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E of land in ueensland s Gulf Country Kerry felt like her dreams might be starting to come to fruition But would they There was much to get through many obstacles to overcome but what a life this iconic Australian author has had Heart Country by Aussie author Kerry McInnis is an amazing memoir of her life in the Australian outback growing up in the rugged bush places where there wasn t much in the way of human habitation The 1960s leading into the 70s living life in the bush was harsh but the family worked hard and made their way together I thoroughly njoyed Heart Country and highly recommend it Great Aussie readHad read Pieces of Blue so had to read the continued story Enjoy what goes on in the bush Great Loved this book toothe seuel to Pieces of blue I have read it before but njoyed reading it a second time I noted the author has written some fiction books too so I have put them on my to read list If you njoy reading about Australian outback way of life you won t be disappointed I Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue enjoyed this very much once I got the Australian cattle droving slang meanings in my mind I thought it was a honest straightforward unembellished interesting and heartfelt account of her life in the outback in the mostly 1960. Ted to settle down and have a family Kerry must make some difficult decisions about love marriage and her passionate desire to write Full ofxuberance humour and courage this seuel to Kerry McGinnis's highly successful Pieces of Blue is an uplifting account of life in a land of incredible beauty and harsh deman.

What an amazing and full life she s led I cannot The Man Without a Face even begin to imagine how difficult and harsh it was at times but her love for the country shone throughout Well they say you can t judge a book by its cover however in this case I believe you can The cover is beautiful as is the content It isasy relaxing reading I am certainly going to seek out the author s other books I generally prefer memoir into which category this falls however will try her fiction books as well A very talented writer Another Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) enlightening story about Kerry sxperiences of growing up in the Australian Outback Loving them This is an account of a droving family and their Gone (Gone, experiences in the 60 s of life on the road driving other people s cattle for a living It is a blow by blow description of life in the saddle herding large mobs of cattle across some of Australia s toughest country Injoyed this story for the opportunity to live their life for the period of the novel The family were battlers and Threads Of The Shroud extremely hard workers finally achieving their goal to own their own stationThisxperience has given the author rich All Seated on the Ground experiences from which to write further fictional works I havenjoyed her writings and will look for Loved the concept behi. After seven years on the road with her family Kerry McGinnis is tired of the wandering life and yearns for a proper home When her father the irascible but loveable Mac buys a property in ueensland's Gulf Country it seems like she might have found one But not verything goes smoothly In their struggle to make a

Nd this book the true story of an outback woman s life who manages to achieve an ducation become a writer The book is written well Wiring enough with some lovely descriptions of the scenesxperienced but there is a lot of disjointedness which feels jarring to the reader Suddenly something random is happening for half a page and that s it All one hears of it doesn t seem to fit with the previous paragraphs Another good story continuing on from Pieces of Blue I think it captures the way it was droving and living off the land not so very long ago in outback Australia Droving and wandering the vast ueensland outback was a way of life for Kerry McGinnis and her family After their mother died when Kerry was young their father decided to uproot Kerry her sister Judith and brothers Sian and Patrick and head into the bush With their livelihood dependant on the whim of Mother Nature droving was the way to go But finally Kerry was fed up with the life the day in day out of nothing but hard slog for seven days a week Living in a man s world was tough as both Kerry and Judith had found out Kerry wanted a home somewhere she could plant a garden put down roots and settle When Mac their volatile father managed to purchase a piec. O of things the McGinnis family Against All Odds encounters fire flood a three metre python and other human obstacles Sian theldest son is at loggerheads with his father while Mac soon develops itchy feet And Kerry and her sister Judith discover that life in a man's country is far from Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage easy At a time when young women arexpec.

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Kerry McGinnis was born in Adelaide and at the age of twelve took up a life of droving with her father and three siblings The family travelled extensively across the Northern Territory and ueensland before settling on a station in the Gulf Country Kerry has worked as a shepherd droving hand gardener stock camp and station cook eventually running a property at Bowthorn near Mount Isa She