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Ood story We start to live by a different script Jesus way s the way of forgiveness not revenge encouragement gossip serving dominating humility arrogance devotion distraction generosity greed faithful to the end If his way sn t our way we need to ask whether we trust him and have fully applied his work to our lives Salvation s not about leaving the world but leaving the ways of this world and entering Try a Little Tenderness into God s world through the life death and resurrection of JC Trusting thatn the end heaven and earth kiss Evangelism works best Behold!!! the Protong in the context wheret s an answer to a uestion The Christian hope The Wranglers Inconvenient Wife (Wyoming Legacy, is not that someday all believers get to die and go to heaven Indeed the only reason anyone ever goes to heavens sin If Adam Eve never sinned they would have continued to live on this planet enjoying the beauty of Creation as they walked Expeditions, Estimation, and Other Dangerous Pastimes (Claimings, in close fellowship with their Creator Escaping Creation and going to heavens not the solution Sin Игра об Уильяме Шекспире, или Тайна Великого Феникса is the reason for hunger warnjustice and death Sin Tangled (Torn Trilogy, is taking a stand against God and his loving reign against life and well being Seeking autonomy from God we experience shame guilt and condemnation We make godsn our own Tell Me A Story image rather than accepting that we are maden God s Rumah Kopi Singa Tertawa image Just as sin began withndividuals and rippled out to contaminate the entire world so grace begins with Amazon.com: Financial Engineering: The Evolution of a Profession (Robert W. Kolb Series) eBook: Tanya S. Beder, Cara M. Marshall: Kindle Store individuals and ripples out to redeem the rest of creation Sacramental nature of mission A birthday party for our sons a public way for others to hear how grateful we are that God brought our son My Body-His (Marcello) (Marcello) (My Body Trilogy, into the world Sacrament of Lord s Supper offers us a reminder that GOd s workn the world brings together the scandal that death brings new life The double meaning Figure Drawing in Proportion is 1 God laid down his life We should never forget this and we should do the same 2 Gods joyously welcoming the world to His table and we should do the same Ecclesial ArchitectureCommunion and worship are a way of life learning to live Exit Strategy (Katerina Carter Fraud in the lifedance of God throughout our ordinary lifeChurchs called to be the welcoming committee not managers of the guest list Church essence Daylight Again (Hell or High Water, is people who find theirdentity Aliens and Alien Societies in the arms of God communion rallied around tables welcoming each other community and sent outnto the world with serving hands co mission Jesus models this Lk 612 19Rule rhythm for gathered people Different kinds of prayer One-Way Trip (Sniper Elite, intercession supplication praise listening healing Scripture lectio divina responsive readings reenacting a short story of Bible singing confessing sharing stories of God s recent work and partaking at the Lord s Table draw usnto the presence of God Organizing around communion community and co mission Photo Craft is like building an exercise routine regularncremental practices practicing presence of God and sabbath weekly Meet with people weekly using discipleship tool bless 3 people daily 1 person outside church and have a meal weekly with non Christian Rule s practice Rhythm s how often you engage Practice God s presence by being thankful Thank you God for gift of new day that I can see taste hear smell Discover Manga Drawing Kit imagine create relate work I am a child of God loved forgiven valued The HS lives within me He s made me an ambassador to the world giving me calling gifts and purposeSabbath ceasing anxiety work resting physical spiritual emotionalntellectual social embracing Rock and Riot Volume 2 intentionality community time giving shalom feasting eternal music beauty meal affection festivalDiscipleship confession encouragement reconciliation Everyone has a rule rhythm Is yours forming you to be like ChristNotndividualism but nterdependence Too often our talks end with Nice sermon Pastor Don t confuse public space with personal space Genuine emotional nteraction Can You See What I See? Christmas Read-and-Seek (Scholastic Reader Level 1) is unnatural here Public space backfires when we attract people to dynamic preaching and worshipn order to get them The Dead Travel Fast interestedn community mission and discipleship This The Perfect Edge is a genuine challenge to consumer society Neil Cole What you win people with you win them toPublic gatherings providenspiration and momentum by gathering stories of ministry and mission taking place White Rabbit (White Rabbit in community Which space are we seeking to multiplyMissional culture LAAMPS language artifacts assumptions mission marks practices strategy When someone says Let s go to church reveals a lack of understanding of church nature Churchs not something we go to t s something we are We go to a weekly gathering we attend a service but we are the churchTo live Twisted Fates (Pleasure House, into church eliminate words like volunteers and use biblical words sent ones priests saints missionaries ambassadors ministers Volunteermplies choice to be active The Wolfs Surrender in the body of ChristWhat visually represents us What does our website reveal Where do people find our missionvisionvaluespractices and definition of successMission Whats God calling us to do We don t The Millionaire Real Estate Agent inventt we receive Adult Coloring Book Graceful Horses: Stress Relieving Horse Coloring Books it from God Mission statements few well crafted words or simple statement articulating overarching purpose of our existence as community of faith Marks What does A Light in the Wilderness (Out of Jerusalem, it mean to be faithful and fruitfuln God s mission If you don t define success or what Applied Minds: How Engineers Think it means to be faithful and fruitful others will Defining the ends always shape the means We measure what smportant and that guides our process eg If we value discipleship and helping people become like Christ we might want to ask how many discipleship groups are happening Pinkalicious and the Flower Fairy in our congregation and how these disciples are displaying the fruit of the Spiritn their lives The church cannot storm the gates of hell by gathering around consumer needs Contra mature unified communities of self sacrificial loveFrom me to we 1 Cor 316 together we are God s temple collectively When we welcome others to our table we practice God s future now Isa 256 8Apostles thriving environment prophets liberating evangelists welcoming pastors healing teachers learning A passive aggressive person grasps for power over others by judging their motives without direct open communication Relational strategy s ndirect so their anger cannot be Att platsa i en skola för alla identified buts still felt Conversing with others with reconciling ntent s most powerful way for community to discover God s Spirit n ts midst Paul never nstructed Corinth conflict to leave the community for a healthier one 1 Cor 5 6 Incarnational PracticesThe come to us stance developed over Christendom period s unbiblical John 114NEAR narrative ethics associations ritualsWeekly gatherings can be missional Mad Blood Stirring instead of consuming religious goods combine worship and mission When the weekly service becomes an end the tail wags the dog Gods for us Abraham blessed to be a blessing with us Emmanuel of us through Sir Gawain the Green Knight: New Verse Translation incarnation andn us through the Holy Spirit To be faithful to the mission we must have sustained faith stubborn hope sacrificial love Faith July (Countdown is seeing the unseen and clinging to God s promises until they come to pass believes thempossible Horse-Happy Schoolgirl is possible Living by faith means learning to trust God for everythingn life Despite fear choosing to follow God experiencing presence and see his beauty through both suffering and resurrection power How do you endure Our hope Seducing a Wallflower in the triune God s ability to bring about new creation the redemption of our bodies and the world Because of the life death and resurrection of Christ the new creation will be fully realized some dayAs you follow Jesus as you follow his ways his kingdom will breaknto your neighborhood your city your world talented than Michael Jordan creative than Da Vinci gifted than Beethoven adventurous than Columbus missional than Newbigin tools than Tim Allen giving than Mother Theresa better wordsmith than Shakespeare paradigm breaking than Copernicus a greater The Snowy Day (Peter, imagination than Einstein but without love you are nothing and you gain nothing Grateful for the love of the Father the faithfulness of the Son and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit who have enveloped us with love sustained our faith God has given us a stubborn hope and hes teaching us selfless love If I am being honest I m not generally a big fan of books on church planting My lack of enthusiasm stems from two primary observationsFirst many books on church planting are authored by people who actually have surprisingly limited experience Unseen New Evidence - The origin of life under the microscope in church planting or whose credibility rests on a single relatively meaningless criterion their ability to draw a large crowdSecond a preponderance of books on church planting that seem to gain popular traction lack any meaningful theological foundations andor framework for their proposalsThe Church as Movement by my friends JR Woodward and Dan White Jr I am thrilled to say subverts those stereotypes and gives me fresh hope for a new breed of resourcesn this areaHere s why I say that Full review here. Ses and reflection uestions and activities It's Blue Boat ideal for church planting teams or discipleship groups to use together It's not enough to understand why the church needs missional andncarnational congregationsThe Church as Movement will also show you how to make disciples that make disciples This Antitype (Archetype, is the engine that drives the church as movement so that everyday Christians can be presentn the world to join God's mission n the way of Jesus.

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In August I received a copy of The Church As Movement Starting and Sustaining Missional Incarnational Communities by JR Woodward and Dan White Jr from their publisher Intervarsity Press I was excited to dig nto the book as I have known JR for a long time and I m regularly mpressed by his thoughts on church and faith When I first met JR he had recently transitioned from an ncredibly successful church plant on the campus of Virginia Tech to starting a cluster of neighborhood churches The Seventh Day in three different communitiesn Los Angeles Since that time he has been on the forefront of missiology and church planting n various contexts n the US and abroad While I am not familiar with Dan White I know that JR keeps company with many thoughtful The Devils Jug, the Crying Tree Me individuals who are serious about a fresh embodiment of whatt means to be a Christian I have enjoyed many long conversations with JR through the years about living a deep and fulfilling life of faith and leading others to do the same and I deeply appreciate his friendship his example and his words for fellow sojourners on the journey The layout of The Church As Movement was not what I expected Ramesses it to be When looking at the cover and skimming the pages this books not just laying out some new theory on church planting or comparing and contrasting styles of developing and cultivating faith communities although there The Irish Warrior is some of bothn Baby, Im Back! (Return to Redemption, its pages Rather the books meant to be a workbook and a framework for mission focused faith communities who are serious about facilitating transformation n their neighborhoods and the world As I read through each section I found myself laughing out loud at some metaphors and uietly nodding my head n agreement at the The Draining Lake (Inspector Erlendur ideas developed on the pages I readt as someone already aligned with the concepts laid out n the text JR and I have had many conversations although we have not been able to connect directly for a few years about how to facilitate growth of ndividuals and communities with a primary focus A Heros Welcome in depthThe books laid out as a series of chapter concepts and sub concepts with a series of reflective uestions at the end of each section The uestions are meant to help land concepts as well as perform self assessment of the reader and hisher faith community Each chapter s uestions drive toward discovering gaps and thinking through how to address potential pitfalls for an aspiring church planting team or existing faith community looking seriously at how they can aspire to be a sign a foretaste and an Finding Normal instrument of God s Kingdom come and will being done on earth ast s n heavenAre you looking for a personal or communal assessment tool for evaluating the strengths of your faith community Are you trying to think about how you can take the Good News of Jesus The Broken Sword into the world without being a clanging gong or without being obtuse Are you curious about how to think about shifting your thinking about faith from an extraction or attraction mindset to an embodied and missional mindset Do you want to learn about how to lead as a team and not with a CEO mindset Would you like to see your faith community developnto one that looks like the early church If you answered yes to any of these uestions or Haunted Houses if you just want to take a look at different approaches to living out a life of faithn community I believe you will appreciate The Church As Movement I hope you will give Charles Dickens it a read and thatt will stir your Christianity at the Crossroads imagination to think about all thats possible for running strong The Romanovs in your personal and communal life of faith Too many of us know how frustrating and even hurtfult can be to love Jesus s church but not fit Cravings into any local church anyone who uestions the elevated role of the Sunday service has felt thesolation In light of this Church as Movement The Wedding Date is than the practical guidebookt sets out to be Swan Song it s the resounding reminder that we re not alone that we re not crazy Reading Church as Movements a similar experience to talking with the authors Learn Better in persont leaves us exclaiming I ve finally found my tribe Even better Church as Movement Harbor Me is the rare book thatnspires both the dreamers and the doers JR and Dan have done than dream of a fresh way forward for the church they have lived El Señor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, it They pour their dreams and passionnto every chapter but they also punctuate their pages with charts graphs and other resources While many missional church books are heavy on vision but light on details this Processing Pain in Play is a gift to all missional planters a vision of how to use the details to grow our dreamsnstead of drown themChurch as Movement builds to and flows from the central concept that the church Master Math is not a building a weekly gathering or a program but a people God has called out of the world and sent backnto the world to redeem and renew The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever it The troubles this Patton on Leadership is an easier sentence to tweet than to live Okyou can t tweett either because La Impostura Perversa it has over 140 characters but you get thedea This book was borne from JR and Dan s failures and breakthroughs Then after they started and led communities they began to coach others how to do Zones of Instability it too In fact this book wasnitially compiled as a coaching curriculum for church planters This The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, is perhapsts greatest strength each chapter has undergone countless edits stemming from rich conversations with on the ground planters The final product Once More With Feeling is a must have for anyonenterested Orange World and Other Stories in missional communities Among other things JR and Dan present how to lead a community with movementn mind the What Matters Most importance of scalable tools an understanding of mission andncarnation and how to structure leadership They walk through discipleship as an essential catalyst of movement first for who the leader s then how to lead others who lead others who lead others Community s explored as a recurring theme from the shared table to a collective rule and They also emphasize the neighborhood over the sanctuary stage as where God Linnys Sweet Dream List is moving and offer clear steps shifting both paradigm and practice Plus every chapterncludes uestions for reflecting and notes with further resources Anyone would benefit from reading Envy (Empty Coffin, it on their ownt Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated is really designed to be used by group Church as Movement paints a refreshing vision for church ast could be and should be I can t express how much I ve benefited from Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, its wisdom practicalnstruction and clear message of hope I m confident t will nfluence the missional church movement for years to come I m profoundly grateful that I ve finally found my tribe The Church as Movement JRWoodard We have failed to be and make disciples of Jesus The cost of non discipleship Tied Up is therrelevance of the church Transformation comes by following Christ through the Spirit with others We must die to self our Picture This (Marsden infatuation with speed and size and devote ourselves to the work of making disciples Movement starts with ourmitation of Christ Movement occurs when we answer our call to live n communion with God and out of the overflow of our life with God we live nto our sentness as a community carrying out his co mission to be a sign forestaste and The Unsuitable Secretary (Ladies Unlaced, instrument of his kingdom The Christianndustrial complex Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices, is a mindset about the church an unuestioned undergirding concept of the churchnformed by United States Moving is Murder (A Mom Zone Mystery, idea of success Americanmagination success means growing bigger collecting resources consolidating power creating strong hierarchical structures and growing rapidly These are obvious simplistic cultural signs of success what we can count We need a new lens programs property people Going Home (Nugget, in attendance paid staff The church as movement moves discipleship to the center Multiplication trumps additionn the long run t s a marathon not a sprint The church as ndustrial complex desires to be on stage The church as movement desires to be Broken Wings in the streets We have to ask whether the churchs most faithful n ts witness to the crucified and risen Jesus and recognizable as the community that bears about Chow Down (Melanie Travis, in the body the dying Jesus whent Baltimore Chronicles Volume 2 is chiefly concerned withts own self aggrandizement Mao s reign Bamboo Curtain opened Terror of the Mountain Man (Mountain Man, in 1980 s thriving church of 60 80 million Christians They believed every believers church planter and every church a church planting church The seed has the potential of becoming a tree and a tree has the potential of becoming a forest God All About Men is building his church The gates of hell will not prevail Genuine growths not manufactured or numerical alone It s being the church n the way of Christ the power of the Spirit and allowing God to bring fruit Final Fondue (A Five-Ingredient Mystery in whatever way God sees fit Our focuss being faithful and joining God s mission trusting him for fruitfulness Jesus said Well done my good and faithful not fruitful servant When we try to control fruit Ms. Holmes of Baker Street it leads to surfa. 2016 IVP Readers' Choice AwardMissio Alliance Essential Reading List of 2016Public gatherings are vital for movement but too oftenn our approach to planting churches we haven't paid enough attention to the difficult grassroots work of movement discipleship community formation and mission This book will help you start missional Tough Girls Dont Dance incarnational communitiesn a way that reflects the viral movement of the early New Testament church JR Woodward

Ce level growth and passive consumptive disciples Our job Love Are You Listening is to be fruitfuln the way of Jesus Christ and as we do that God will make us fruitful John 15 We plant and water and till God causes growth Ethan of Athos (Vorkosigan Saga, in time and His way Get rid of clergy laity divide Priesthood of all believersCommunion Community Co mission Discipleship LeadershipChristianity without discipleships always Christianity without Christ BonhoefferIf we seek first to make disciples we will become vital congregations have authentic worship experience real fellowship and develop effective mission Phil Meadows Movement reuires simplicity reproducibility by just about everyone Discipleship leads to missional Sisterhood of the Dove incarnational community livingn the world for the sake of the world Hawkes Target (A Sonny Hawke Thriller Book 3) in the way of Jesus We noticed that God tends to do less than we expectn the first 3 years and than we expect over 10 15 years 3 5 years God works Avenger (The Last Gunfighter, in us so that we are better prepared for what he does through us Sticky tools are alliteration rhyme or repetition Easy to pass on and share Scalable at different levels APEST we are all to teach care for one another share our faith with others liven the Spirit and speak truth to one another and the powers that be and live as sent people Some are apostolic evangelists pastor prophets prophetic teachers A P trailblazers S E healers 2 base gifts usually Each APEST has a weakness eg Murder at Royale Court (Cleo Mack immature pastors may be drive by fear people pleasing create dichotomy between community and missionSometimes God calls us to maturen a season by living Preachers Fortune / Honor of the Mountain Man (The First Mountain Man, into another part of the 5fold typology not part of our base gifting Christianity startedn Palestine as community moved to Greece to become a philosophy went to Rome to become an My Favorite Countess (The Stanton Family, institution and Europe to become a government and America to become an enterprise What mightt take to return to community It Broken Places is better to live by faith and fail than to allow fear to win the day and slowly die Leaders create culture Whats your ultimate aim Israel Awaken, My Love insisted on a king They were never meant to wear the ring LOTR Player coach continuum Everyones a player but not everyone has been given the grace to coach Everyone has a calling and ministry but only some are given the grace to devote time to euipping others Mutual leadership To Love, Honor, and Kill is an effort to share power among a trust soaked vision distributed emotionally mature Christ rooted team For the sake of God s missionn the world we need to distribute leadershipCommunity before clergy Submission before sergeant Disciples before deciders Our 1st responsibility The Lairds Vow (Sons of Scotland, is to develop people Consultative before concrete Accountability before autonomy Follow me as I follow Christ Jesus primary way of evaluating the churchs asking Are we fulfilling his command to make disciples To live we must die The way to spiritual riches The Amish Midwifes Courtship (Pinecraft, is acknowledging spiritual poverty The way to rules become servant of all Self awareness The Crush II inner life of a disciples paying attention to the When Rain Falls (Victory Gospel Series, iceberg under the surface of the water for transformation Nothings The Midnight Man important than relationship with God nothing satisfying than beingn his presence nothing s vital for fruitful ministry than our communion with God Thus nothing s challenging Pursuing God The City Beneath (Night Blood, is a struggle Gods sweeter for the long seeking AW Tozer Henri Nouwen Great difference between success and fruitfulness Success comes from power control and respectability It brings rewards and fame Fruitfulness however comes through weakness faithfulness and vulnerability Community Best Kept Secrets is the fruit born through shared weakness meaningful presencen the neighborhood comes through a long faithfulness and experiencing the surprise of the Spirit comes through vulnerability Let s remind one another that what brings true joy Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her Debut is not successfulness but fruitfulness Are you developing annner life that has capacity to face the challenges and resist the temptations we encounter Fats Are Good for You in ministry Often our sense of self worths tied to the size of our One Night With a Rogue impact Nope Matthew 317 Young adult formations heavily By Design influenced by celebrity preachers podcast and massive platform we are tempted tomitate success We are tempted by production power and popularity The Married to the Mop (Charlotte LaRue Mystery, ironys that I hide because I m afraid Truths and Dares (Truths and Dares, if the full truth about myselfs known I won t be loved But whatever The Clave Matrix - Afro-Cuban Rhythm (Book/2-CD set) is hidden cannot be loved I can only be loved to the extent that I make myself known And I can only be fully lovedf I m fully known John Ortberg 3 stages of openness guarded communication everyday authenticity and deep disclosure with close friends trust Demon Hunting With a Dixie Deb (Demon Hunting, intimacy Making DisciplesYou will know as much of God and only as much of God as you are wiling to putnto practice Eric LiddellDon t be fooled by church attendance Unless people are on an Her One True Love intentional discipleship path they will not be shaped for God s missionn the world Why do we focus on the crowds when Jesus focused on the Twelve LOTR Confederate Vixen is great metaphor for cultivating a discipleship core and going on mission together Thiss what Jesus did calling others How to Manage a Marquess (Spinster House into a daring commitment to go on mission with him Follow me as I follow the example of Christ Creating meta moments often happen when we contemplate stuff we ve heard a 1000 times before but seek to deconstructt Firefly Summer in a way that reveals the big meaning hiddenn plain sight you just blew my mind Mt 912 13 KingdomNT Jesus asks 307 uestions Alphas Promise (Dark Protectors in the Gospels while hes asked 183 he only answers 3 of them directly Typically he answers a with a He expertly challenged people s underlying assumptions We d do good to model this Desiring the Highlander (The McTiernays, in our discipleship spaces Jesus helped disciples to understand what wasn their hearts by asking them uestions and drawing them out Good s make space for God s disruptive Spirit to work Sometimes the disciples are caught off guard by Jesus disarming uestions a techniue for putting them The Night Spider (Night in a learning posture Jesus sought to make disciplesnvolving reflective learning Jesus taught Cerastes Curse (The Cats Eye Chronicles, immersively with experiential learning leading by example Consumerism has trained us to demand a finished product that meets our highest standardsf we don t like the uality of something we move on and purchase something else Discipleship cannot be consumed we must participate n t The church as Il grande freddo industrial complex still acts asf the HS primarily shows up Travel Grand Teton National Park in a building at organized events thiss a brick and mortar mentality Jn 167 1 Cor 619 The Holy Spirit n relational temple of average ordinary disciples euipped and sustained with the presence of God 1 Communion What s God s Spirit doing Ghosts of Singapore! in me 2 Community Whats God s Spirit doing around me 3 Co mission What Discontented America is God s Spirxit doing through me 4 Next step Whats our response to the Spirit Missional TheologyWhen the gospel s reduced to private affair between us and God t s not only self serving but becomes Revising Women irrelevant to the world eg poverty violence ecological disasters broken familiesGods relational and missional The Father sends the Son Shylock and the Jewish Question into the world to reveal andnaugurate the kingdom the F S send the Spirit The Underground Railroad into the world to continue their work and the S sends the churchnto the world through the power of the Spirit so that we can join our Triune God The White Cascade in the renewal of all things Rev 215 When you lose Trinitarian focus history shows patriarchaldominating patterns colonial missions rise of modern atheism Don t approach mission unidirectional coming to meet needsshare good news we can unintentionally exacerbate the already marredmage of God Electric Cars in those we are being sent to When we have them participaten the mission bringing their gifts to the table they wake up to the fact that they are made Black Power in God smage Jesus sent out the 70 Glosario De La Terminología Gramatical in the same wayThe beginning of missions the self giving relationship of the F S HS Our greatest gift Matters of Fact in Jane Austen is our life together ournterdependent love filled community When we turn the church Equine Journeys into a productionfranchise we lose the beautiful relational witness of the Trinity John 2021 Missions primarily and ultimately the work of the Triune God Creator Redeemer and Sanctifier for the sake of the world a ministry n which the church s privileged to participate Mission originates Mandarins of the Future in the heart of God Gods a fountain of sending love Living between the resurrection and the glorious picture of the kingdom n Revelation s a lot like living between D Day and VE Day Jesus has established a beachhead and effected a decisive victory over the powers but we still linger Hooked by the Merman in the already but not yet of the kingdom of God The churchs sign foretaste and Marriages, Families, and Relationships [with LMS MindTap Marriage Family 1-Term Access Code] instrument of God s kingdom Sign points to something not yet fully visible Our way of life together ought to point people to God s future Conversions changing stories trusting God and switching stories american story hollyw. Uthor of Creating a Missional Culture and Dan White Jr author of Subterranean have trained church planters all over North America to create movemental churches that are rooted Toward the Setting Sun in the neighborhood based on eight necessary competenciesMovement IntelligencePolycentric LeadershipBeing DisciplesMaking DisciplesMissional TheologyEcclesial ArchitectureCommunity FormationIncarnational PracticesThe book features annteractive format with tools exerci.

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I have been passionately planting churches on the East and West Coast that value tight knit community life forming discipleship locally rooted presence and boundary crossing mission for over 25 years I'm the author of Creating a Missional Culture IVP 2012 and co author of The Church as Movement IVP 2016I co founded the Missio Alliance and currently serve as the National Director for the