Frances S. Hasso: Freedom without Permission

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Really interesting To be honest it did have a lot f very specific femin. As the 2011 uprisings in North Africa reverberated across the Middle East a diverse cross section Rim of the Pit of women and girls publicly disputed gender and sexual norms in novel unauthorized andften shocking ways In a series You Can Beat the Odds of case studies ranging from Tunisia's 14 January Revolution to the Taksim Gezi Park protests in Istanbul the contributors to Freedom without Permission reveal the centralityf the intersections between body gender sexuali.

Istwomen and gender studies vocab that even I struggled with A solid unde. Ty and space to these groundbreaking events Essays include discussions f the blogs written by young women in Egypt the Women2Drive campaign in Saudi Arabia the reintegration f women into the public sphere in Yemen the sexualization Stripes of All Types of female protesters encamped at Bahrain's Pearl Roundabout and the embodied performative and artistic spacesf Morocco's 20 February Movement Conceiving f revolution as affective embodied spatialized and.

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Rstanding f Foucault and Butler will make this read a bit easier though. Aesthetic forms f upheaval and transgression the contributors show how women activists imagined inhabited and deployed new spatial arrangements that undermined the public private divisions f spaces bodies and social relations continuously transforming them through symbolic and embodied transgressions Contributors Lamia Benyoussef Susanne Dahlgren Karina Eileraas Susana Galan Banu Gökariksel Frances S Hasso Sonali Pahwa Zakia Salime.