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Fted at not just in his writing but also his preaching is pointing to Jesus and the Gospel in very passage This is no Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! easy task when looking at the book of Esther for it is the only book in the Bible where God is not mentionedven once Yet Cain shows that not only is God clearly to be seen in this gripping story but when viewed through the lens of the Gospel the beauty and preeminence of Christ shines with a blinding lightHaving first heard much of the material in this book as a sermon series at our church Kaleo Church of El Cajon I can attest to the life giving truths in this book Having a daughter named Esther and having preached through the book of Esther myself I thought that I didn t have much to learn I was wrong Not only does Tim powerfully and colorfully articulate some truths that I had already seen he skillfully and accessibly illumined how the Gospel changes Cannibal everything about this story The applications that he draws from the narrative have not only strengthened my soul and walk with the Lord but I attest that I have used them almost on a weekly basis in my counseling as a Navy chaplainThis is a great book to start the year off with Read it Have your faithncouraged your resolve to walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel Mastered (The Enforcers, encouraged and your heart stoked with delight in your Lord and your God While I can t say this always providedxcessive insight into Esther it was incredibly Gospel focused In Man, Son of Man each chapter Cain managed to take a seemingly Godless textxplain what was going on and then was suddenly giving you clear God honoring Alter Ego explicit Gospel truth If an unbeliever picked up this book they wouldn t go away not having been preached the Gospel not once or twice but invery single chapter The book was asy to understand and was a nice accompaniment to reading the book of Esther in scripture though as mentioned is didn t have a ton of depth in terms of biblical commentary though it did occasionally provide backgroundhistory. His people Ultimately the reversals in the book of Esther point us forward to the greatest reversal of all when God used the death of His only Son to bring about the salvation of all his people It is only this great reversal that is able to bring us hope ven when we don’t understand where God is or what He is doi.

Some gems here and there My heart was grieved I appreciate the authors attempt at bringing in application and Jesus from the beginning of his interpretation of the book of Esther But he missed the historical horrific Uncommon Wisdom events and sugarcoated what really happened Esther was kidnapped and raped This was not a beauty contest in how we would perceive it today Esther did not compromise by trying to please the king She was a young girl who was taken kidnapped from her home Her panicked adoptive father continued to speak to her check in on her and give her courage wisdom and protection To say that God was working from the beginning is like saying to a woman who has been rapped God has a plan for this You were meant to get rapped so that good can happen No one with an inkling ofmotional maturity would Unseen City ever say that No God walked with her used her adoptive father in the way we have all been adopted from God He taught her how to survive and out wit thevil one Despite her circumstances God did not put her in those circumstances God cannot partner with Art evil He is a good God A God of redemption and that is what He did He redeemed her Esther did not compromise She survived she used her wisdom and sought and listened to counsel This is how she was able to redeem a nation No one wouldver say to a kidnapped person don t compromise if your killed that s ok because you know you did not compromise What was this young orphaned girl to do Run and hide Not an option for her Author you missed this real historical context in this book A book of redemption yes A book teaching us not to compromise no This is a book of sex slavery greed God Is in the Crowd evil kidnapping racism and potential genocide Evil of allvils Yet there is a God who uses ordinary people like us who have Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard experienced horrificvents to speak up and stop the atrocities so that it does not continue And we always have our adoptive Father with us to give us wisdom along the way Awesome break down of the st. Have you The Matriarchs (The Family ever wondered “If God is real then why doesn’t He make it obvious If He really wants us to believe in Him then why doesn’t He make itasier for us to see him” It’s asy to read the Bible and think “If only God would show up for us today the way He showed up for His people back then” If you ha.

Ory of EstherRecently I ve been studying Esther and I am so glad I came across this commentary Pastor Cain breaks down the scripture line by line then shows the big picture of how it fits into our lives today Tim does an incredible job taking a famous story from the Old Testament and applying it to the modern western world Tim shows that God often works in profound but also mundane unexciting ways to reveal himself to his people He clearly shows how the gospel can be seen in the book of Esther as well as that relates to seeing the gospel in our veryday lives The book of Esther can be hard to trek through in a way that sees God as glorious When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) especially because his name is never mentioned Tim Cain does anxcellent job showing God s providential hand behind No Biggy! every chapter of Esther Even sovery chapter of the book finds a beautiful conclusion in the person and work of Christ Read this book I did not Crush It! enjoy this one We are reading it as part of a women s study on Esther and while I will finish the Biblical story I will not be finishing this The author makes far too many assumptions and seems to come at the story of Esther with an agenda in part that Esther is the villain the unfaithful young woman who has abandoned God andmbraces the king and his way of life He makes statements that don t seem to have any support from the Biblical text This book really brought the book of Esther to life in a new way for me It starts with the Opening Act and Attracting Birds to Your Backyard each chapter spurs you on to the next wanting to know what is going to happen nextven though I already knew I loved how this book showed how relevant her life story is for today It weaves the Old Testament and New Testament together beautifully This book came out this week but I was given an advance reader copy by its author my pastor Tim Cain and uickly devoured itAs the subtitle the Gospel in the Book of Esther spells out this is a walk through the story of Esther What Cain is Deep Listening exceptionally gi. Vever felt this way welcome to the book of Esther “The God of Great Reversals” was written to shed light on the Gospel story woven throughout the only book of the Bible that never mentions God’s name In it you will find that ven in the darkest days God never stops working to keep His promises and to rescue.

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Timothy Cain MA Westminster Theological Seminary is the lead pastor of Kaleo Church which he planted in El Cajon California in 2009 Kaleo Church is a part of the TCT Church Planting Network Tim has a passion for preaching the Gospel church planting adoption and feasting with the poor He and his wife Abbey live in El Cajon with their two adopted childrenYou can listen to Tim's sermons