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A youthful infatuation went terribly wrong Lady Samantha Lennox gave up all thought of suitors and happily ever after But when she angers her strict and emanding father the Earl of Stratford he retaliates by arranging a marriage for her to a man she could never admire much less love In a panic Samantha flees to London only to find herself lost alone and nearly kidnapped until an unlikely hero saves her Lord George Churchill Gray is an artist not a knight in shining armor but he The Peoples Songs doesn t hesitate to rescue Samantha fromisaster and offer her temporary sanctuary He wouldn t mind if she repaid him by modeling for his latest painting He s enchanted by her face her smile all of her really But with every study he sketches he falls a little in love with her and Samantha begins to suspect her scandalous actions might lead to the sort of love she never thought to findWhat I LikedNote I received this book for free from the author I was not compensated for my review nor City of Big Shoulders did the source of the copy affect my opinion of this book at all Ah this series is a favorite of mine I adored the previous books and novella and I just recently read and enjoyed the fourth full length novel Six Degrees of Scandal Each pair s story is so uniue and lovely and I especially love just how connected and interwoven the plots of each book are even though this series is a companion series If you re a historical romance fan I highly recommend this Scandalous seriesIn this novella we have Lady Samantha s story Years ago Samantha stole money from her father to help her neighbor and friend Sebastian read his story in It Takes a Scandal Years later Samantha confesses to her father so that Sebastian s name will be cleared At first her fatheroes not seem angry which is out of character but then he Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles decides that Samantha will marry a brute of a man in a month s time Samantha runs away only to become lost and almost kidnapped in London If not for aashing artist painting nearby Samantha might have My Name is Bob disappeared forever Lord George Churchill Gray son of the Duke of Rowland is concerned with his artwork than his title When he saves Samantha from kidnappers he offers her his place temporarily But weeks pass and the pair can teny their attraction Will Samantha leave her life in Richmond behindThis story was short which is to be expected it s a novella I love how Linden is able to fit in a beautiful and very eveloped story in such a short space We get all of the wonderful aspects of a historical romance novel but in a compact form In this novella time moves slowly at first Only a few ays pass between Samantha telling her father that she stole money from him years ago and her fleeing to London when her father tells her about her new marriage But when Gray saves her and takes her in time starts to move faster Weeks pass So there is no case of an undeveloped relationship though it might seem that wayI can t remember how I felt about Samantha in previous books but I think I liked her than I Billy Bragg did in previous books In this novella she isetermined to take her fate into her own hands even if she Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary doesn t realize that is what she isoing She accepts help from Gray and while living in his apartment she takes to helping the landlady and servant with small things Samantha has a strength of character that we on t always see in historical romance novelsAhh Gray He has an artist s heart and a noble one too He generously offers his apartment to Samantha he knows that she is than she says she is and he wants to help a lady in a bad situation He s the son of the Duke of Rowland but he oes not flaunt his title and he isn t interested in multitudes of women He and Samantha are such a perfect pair uiet souls appreciative of the arts and rich in intelligenceI remember seeing the pair in Six Degrees of Scandal and wondering when The Majors Daughter did Samantha get married Who is Gray So while I wish I had held off a feways longer before reading Six Degrees of Scandal I m really glad I had the chance to read this novella and Linden wrote it at all Samantha probably wasn t one of my favorite characters earlier in the series for good reason but I really liked to experience a Miss Shumway Waves a Wand different side of her in this novellaOverall an excellent addition to the series I usuallyon t bother with novellas but this one was The Touch definitely worth the time If you enjoy Linden s books or historical romance novels in general I recommend this novella and seriesWhat I Did Not LikeIt s a novella but I can t help but want Would I Recommend ItIf you ve read any of Linden s books I On His Majestys Service definitely recommend this one too Like I said I m usually someone whooesn t bother with novellas but I really really enjoyed this one It adds nicely to the series too as Gray plays a pretty important role in Six Degrees of ScandalRating4 stars If you couldn t tell I m a huge fan of this series I wonder if there will be books or novellas to follow I would love to read And the cutest couple award goes toSo this is where I am supposed to say I received this free and blah blah blah But here s the Different Class deal yea it was free for review But here s the biggereal The Essential Good Food Guide doesn t matter if you give me something free or not I am highly opinionated and you re going to get my real thoughts and feelings So suck it That being said I seriously adored this wee book A few short pages A couple of hours And usually I am not of the novella type Just not enough characterevelopment In this case it was just fine It was actually rather superb I mean I would love some after story A nice novella epilogue but that s cool if I o not get it This is the story of Gray and Samantha who were mentioned in Love in the Time. T mind if she repaid him by modeling for his latest painting He’s enchanted by her face her smile all of her really But with every study he sketches he falls a little in love with her and Samantha begins to suspect her scandalous actions might lead to the sort of love she never thought to fi.

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Do you remember what I said earlier About being a little bit in love with you His eye opened gleaming at her like a cat s I lied Samantha whispered touching the corner of his mouth I m than a little bit in love with you Good he murmured back Because I m utterly mad about you my arling I inhaled A Study in Scandal in a single sitting punctuated only by copious amounts of swooning and grinning on my end Samantha and Gray were absolutely charming and shared a sweet breathless chemistry that made buying into their rather instantaneous romance uite easy to In Defence of Dogs do They fell in love throughoodles of rabbits and skunks for crying out loud Now if that s not true love then I on t know what isOh and something else I really loved about this novella was that Gray was an artist and his escriptions of Samantha expressed in such vivid The City in Mind detail and color reflected that just beautifully For a moment he admired the scene the closely packed buildings cast intoeep shadow the bustling crowd flowing along the pavement like a human river and then her lovely and unhurried like a goddess stepped Revenge (The Red Ledger down to earth for the first time It put him in mind of the work of Raphael or Titian the way the light seemed to pick her out of the crowd and bathe her in a heavenly glow MORE ARTIST HEROES PLEASEEdit 319 As soon as Caroline Linden announced that Gray s brother Rob would be the hero of her upcoming book When the Maruess Was Mine I knew A Study in Scandal reuired a reread And just like the first time around it succeeded in hitting me with all the right feels while also surprising me with its hiddenepth fueled by the beautiful connection forged by the two leads In my humble opinion Samantha and Gray s romance remains one of the best Caroline has ever written Even though I feel like this should have been before the previous book because I already knew Samantha and Grey were together This a great addition to the scandalous series Samantha is a kind and independent and she makes such a good match with George He is sweet to her and just wants to keep her safe A great little adventure and a few moments that have you hoping that there will that happy ever after Isn t this cover beautiful Sometimes it s hard to give a novella 5 stars but not this time I loved Samantha and Gray s story which is part of Caroline Linden s wonderful Scandalous series This book can be read as a stand alone bookSamantha is Benedict Lennox s sister If you ve read Ben s story in Love in the Time of Scandal you will know how truly horrible thei Trying to right a wrong she made several years ago Lady Samantha Lenox s confession to her strict father backfires when he sets out to punish her by arranging a marriage to a man Samantha cannot abide by Desperation has her on the run to find her brother in London but traveling alone puts her in No One Wants You danger than she can possibly imagine when she is accosted and almost kidnapped by some shady characters on the streets When Lord George Churchill Grey sees the young lady in trouble the artist springs into action to save the young miss after she is pushed into the river After fishing the young lady out of the water he takes her to his lodgings to figure it all out Samantha has never been in a situation like this but being with the talented artist is a welcome sojourn to the upheaval her life has become When she becomes a willing model for George the contentment she feels and ease with which the two slip into a budding friendship sparks something that neither is willing to end A STUDY IN SCANDAL by Caroline Linden is a short but well written tale of two people who areestined to be together I felt so much for both George s and Samantha s precarious circumstances and was The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity drawn in immediately This story is actually my first foray into Caroline Linden s books and I am eager to read by this talented author Loved it I wanted to read Samantha s story so bad Caroline Linden created another romantic sweet and passionate story in a short novella that you can read in oneay I am not usually fond of the novella but I loved this one everything about this short story is perfect Caroline had Gray and Samantha in Love in the Time of Scandal as secondary characters I was so curious how they met and fell in loveSamantha is a sweet and beautiful girl with a horrible father She made a mistake few years ago and now she is being punished by her cruel father so how can she save herself from this Penguins Poems for Life dire situation Gray is the son of the Duke and his passion is painting but when the fate brings Samantha in his life he willo anything to save herThis is an amazing novella with great plot Thank you Caroline Linden This novella falls between books two and three It Takes a Scandal and Love in the Time of Scandal in Caroline Linden s Scandalous series and tells the story of Lady Samantha Lennox the sister of Benedict hero of book three and aughter of the cruel and ictatorial Earl of StratfordMs Linden very uickly outlines Samantha s backstory in the first chapter but readers of the other books will know that when little than a girl she stole a large sum of money from her father in order to help a friend Unfortunately her plan backfired and Stratford accused Sebastian Vane of stealing it and it s only at the end of It Takes a Scandal that Samantha is eventually persuaded to put things rightThe earl is a harsh and unforgiving man and intends to punish his aughter by marrying her to the epraved son of a maruess a man many suspect to be mad There is nothing her brother or mother can Divine Beauty do to help her and Samantha must resign herself to a life even miserable to the one she has lived hithertoThe author very. After a youthful infatuation went terribly wrong Lady Samantha Lennox gave up all thought of suitors and happily ever after But when she angers her strict andemanding father the Earl of Stratford he retaliates by arranging a marriage for her to a man she could never admire much less love In.

Uickly paints a picture of Samantha as a lonely and unhappy young woman which is not surprising given that her father is unloving Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone dictatorial andownright nasty and she has never been allowed to have any friends or at the advanced for the time age of twenty three any suitors When she next goes into Richmond to Down to the Sea in Ships do some shopping she impulsively boards the coach for London intending to find her brother Benedict at his regiment s uarters When she arrives she is almost immediately accosted by a couple of men who attempt to abduct her but are thwarted by the intervention of a gentleman who saves her when she is pushed into the river He takes her back to his lodgings and gives her into the care of his landlady insisting on giving up his own rooms so that Samantha can stay the nightThe young man is George Lord Churchill Gray the youngest son of the Duke of Rowland known familiarly as Gray He is a gifted artist and hopes to soon have some of his paintings exhibited by the Royal Academy When she recovers from her ordeal Samantha initially pretends not to know who she is or what she isoing in London although Gray is sure she is pretending to amnesia simply because she Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, doesn t want to tell After a couple ofays she is well enough to go home and Dog Years decides that is what she musto she has no money and no friends to go to and thus no alternative but to return homeBut Gray sees how terrified she is and eventually she tells him something of her story although Chain of Fire does not reveal her identity as aaughter of the Earl of Stratford knowing that Gray s father is one of the earl s oldest enemiesHe arranges for her to remain at his lodgings and the time Samantha spends there is the happiest she s ever known Whether she s helping with the housework or cataloguing Gray s paintings she has a The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, degree of freedom and the friendship of a handsome young man and even though she knows little of men begins to wonder what it might be like to be kissed and held and toream of something than friendshipSamantha and Gray are attractive protagonists who are perfect for each other There s a lovely scene in Gray s studio when he asks her to The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur draw something all well bred young ladies learned toraw and together they produce a cute little scene which tells Gray than Samantha realises about her situation He is a true gentleman considerate kind and honourable who wants the best for Samantha and who is prepared to fight for her when the worst happens and Stratford finds out where she isIn spite of the relatively small page count the two protagonists are strongly characterised and undergo a good amount of character Maharaj development Samantha learns what it is to live rather than simply exist and gains the courage to stand up to her father Gray isevoted to his art but Kuduz discovers that there are some things in life that are even important The romance is sweet and welleveloped and I certainly recommend A Study in Scandal to fans of this series A Study in Scandal is a sweet little novella that can be read any time after the second book in Caroline Linden s elightful Scandalous series This story is about Samantha key secondary character in Book 2 and younger sister of Benedict the hero of Book 3 Up to this point we have seen a sad withdrawn Samantha who has been made into a uiet shell of herself The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, due to the harsh emotional abuse of her father the Earl of Stratford In this novella all of that finally changesIn a fit of terror after Samantha s father threatens to betroth her to a man known throughout the ton for his temper and violence she flees to London to find her brother and ask him for advice Being a sheltered woman with no knowledge of theangers of London she uickly finds herself in trouble George Churchill Gray is the younger son of a The Taste of Ashes duke a very talented artist and an all around lovely person When he senses Samantha s predicament in London he immediately goes to her rescue even providing her with shelter at the flat he is currently renting from the voluble and sometimes money grabbing landlady Mrs Willis This sets up a sweet romantic journey as Grayiscovers his muse and Samantha learns to embrace the knowledge she has gathered about art and to enjoy life for the first timeAs always with Linden s stories there are some twists and turns that propelled me through pages and had me sighing happily at the end After two rather angsty tales in Book 2 and Book 3 of the series this was a nice break and a welcome happy ending for a secondary character who has had a rough life up to this point For many novellas are always a risk but I can assure you that the story oes not suffer ue to fewer pages here The characters are fleshed out nicely the plot is tight and the romance feels complete I would highly recommend this little story for those who have been enjoying the Scandalous series the 50 Ways to Sin pamphlet of course makes an appearance For those new to Linden this could still be read as a stand alone but I think you will enjoy it if you have read the other books in this series which you should o anyway because they are greatThis novella had a fairy tale like uality to it and after learning about the arkness in Samantha s life it was the perfect happy ending for her Linden just keeps getting better and better I cannot recommend this Scandalous series enough It has been wonderful 5 starsuI received a complimentary copy to read and review How wonderful and so sweet I loved this novellaReview posted on The Eater of Books blogA Study in Scandal by Caroline LindenBook 35 of the Scandalous seriesPublication Date February 17 2016Rating 4 starsSource eARC sent by the authorSummary from GoodreadsAfter. A panic Samantha flees to London only to find herself lost alone and nearly kidnapped until an unlikely hero saves her Lord George Churchill Gray is an artist not a knight in shining armor but he The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, doesn’t hesitate to rescue Samantha fromisaster and offer her temporary sanctuary He wouldn’.

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