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And turns and I could see the creativity of the author in every scene The result is a surprising story I enjoyed reading about Ismene s life very much When she arrives in Egypt there s unrest The emotional turmoil inside her is causing a lot of stress but she deals with it as well as she can It was fascinating to see her reactions together with the feelings of her husband about the same situations I loved the multiple layers of the story and think The General s Wife is a wonderful original and romantic book The General s Wife by Sara R Turnuist is a sweet and tender romance that invites you to curl up with the story and its characters from the very beginning Plenty of intrigue and suspense swirls through the story as well the lush beauty of the setting often marred by vandalism or evil intent An arranged marriage in an unfamiliar land with unfamiliar customs are enough to set Ismene a little off kilter but combined with someone who clearly wants her to leave Lots of emotions at lay here written realistically without being overly dramaticIsmene and Alistair completely captivated me Their growing affection for each other an affection that uickly develops into love is tender and breathless and everything good Ismene may be uncertain due to all the changes forced upon her in such a short eriod of time but there is a uiet resolve to her a strength of character that makes her a heroine to admire Alistair is the kind of hero Ll of suspense and romance The General’s Wife follows Ismene as she learns what it means to be a Greek citizen in the land of ancient Egypt If you like Michelle Moran and Rebel ueen you’ll love Sara R Turnuist’s historical romanc.

To start the reader is given the opportunity to visit the Library of Alexandria in this book I enjoyed this book much as I enjoy cozy mysteries The arrangement marriage lot with the Greek heroine being married to a Greek Egyptian general under A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, pharaoh is developed well as the relationship grows through respect and friendship culminating in l Ismene has to leave theeople she loves behind because she s being forced to move from Greece to Egypt Her father has arranged a favorable marriage for her Ismene s heart already belongs to someone else her childhood sweetheart and best friend She doesn t have a choice though She travels to Egypt where she will stay at her future husband s house Alistair is a general and works for the Pharaoh They re close friends and Ismene is being treated like royaltyUnfortunately not everyone likes having Greeks in Egypt Ismene s marriage is taking Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience place in an unstable time Alistair is often away on army business but when he s home he isn t as bad as she initially thought He treats her well and Ismene has access to every luxury she can think of Will she ever fall in love with her husband And what will happen when the mob and other rebels are after them at the same time Will Alistair be able to stop them before they can do something really terribleIsmene has to move from Greece to Egypt The only loyal company she has is her servant She had to leave everyone else behind Marrying for love isn t wha. A Greek noblewoman in a foreign land The Pharaoh's highest generalreparing for battle Beholden to duty Ismene marries Pharaoh’s top military officer But she’s determined to remain true to the man she left behind Right as her new.

T her father has The War to End All Wars planned for her and she has no choice but to travel to Egypt and make the best of her arranged marriage I admired her strength and flexibility Ismene is beautiful on the outside and the inside She s also headstrong and she doesn t trust easily She s an intriguing main character with araiseworthy Death Comes for the Archbishop personalityAlistair is aroud man with a kind heart He does everything he can to make Ismene s life as comfortable as Mostly Mama possible When he s hurt he can lash out but most of the time he s friendly and caring I liked him and Ismene together from the start They have great chemistry and I loved the suggestive way Sara R Turnuist writes about that without ever becoming too literal She does that in a clever and fun manner The interaction between Alistair and Ismene is interesting and I couldn t wait to find out if they were going to be happy with their arranged marriage or notSara R Turnuist begins with a brief history of Greece and Egypt in the time she s set her story It s a clever way to make it easier for the reader toicture the setting and the society she s writing about It s handy to have some background information especially for the continuity of the story I didn t have to stop reading to look things up Sara R Turnuist shows that true love is something of all times which is an important message I m a big fan of books about that topic and definitely enjoyed this oneThe General s Wife has several unexpected twists. Husband departs for battle threats of violence arise Amidst heightening attacks culminating in death threats and evidence of a spy in her household the safety of Ismene and the entire ruling class hangs in the balance Intriguing and fu.

Sara resides with her family in Middle TN Though she has enjoyed her career as a Zoo Educator Sara's great love of the written word has always drawn her to write An avid reader she has been for many years what she terms a “closet writer” Her travels and love of history have served to inspire her to write Historical Fiction Sara has made several trips overseas to the Czech Republic for shor