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Dated A peak via painter Carrington into life of the Lytton Strachey crowd including pacifism LGBT and polyamory I love her and I hate that a man edited this collection of her letters and diaries He was very judgy and seemed not to like her much I want to ead about her have there been any good bios Maybe I will write one I felt a kinship with her Unfortunately she still dies at the end Carrington s letters to her lovers and friends provide a fascinating insight into a life that is presented as being complete and completely focused on Lytton Strachey in the film by Christopher Hampton The loneliness and day to day drudgery of her last months is evident in many of the later letters but there is also a playfulness and joy particularly in her letters to Julia Strachey and Poppet and Vivienne John Often portrayed as something of a Bloomsbury outsider the letters show that Carrington played an important Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge role within her sphere You can feel her uncertainty the frustrations with herself and the genuine love for those that were most important in her. Gifted painter intimate companion of Lytton Strachey friend of Virginia Woolf Augustus John Ottoline Morrell and EM Forster Dora Carrington led an extraordinary life In her late teens she escaped from herespectable middle class home to enter the bohemian world of the Slade School of Art and the artistic and intellectual circles centred on Bloomsbury and Garsington At the age of twenty two she met Lytton Strachey He was a homosexual and an intellectual; she detested her own femininity and had been haphazardly educated Nevertheless they formed a deeply af.

Life Carrington so often asked that her letters be burnt by the ecipients but their survival is an important legacy It may feel uncomfortable at times to ead such personal material but it is only through Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family reading it is that one gets an understanding a I enjoyed this collection of letters from Dora Carrington artist and Bloomsbury Group friend but I probably wouldn tecommend it to anyone but a true Bloomsbury enthusiast Carrington was an interesting painter and I think she created a handful of outstanding works her famous portrait of Lytton Strachey being one of my own favourites but she Reindeer and Caribou: Health and Disease rarelyefers to her work in her letters She s also not much for history or politics This collection mostly spans the World War I years and the 1920s yet despite being such a turbulent time in English history Carrington arely efers to the events which loom so large in historical accounts Her letters are intimate in tone and most often discuss her feelings about friends and omantic elationships Other pet topics are the weather food houses walks the land. Fectionate elationship which survived their sexual difficulties separations and infidelities until Strachey's death Three months later unable to continue life alone Carrington shot herselfDespite her suicide Carrington was not made for melancholy or tragedy She was warm hearted and fiecely loyal to her friends; she fizzed with vitality Her bubbling imaginatin could make an adventure out of gooseberry picking or a drama out of the behaviour of her cats Her letters and diaries punctuated by enchanting drawings testify to the childlike exuberence of spirit.

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Scape pets and parties She does have a charming voice though despite claiming often that she is no writer and that her letters are very stupid Despite growing up in a middle class Victorian family she lived in an astonishingly free and bohemian way She chose to be in an artist she managed her own money she didn t want children and only agreed to marriage with Ralph Partridge because it suited the m nage a trois living arrangement she had with Lytton Strachey Strachey writer historian homosexual was the true love of her life and although there are many letters in this collection to another lover Gerald Brenan her adoration of Strachey is the one consistent theme Morning in America: How Ronald Reagan Invented the 1980's running through the collection The 2017eissue by Chatto Windus is absolutely beautiful cover endpapers illustrations and photographs of Carrington and her friends all add up to a pleasing whole One does feel though that this collection of letters does not eally capture the elusive mysterious and fascinating modern woman that was Dora Carrington One of my handful of keep forever book. That etains its power to captivate Michael Holroyd placed her among the great letter writers not because of the famous people she mentions but because of her evocative unselfconscious literary power 'Love loneliness beauty elation and harrowing despair are what she wrote about with such freshness and immediacyIt is because she carried her instincts so miraculously intact from childhood into adult life that Carrington is uniue'Superbly edited by David Garnett this book constitutes one of the most candid entertaining and moving autobiographies ever written.