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Hour Like I said not major but annoying when t continued to come upAnd fuck Zo why are you such a bitch like seriously I did not like Zo at all There was never a momment where I went ok fine she s experenced this tragedy but nope she s just a bitchBlargh end rantEdit You know what Lia the main character she s a bitch as well If all this shit never went down and things were different or rather not different she d still be a self centered bitchOK now Risking It All it s an end rantOver all I did enjoy the concept and I ll continue on with the series hopefully the characters start to be less annoying Awesomesauce It was really good It started off a little confusing butt had a very cool and sort of risky concept to Dog Food 2 it By risky I mean thatt could have failed epically I see a lot of authors take on this kind of plot and then just sorta let Santa In Montana (Calder Saga it die but Skinned pulledt off Not only was The Moonshiners Daughter it addicting and exciting butt got me thinking too There was depth n t than I expected Saints on Stage it had a thought provoking theme aboutdentity and what makes someone who they are and not only that but what makes someone a human beingA couple of little things bothered me though First of all there were times when the main character kinda got on my nerves I started liking her towards the end but for a majority of the book she was a little whiney I know she was Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, in a pretty crappy situation but still Well at least she matured somewhatn the end and I started feeling pretty bad for herThe other thing was that at times I could tell this book desperately wished childhood happy hours it was Uglies Even the cover art and the way the book was formatted seemed very similar The worldn which t took place was very Westerfeld esue the Skinners are sorta like Pretties or Specials t s a similar futuristicpost In her lifeLia knows she should be grateful she didn't die Publish and Perish in the accident The Download saved her butt also changed her forever She can deal with being a freak She can deal with the fear n her parents' eyes and the.

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What n the world The Book of Lamentations is up with Young Adult literature The F word was all throughout this book and premarital sex was openly accepted embraced and expected I would never recommend this book to a young adult or an adult for that matter not that I didn t enjoy the book or love the story but simply because of the language and sexn the bookThe story reminds me of the UgliesPretties books It s an Guide Through the Old Testament interesting story full ofnteresting subject matter I actually really enjoyed the story but I just wish Robin Wasserman would have cleaned The Best-Case Scenario Handbook it up sot was a appropriate read that I could recommend without a huge disclaimerI m struggling what to rate this book It would be 4 stars f t weren t for the language and other things I don t like I guess I ll go with 3 stars May contain spoilers cursing and rantingWhen something bad happens to you like an accident as what happened The Fate of the Romanovs in this book to our main It doesn t always mean death If your brains still working you can be downloaded Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, into a new body Some peoplef they have enough credit can have one specialty made LOSER if theres enough time for Home-Ec 101 it But the things you are no longer human You can t bleed eat breath You can feel pain to a degree only with extreme actions Hot and cold mean nothing You can feel slightly but Exterminating Angel it s not the same You don t need to bathe brush your teeth or use the bathroom You re a machine that looks human and mentally you still are the same person butt s never the sameIt was going so strong so good But then things started to stand out Little things that annoyed me Nothing major just certain wordings for example eating lunch but how Culture and Customs of Norway is she exactly doing this She doesn t eat She has no need to eat she doesn t have a stomach The author could have used the sentence she spent her lunch. The Download was supposed to change the world It was supposed to mean the end of aging the end of death the birth of a new humanity Butt wasn't supposed to happen to someone like Lia KahnAnd t wasn't supposed to ru.

Pocalyptic setting the society s very technology obsessed and they even have some similar lingoBut despite those few Shake, Rattle and Roll instances of similarityt had a lot of originality too Over all I thoroughly enjoyed t I m going to present this review n a series of half explained gifsIn the beginning I was just casually reading through The Weavers Idea Book itAnd then I started gettingnto The Mission of Mooney Rooney itI was enjoying the story and beginning to getrritated with everyone s constant blatant disregard of Lia and the fact that she was still humaninsideThen the story moved onto Zo or Zoie the Hoie as I like to refer to her and of course I hated herBut The Road to There it wasn t just your regular hate This was deep burning hate that even the fiery pits of hell couldn t compete with And then there was the scene with Walker Cough Douche bag Cough and Zo at the back of the school practically dry humping each otherLafayette speak for meOnce we got past that Auden s heart felt love confession another bitch out from Zo and finally reached the part with her dadOh myYes I cried And though I ll claim I hatet I kind of like t when authors make me cry It proves to me that their actually pretty good at what they doThen of course there was the part with Auden right after the waterfall ncident My word Such profanity I know I shouldn tI ll try not toI ll try to resistbut IIPoor LiaFew Wipes brow Nearly had a brain aneurismI know the kid s laying Used (Getting Inside of V, in bed with multiplynjuries that he ll be stuck with for the rest of his oh so human life But some of the things he said were pretty nastyI was a little disappointed to realize I disliked him from then on From this day forward from page 339 to the last Inside a Barn in the Country in the series themage of Auden will forever be tainted The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums in my eyesSighs Oh well5 stars 45 at the least Till next time. Way her boyfriend flinches at her touch But she can't deal with what she knows deep down every time she forces herself to lookn the mirror She's not the same person she used to beMaybe she's not even a person at al.

Robin Wasserman is the author of the novels MOTHER DAUGHTER WIDOW WIFE June 2020 and GIRLS ON FIRE Her writing has appeared in The New York Times Tin House The Los Angeles Review of Books and several short story anthologies A recent MacDowell Colony fellow she is also the New York Times bestselling author of than ten novels for young adults and teaches in the low residency MFA program