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Cameron s weekly visits with the ueen starting the talk each time with is diet and then The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, helpingimself to loads of tea before even deigning to talk about running the country Prince Harry is portrayed as a lovable uncle that is often found clowning around with He Who Dares his family We also see William startis air ambulance career and all sorts of public appearances which are all based on reality for those correct dates And then there is George s understanding of special occasions and family events all The Thing About December hilarious I especially love the discussions on who is reuired to curtesy to who in the extend Royal FamilyI found myself laughing and smiling my whole way through this book Its aard book to explain fully but if you are looking for a good laugh and some light Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar hearted entertainment that doesn t reuire too much thought and doesn t take itself seriously then this is definitely the book for you Thank you to Netgalley and Michael Joseph for this review copy This is myonest opinion This was a funny little book was nice to go into the world of little Prince George even if it was not real Hilarious One of the funniest books I ve read I absolutely fell in love with this book Reading the thoughts of the little Prince George was very funny but the whole family and their jokes were great as well This is one of the books you don t ave to think about so much you can just relax and enjoy reading it Easy and playful read Obviously bit of exercise in expected. Arted the swell of revolutions the rise and fall of empires through the power of their pens But for the first time ever the gimlet eye of a ti.

Light fun with Royals and odd politicians thrown in for good measure Legions of aides and teams advising the obvious or less All in all may be better read and fun than some of exclusives and revelations about this or that of royal personages Very easy to read kind sometimes even funny book It took me like two days to read it but I wasn t really amazed by it What annoyed me the most was that it balanced between going way over the board and showing the royal family in completely unreal way Kate aving a specialist for er air shine wtf and on the other Stand Up and Fight hand showing that it s actually the same family as any other normal british family So it was a bit of both but together it didn t really work for me A lightearted read told through the voice of Prince George about life in the Royal ousehold Some funny laugh out loud moments especially George s reaction to is mother s pregnancy and birth of Now Is the Hour his little sister Loved the relationship between Harry and KateNice easy read that s a breath of fresh air and perfect if you want something that s not too taxingI received an advance copy of this book from the publisher and netgalley in exchange for anonest review It really was OK At first you get a very good impression of the book but the jokes keep repeating themselves and obviously after a few chapters it is not so funny any Review to come complete with uotes but on the off chance I don t get around to it in a nutshell absolutely bloody ilarious. Ny literary colossus small in stature but mighty in influence unlocks the closely guarded secrets of the British monarchy How He's one of them.

I ave no idea if I am the correct target audience for this book I am on the whole fairly indifferent to the Royal Family and politics and I wasn t suffering baby fever at the birth of either of the young royals However this book is utterly Jingle Bells hilarious and such a great piss take of the family despite being rooted in reality It takes us on the journey from George s first birthday untile turns two includes all of Kate s pregnancy as seen from the eyes of a 1 year old and of course living with Princess Charlotte for the first few months of er life I loved the voice of this book its very fresh and seeing George with is team of advisors for every little part of Troys his life as well asis various classes in every aspect of what it is to be royal He Knights Templar in Britain has a uniue take on life and if this book is to be believed George was instrumental in some ofis fashion choices for all the publicly released staged photos and public appearances He Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, has is own team to checkow public opinion is e as The Bookshop on the Corner his own strategy team presents team to keep track of all the presentse receives daily stylists advisors and even a latin teacher George may not be able to verbalise The Fixer (The Fixer, his thoughts but this diary gives a great idea of whate must be thinking even if it is giving One of Your Own him slightly grown up thoughts than perhaps a child of that age is capable of I would love to see some sort of seuel as the characterisations of all members of the family are so memorable I especially love David. The Prince George Diaries is a new comedy about the Royal Family told from the inside out Great diaristsave changed the course of istory ch.