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Iety with new identities but they won t be able to scape who they are or what they didThis really felt to me as if the author has based this on the horrific true vent that happened in Liverpool over twenty years ago and this is why I could only give this book 3I would like to thank Net Galley Penguin UK and the author Jane Jago for my ARC in xchange for an honest review Not an asy book to read given the upsetting subject matter and the close comparison to the 1993 child murder in the UK by two 10 year old boys This book dealt with the aftermath of a horrific and unimaginable heinous crime against a 3 year old boy the knock on ffect on the victims family and the 2 young boys convicted of his killing and follows their lives over a 15 20 year period Sad thought provoking and very uncomfortable because it shows a very real and frightening reality of children born into a life of Gods and Heroes evil I honestly don t know how i m going to review this book properly I m somotionally conflicted in a good way I got Science, Technology and Culture emotional when i finished reading and realised that it s based on a real case that happened in 1993 I searched the case up online and was horrified with the details of the murder But it made me appreciate the book a lot because i realised that reading about crime cases will be uite one sidedbiased most of the time The Wrong Handxplores the perspective of all sides of the same story and tries to portray the conseuences of it from No Beast So Fierce everyone who was involved I m rating this book 4 out of 5 starsThis is a very serious book It s also uite dark with the story centering around the murder of a 3 year old boy committed by a pair of 11 year olds It was incredulous to read about children committing such a horrible crime It made me uestion so many things about morality and responsibility Like forxample to what xtent is a parent responsible for their childThe reason why i felt motionally conflicted was because of all the different POVs being Last Chance Bride explored in the story We get to see the past and present perspective from the two boys their parents the parents of the victims and some other people who were involved as well It was difficult to completely hate the boys for what they did because of their regret and fears and their sentence They both had to be given new identities after spending 7 years in juvenile detention and had to live careful lives and had to constantly move around over the yearsIt was mostmotional to read from the perspective of the victim s mother how it had Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy effected her and her husband How she would always partly blame herself for diverting her attention from her only son for just a few moments and how that had changedverything The perspective from the victim s father was just as sad I also really appreciated reading the perspective of the two boys mothers Being a psychology student I ve learnt a bit about whether behaviourin this case violence is in one s nature or whether the Lawman Lover (Outlaws, environment had played a bigger role How much should a parent be blamed for the way they had raised their child For the things they hadxposed them to For their negligence for not being supportive when their child needed them to beI did think that some parts of the book had been unnecessary and had made the story a little bit draggy but other than that i uite City Girl in Training enjoyed the honest writing It did get confusing at times about who s POV it was and which timeframe the chapter was in so it took a bit offfort to keep up I don t think the book is very appropriate for younger readers mostly because of the profanities and some obscene parts Also trigger warning for those uncomfortable reading about suicideAll in all i m glad i read this book I received a copy to be reviewed and can honestly say that it is uite Mystery at Kittiwake Bay eye opening If you want to know about the real case it s based on you can search Murder of James Bulger I think reading the book helps see things from a wider perspective Despite being set in Australia this novel could almost be factual so heavily does it rely on a real life case It begins in 1993 with the body of a young boy being found Benjamin Allen is the son of Mathew and Rachel Allen and after the murder of their son by two children Danny Simpson and Graham Harris the couple break apart This book is really about the aftermath of such a tragicvent and also there is a lot of theorising about why two school children turned to murderRachel remarries and attempts to begin a new life but is filled with blame guilt and despair while Mathew spends his time seeking revenge We also see ven. Angry marginalized and unguided That was until they committed a crime so heinous that three families were left devastated They were no longer just boys They were monsters Released from juvenile detention it is time for the boys now men to start again; new names new people But they can never s.

Two young boys commit the most heinous crime and the story that follows details the conseuences for them their families and the families of the life they so cruelly snatched away Despite being set in Australia This book is clearly reminiscent of the tragic case of James Bulger who was brutally murdered by child killers Robert Thompson and Jon Venables in February 1993 Some may find it difficult to read but it is certainly thought provoking into how the justice system treats young offenders and how they live their lives after release from institutions I have to admit to struggling with this book but I m not sure whether my own feelings about the subject matter tainted what I was reading This is such a difficult and horrific fictional account of the murder of a 3 year old boy by two 11 year old boys but despite it being set in Australia it still followed far too close to a real life UK crime that it made me feel particularly sueamish and uncomfortable Normally I do like this type of storyline a particularly good The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, example is The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood which I loved but I just didn t get that feeling hereThis is the story of Danny and Graham who committed an awful crime at the age of 11 As the crime has had far reaching conseuences it also follows Rachel who s son was murdered and how she is dealing with hermotions as a mother to her other children Benjamin s dad just wants to find the boys now that they have been released from prison and it is an all consuming passion to work out where they are now and what they look like We see the affects on the boys families as well How do you cope as a parent if your child has murdered another Do you have to take some of that blame on your own shoulders We are back in my favourite territory here of nurture vs nature and how 2 individuals can spark off something in the other that is dormant waiting for that other person that reflection in the mirror to complete a match made in hellJane Jago is a fantastic writer who can spark an motional response in her readers and I would love to read of her work This one just bothered me a little bit purely because of that connection it made me feel uncomfortable as it was just a little bit too close to home for my likingI received a copy of this book via netgalley in return for an unbiased review This is a book that tackles a story line that some will find difficult some will find controversial and for some it will provoke comparisons with Jamie Bulger who was abducted and murdered in 1993 I think it would make a good read for a book group as actually poses several thought provoking uestions about vil naturenurture and rehabilitation It also An Italian Education explore themes like honesty and the conseuences of living with secretsIn summary the story is about Danny Simpson and Graham Harris who abducted 3 year old Benjamin and murdered him We meet them at various stages in their lives but mainly the novel looks at what happens following their release 7 years after they committed such a horrendous crime and their subseuent adult years as they attempt to move on with ordinary lives It also follows the lives of Rachel and Matthew Allen Benjamin s devastated and broken parentsThe novel took me a while to get into as I felt like I d missed a few chapters somewhere Jago assumes we re already aware of the premise and therefore begins by starting in the middle with Danny being prepared for his release back into society at thend of his prison sentence At this point we re a little unsure who we are reading about what Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code exactly has happened and how the various characters are connected We learn that Danny was given a cover story in order to survive life in prison and now he is being given a cover story to survive life on the outside He s not a pleasant character there is no sympathy generated despite the revelation that Dan is as terrified of living as he is of dying and the terrifying threat of being found out all over again is having a detrimental affect on hismotional and metal stability his ability to actually forgive himself pick up a normal life This book was difficulty to get into I just couldn t get into the story that kept flashing from past to present Overall the story was uite good told how veryone suffers from a horrendous crime not just the accused and victims but who Danny Simpson and Graham Harris were just children seven years ago when they committed a crime so heinous that left three families devastated Boys who have turned into monstersThey are now men and ready to be released back into soc. We all make mistakes Moments that change us and the path we are on irrevocably For Rachel Allen it was the moment that she let her son's hand slip from hers For Danny Simpson and Graham Harris it was the moment one of them took it Seven years ago Danny and Graham were just children themselves.

Ts from the point of view of Danny Simpson and Graham Harris how they met what they became and how they fare after reaching adulthood Another character who worked very well was that of retired terminally ill Detective Inspector Phillip Kendall who is unable to let go of the case There is no denying the impact of such a crime not only for those who were personally involved but also for those who have to live with the aftermath including Rachel s two sons from her second marriage and those who meet the killers living under new identities as adults Still although I found this an mpathic and well written novel it just was too close to real Daddy Wanted events to make for really comfortable reading I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review This was a book I wanted to read some time agoI hadn t read any reviews until I finished reading thisI can t bring myself to give it than 3 due to the fact it s too close to a realvent that happened in the UK although the area is changed to AustraliaIt s an horrendous story but then so was the real life Forbidden Stranger eventGreat writing but released in bad taste 35 starsI had serious doubts that I was going to be able to handle this book The subject matter ismotional and tragic Review may contain minor spoilersSeven years ago Danny Simpson and Graham Harris committed a crime so atrocious that it completely destroyed three families What made this worse was that they were only 11 years old when they committed this horrific crime Now that they are Snowy River Man eighteen years old they are being released Butven though they are released will they truly be free Are new lives and new names Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze enough to keep them safe from people who will never forget what they have done Do they deserve to feel safe A parents worse nightmare is losing a child under any circumstances But how can you grieve or survive when you are never left in peace by the public the press andven your own thoughts How often does a relationship survive the loss of a child Can you Les brumes d'avalon : roman ever truly be happy againHer biggest fear was happiness Happiness led to complacency and she d been there before Happiness brought with it guiltIn 1993 Rachel McKenna s nightmare starts the moment she lets go of her son Benjamin s hand In the next moment someonelse takes his hand and suddenly he s gone Rachel blames herself She was the one who took Benjamin shopping and had let go of his hand for the briefest of moments She thinks if she had only gone to the corner market instead then her life with Benjamin would be intactWhat happens to Malakai (Wicked Games, everyone in the aftermath of such a heinous crime Years later Rachel is a mother again But her anxiety and need for control rules her family s life Matthew Allen spends all of his time trying to find the boys after they are released What will he do if he does find themI found there were uite a few times that I felt a bit lost as the novel moved from the past to the present I often re read parts to help figure out what was happening I really wanted to understand the characters better but I had a hard time remembering who was whospecially with the name changes I felt like the author did try to help the reader keep things straight by labeling the chapters with the names places and dates The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone etc but it could still be a bit confusing at times and I would have to refer back Maybe it was just me but I still feel a bit confused about who did whatSome parts of this book made me really uncomfortable but I appreciate that the author didn t go overboard with the descriptions of the violence Of course things happened that werextremely upsetting and there was some violence but I didn t feel like the author was glorifying gratuitous violenceOne of the characters was writing an article about these boys and his research brought up so any different Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, emotions for me When a crime like this happens it changes what we feel about childhood innocence I thought a lot about nature vs nurture and it made me wonder how a child that never learnedmpathy because it was never shown to them can possibly succeed in this world Killing was primal Not killing was a product of an amygdala friendly The Family Plan environment and a complex web of social conditioningI think this is a good and thought provoking debut novel A very interesting andmotional read It made me think a lot about how justice system works and A Family Practice especially how it works for children A heartbreaking read with many powerful messages Thank you to NetGalley the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read this book inxchange for my honest revie. Cape who they are or what they did And their own families now notorious; the Allens destroyed with grief; and the country at large have never been able to forget They will always be running They will always be hiding But are some mistakes too large the ripples to far reaching to outrun forever.

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Jane Jago was born in Sydney Australia in 1961Originally trained as a Printmaker she began writing whilst raising a familyShe has a long standing interest in exploring the shadow aspect of human nature and in developmental psychologyPassionate about the protection of children and their right to a childhood The Wrong Hand is her first novel