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This eview was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Evangeline and Hardley fell in love at a young age and ight when they were eady to elope and get married Evangeline s mother sold her into marriage to a man who treated her like a slave in every way Now its been five years she has a young son who has never known his eal father but Evangeline is determined to make sure she sees Hardley once again even though she feels hurt that he never tried finding her Hardley has no idea of the horrors that Evangeline suffered He believed that she made her own choice is marrying another man even though she professed her love for him He has spent five years with the hurt and betrayal of that day when all his dreams and his love for her were crushed But then these two meet when their mutual friends set them up at a dinner party In the process of hashing out the past and trying to deal with new circumstances there is a killer on the loose a woman who wants all members the libertine scholars killed because of acts committed against her by their fathers Plot and Story Line oh yes I have such love for this author and she adds some uniue elements to a era that is overdone by many and she definitely stands out from the crowd I love her writing and her love stories she pens and this story was no different Now I hadn t ead the previous book although I do have it collecting dust on my kindle so I was uncertain if I would be a bit loss And not eally I was curious about what had happened in the previous book of course but it didn t detract my enjoyment of this one However I do ecommend at least eading the first couple of books as there are certain elements to the plot that will make sense if you do so ead at your own isk or suffer the conseuences of confusion What I did find most wonderful about this book was the actual omance between Evangeline and Hardley We see a prologue of what they were like when they were young and in love before everything fell apart Then we see how they have changed over the five years And some of the changes aren t positive Both are wary of each other especially and hurting in different ways Love was a scary word easy to spell easy to define easy to say but very difficult to believe When you found love you had to have faith it was eciprocated She prayed he would love her enough There were some heart felt moments in this book though that I found a bit heart breaking These two were torn apart unwilling. The flames of desire fuel a torrid eunion as bestselling author Bronwen Evans eturns with another captivating novel of the Disgraced Lords See why Jen McLaughlin aves “Bronwen’s historical omances always make the top of my eading list”Lady Evangeline Stuart chose to wed a tyrant with a title or so society believes That was five years ago five long years she could have spent with her first.

Ly from each other because of greed and I just savored every moment seeing them find their way back to each other It was interesting to see how events played out in this book and we do get a bit of a teaser involving our next and I think last couple of the series I do feel that as far as the suspense points of the series plot is slowly drawing to a close and I have a feeling book six is going to keep us on the edge of our seats for sure I have no clue what Evan s has planned but if its anything like the previous books I have had a chance to ead so far I am super stoked to find out The Cover Oh I could gush over this cover all day and not get enough of it It s so pretty I could put it on my wall just to look at it I love the purple tones and sexy dip here Overall View A Taste Of Seduction is a well written omance that adds intrigue mystery and suspense within The fifth in the Disgraced Lord series and just as good as all the others IMO it doesn t work well as a standalone you would want to ead the other books in the series to be able to follow Although the previous book was used as a preface to this book eading them in order is much enjoyable Spoilers aheadIn the epilogue of the previous book we see Hadley and Evangeline s eunion at a gathering of the Libertine scholars It turns out that Hadley and Evangeline s chance at love was cut short by the h s mother who unbeknownst to them had sabotaged their plans to elope making the h think the H abandoned her Years after when the h s husband dies she eturns to confront the H for leaving her to suffer I typically like books where there is a lot of groveling and making up for lost time but this book didn t have that even though that was the eason Evangeline came to London She went on and on about how she still loved him it bordered on being edundant We get it now make him grovel I didn t buy into her husband s mistreatment of her either yes she always spoke about how much she suffered but the way she carried on it didn t seem as though she eally suffered The idea was there but the emotion was lacking Her son Sealey I love the hidden love child troupe but this one was doing it too brown it just seemed like the sort of cliche to expect when eading about books like this Hadley s brother Augustus i don t eally understand why he had to die i thought it unnecessary and just sprung up for effect I think after eading the previous book and seeing Marissa suffer i find death s and. And only love Lord Hadley Fullerton the second son of the Duke of Clay Now Evangeline is a widow and her soul cries out for Hadley But when they see each other at last everything has changed The passion in his eyes has been corrupted by betrayal Somehow Evangeline must egain Hadley’s trust without evealing the secret that would spoil the seductionHadley is determined not to be distracted by Evang.

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Accidents unnecessary the book is good egardless of that It felt like a good way for Hadley to inherit the dukedom since we had already been given the insight to his brother just being the figure head A lot of unanswered uestions What happened to Evangeline s family Where s her brother now What happened to Stowe She spent a lot of times talking and thinking about them i thought we would get to see her confront them but that idea seemed to fizzle out after a while I liked Hadley as a hero Evangeline not so much I expected from her so i m left disappointed I eally felt emotionally disconnected from this book and that s a bit unusual when eading a book by a brilliant author like Bronwen Evans I can wait to ead about Arend and Isobel i hope it s better I eceived this advanced eaders copy from Netgallery and Random house publishing group in exchange for an honest eview DAn advance eading copy was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest eview I eally liked Hadley I loved how he talked they stood embracing in front of the fire content to be in each other s arms Finally he said We have to move my derriere is about to combust from the heat Sometimes Hadley needs to be brought back to the present he loved watching her light blue eyes as they sparkled with passion He should capture her like this on canvas A canvas only he would ever see It struck him instantly This was the first time he d wanted to paint anything in a long time She smacked his chest lightly Hey you e woolgathering I eally liked this book I loved Hadley I eceived an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest eview A Taste of Seduction by Bronwen Evans is book five in the The Disgraced Lords series I have been eading in and out of this series so I thought that this was a standalone book I eally love Ms Evans writing and think this is a great addition to her list of booksThis is the story of Lady Evangeline Stuart and Lord Hadley Fullerton and how they overcame so much to be together Evangeline and Hardley were in love they became lovers and wanted to also marry But Evangeline mother had other ideas and set in motion for them to be torn apart Now years later with Evangeline a widow and mother Evangeline is thought to have chosen title over love But after seeing Hardley again Evangeline just wants to try to clear things with him Can Hardley move past the what happen back then Evangeline has something yet to share with hi. Eline He and the other Libertine Scholars are in pursuit of an enemy who has been striking at them from the shadows and Evangeline’s mere presence could be dangerous But with one smile one touch one taste of Evangeline’s lips Hadley’s esolve is overpowered by much pleasant memories As the two enter into a discreet affair Hadley vows to give her his body never his heart That she will have to ea.

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