nanny when his mother unexpectedly announces her intentions to visitPleasant but unremarkable romance Neither the h or H made me want to reach into the book and shake them which is something of a miracle these days I liked the growing friendship between Brooke and Wyatt s mother Genevieve The twins are cute But it s a little dull at times with too much repetition when it comes to Brooke and Wyatt chatting and then getting up to attend to the twins when they start cryingThe book s biggest drawback is the dead wife trope It s very rare that this trope works and this book is no exception It is clear that Wyatt is still in love with his dead wife nine months isn t a long time and I wasn t fully convinced by his turnaround at the book s close Wyatt wasn t an asshole about it like some male widowers in these books where no woman can ever top their late wife like a lot of books in this genre but he certainly wasn t over his wife s death and I wasn t entirely certain he was ready to move onAlso the title seems to be a bit odd Twins for the Texan He already has them And boy I d really love one of these books to move out of Texas Last time I checked there were a lot of other states in North America Good book On the way to a wedding Brooke gets lost and runs out of gas Fortunately she is rescued by Wyatt who is on the way to the same wedding Brooke sister of movie star Dylan McKay One Secret Night One Secret Baby is tired of being used by people who want to get close to her brother so she doesn t tell Wyatt her real name Instead she enjoys an evening with a man who has no ulterior motivesWyatt lost his wife a few months earlier and has been mired in grief ever since The only thing keeping him going is his twin children His best friend encouraged him to go to the wedding and make a start at beginning to live again Rescuing Brooke who has no idea of what he s going through gives him a welcome respite from his grief Brooke and Wyatt connect almost as soon as they meet There is definitely chemistry between them and as the evening goes on the heat continues to build When the wedding is over it flares into a desire that neither can resist But in the morning Wyatt is gone and Brooke feels used again Six weeks later she discovers she s pregnant and knows she has to tell himI liked Brooke a lot She is fun great with kids and an all around nice person She hasn t had good luck with men which has left her wary I liked the fact that she wasn t going to keep the news to herself but she is understandably nervous about telling him especially when she finds out he already has two kids When she gets trapped on his ranch because of the weather I really liked the way that she jumped in to help Wyatt with the twinsI also liked Wyatt He is hurting. Before going their separate ways Now Brooke's back with news she isn't sure the wealthy rancher is ready to hear especially when she discovers he's already a fatherof twins Being a single dad is a ful.

I absolutely adored this book Both characters Wyatt and Brooke both had great personalities and big hearts Wyatt lost his wife around nine months previously and was basically only living for his twins His grief was too terrible to let himself move on Brooke had been hurt many times and her fear of giving her heart to a man still in love with his dead wife was a bad idea But things happen and these two were brought together by fate This was a fast paced read and I couldn t put it down from start to finish I just loved a story that builds from the very beginning and ends with a sweet HEA And absolutely love when our hero realized he messed up and what he s willing to go through to get his girl and inevitably his HEA 5 Shining Stars 425 StarsThis was an enjoyable read The story was sweet and we didn t have to put up with the oh so typical man whore that in my opinion occurs way to often in books today It has become a big turn off for this reader and this was such a pleasant departureTwins and another baby on the way Wow a great start to a full house Wyatt Brandt our hero is the father of eighteen month old twins and a widower for the past nine months His wife had been his high school sweetheart and he loved her deeply When she was killed in an auto accident his twins were and are the only thing that keeps him goingOur heroine is Brooke McKay the sister of the hot movie star Dylan McKay from One Secret Night One Secret Baby I must admit since I mentioned this book that it s one I did not care for at all If our interested in why I didn t care for One Secret Night Truth from the Trenches: A Practical Guide to the Art of It Management you are welcome to read my review Brooke was leery of men and she had every right to be It seemed she was a magnet who drew them in like flies towellou know Her brother was a super star in the movie industry and it seemed every guy she dated and grew fond of only wanted to use her to get to Dylan When this story begins Brooke has just ended a relationship with a guy she thought she was in love with All the guys used her soft heart and loving nature to get close to Dylan wanting him to read their manuscripts back a new business venture or get them into acting She is uite brokenhearted after this last fiasco and heads to her friends wedding in TexasIt just so happens that Wyatt s best friend has encouraged him to begin again after his devastating loss and insists he go to his friends wedding While on the way he stops to help a woman who has run out of gas They are together some at the wedding and afterthey spend one hot night togetherwith conseuences I highly recommend this book It all started out as a one night stand Brooke McKay had run out of gas on the way to her friend s wedding and Wyatt Brandt found her on the side of the road He was also headed to the same wedding and offered to give Brooke a ride They got to know each other during the event and afterwards spent the night together in the hotel The next morning Wyatt left before Brooke woke up She wasn t prepared for thatWyatt is still mourning the loss of his wife and the day of the wedding would have been her birthday So it was especially hard on Wyatt But thanks to Brooke he was actually able to enjoy himself He would forever be grateful to Brooke for temporarily taking his mind off Madelyn But the next morning he had to return to his ranch and his eighteen month old twins The result of the one night stand wasn t anything either of them had expected Brooke ended up pregnant When Brooke and Wyatt start seeing each other again she still can t find the words to tell him Brooke soon finds herself pretending to be the nanny when Wyatt s mother comes to visit to keep her from wanting to move in him to care for the kids How long will Brooke be able to keep her secret And how will Wyatt react when he finds out he fathered another child when he thought his two children were all the family he would need This book was well planned out and had a lot of depth and emotion to it It was pleasure to read Twins for the Texan by Charlene Sands is a part of the Billionaires and Babes series by Harleuin Desire I ve read all of the books in this series and Twins for the Texan was a fabulous addition I loved this book from the outset Brooke McKay is stranded on the side of the road when Wyatt Brandt pulls up They are both headed to the same wedding although Wyatt is only going through the motions It s his late wife s birthday and he is grieving after losing his wife in a freak accident What starts out as an innocent evening turns into a one night stand that he can t get forget It takes some time but eventually they Twinsand another baby on the way for this cowboy from USA TODAY bestselling author Charlene Sands After Wyatt Brandt rescues Brooke McKay en route to a Texas wedding they spend one hot night together.

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