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Up with nobody owning up to the conseuences of their actions with the exception of Mr Harvey because he s bad you see The family is reunited the murderer is murdered the daughter marries her high school sweetheart and has a child of her own thus proving that life does o onsniff and lastly the teenaged Here There Be Witches ghost of murdered Susie Salmon transcends her personal minor heaven a staginground for spirits who persistently cling to the living world by falling back to earth inhabiting the now 20 something body of a lesbian acuaintance in order to trespass into another person s home and have sex with the now 20 something boy she had a crush on shortly before her murder The moral Only after wilfully experiencing the delightful carnal pleasures of the flesh can one even the spirit of a murdered teenaged Story of the Liberty Bell girl leto of those lost earthly pleasures and move on to a higher and presumably enlightened plane of existence where you are free to smite those that have wronged you Touching reallyThe Lovely Bones reviews Why do they always say brutal murder or brutal rape Is that opposed to the wonderful murders and superb rapes in other novels Did any of these reviewers even read the book They just seem to be reading each other s reviews praising the uniue first person narrative of a protagonist in heaven and how it deals with such a horrifying topic The fist person perspective does not offer anything new and the only thing horrifying here is that people consume mind numbing Fake Mustache garbage like this at an alarming rate There s nothing new here What was the point Aside from paranormal sex is a wonderfully liberating experience for both the possessive spiri Haaaaaated it I am one of those OCD literary nerds who takes on a war bunker mentality with books that I ve started and dislike I will see this through to the end For The Lovely Bones I made an exceptionSomewhere sometime someone told Sebold she could write That person should be made to apologize to me in person and to all other poor souls who were duped into buying this shlock The literary press also needs to break out the cattails for a serious bout of flogging Lev Grossman of Time Magazine is at the top of my flogging docket he called this book a beautiful sensitive melancholy novel and repeated that claim a year later in a review for a book called The Dogs of Babel a book just as terrible as The Lovely Bones I can only assume that Mr Grossman confined his reading to the zeros on the check accompanying the publisher s blurb or else has some sort of vitamin deficiency that causes his brain to process ham handed tripe as beautiful artIt was Mr Grossman s review along with the alluring premise of the novel a youngirl posthumously tries to make sense of the events that led to her death that led me to order The Lovely Bones and The Dogs of Babel which at the time were only available in hardcover Financial reasons made this an extremely uncommon practice for me and my experience reading both of those novels ensured that I would never do so againTo further illustrate how absolutely wretched this novel is I m oing to provide a paragraph of background The substance of the novel will be criticized in the subseuent body of this reviewDuring the summer of 2003 I was occupying space as an intern at a company that accepted me at the last minute and had nothing for me to do The. ажданина живущего по соседству Заключённая между мирами Сьюзи наблюдает за тем как её трагическое исчезновение меняет судьбу друзей и родных Веря в невозможное она отчаянно пытается хоть на м.

After hearing all the hype about this book I couldn t wait to read it and discover how amazing it is for myself I was reatly disappointedHow has this book become such a worldwide success It s slow boring and there is no real connection with any of the characters I found myself disliking everyone in the bookThe overall idea could have been very ood even though it isn t exactly original but I just thought the author didn t make the most of this reat idea that she had The best part of the book without meaning to sound Hey Wait a Minute! Five Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotica Stories gruesome and morbid was the death scene at the beginning I admit that it was creepy and well told I read that andeared myself up for a Drawing Straws good book But for me it was as if the story ended there and the rest was a load of slow moving waffle Thereat idea had come along happened for a while and then died a painful death with the protagonist The characters weren t interesting enough to hold up the rest of the story I was just relieved when I finally ot to the end It was a painfully boring book and I ve lost count of the times people have told me how much they love it why Did I miss something I honestly feel like I ve read a completely different book from everyone else I do not understand it s popularity at all Two dimensional stereotyped characters Mother living with the regret of losing her independence to the demands of childrearing The tragic loss of a daughter accelerates her departure from those heavy burdens and into the arms of the detective working the case Father obsessed to the point that he neglects the living members of his family destroying his relationship with his wife Only in her absence is he able to fall in love with her all over again Detective his sob story past wife committed suicide explains his devotion to make sense of senseless death by solving cases of murdered women This leads him into the arms of the latest victim s mother who incidentally reminds him of his dead wife eww Mrs Singh the exotic wise independent and strong foreigner who calmly dispenses cool sage like personal advice to near strangers George Harvey the odd but harmless neighbor otherwise know as the psychotic pedophilemurderer who builds dollhouses in his spare time ueue soundtrack with mangled version of a nursery rhyme transposed to a minor key ungainly lobbed from a detuned piano Snippets from his mildly troubling childhood are revealedexplaining nothing Grandma Lynn the often drunk but all knowing randmother with a wacky liberal perspective on life I could Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference go onthe youngest sibling who sees thehost of Susie as his imaginary friend the sister who struggles to become her own person from under the shadow of her dead sister her boyfriend as the complete antithesis to the evil Mr Harvey her boyfriend s older brother as the macho The scarecrow gear head with a heart ofoldThe NarrativeThere is only the occasional passage where the narrator s voice sounds like that a teenage Elizabeth Cady Stanton girl from the mid seventies Lindsay had a boy in the kitchen oh theiddiness of it all Small blessings Clich after clich If you haven t already otten a sense of the hackneyed construction of this book please re read the first page of this rant Only a sportscaster from some small town cable station would stand a fighting chance of besting Sebold in a contest of clich slingingThe EndingWorthy of Hallmark Every loose end is tied. Действие романа происходит в одном из штатов США Пенсильвании в 70 х гг ХХ века Четырнадцатилетняя Сьюзи становится жертвой серийного убийцы умело скрывающегося под маской добропорядочного гр.

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Company was white collar and behemoth in office space HR sent me to an deserted floor to file documents that took up at most 2 hours of my 8 hour day Even in this vacuum of monotony I could not finish this book I chose to watch paint chip away and pick up dust bunnies with recycled paper I didn t have a broom rather than finish this bookSo with that said I suppose I should actually mention something specific about the book I hated My caveat here is that I am unwilling to punish myself by picking through a copy of the book for textual examples I m oing by memory and online synopses aloneThe narrator and victim is Susie Salmon Let me stop there SUSIE SALMON That really should have clued me in but I was too eager to see how the author would represent the afterlife to catch a The Doll and Her Friends (1893) glimpse of this beautiful pain of looking a life thatoes on without youUnfortunately Sebold managed to bleach out anything remotely interesting out of the plot in spectacular fashion Heaven is a school you see not that Susie spends much time there or learns anything Her rapist and murderer is a creepy loser while somehow being the dullest of all of Sebold s numerous dull characters The reason for his murderous tendencies could be Septiņi guessed by anyone who s ever even heard of a pop psychology bookYou d think her family would at least be interesting inrief but Sebold reduces them to one note drones Everything in The Lovely Bones is a Nightbane World Book One gimmick played cheaply for sentiment and with no other reward I d compare to a Hallmark movie but Hallmark movies do not adopt the pretension that Sebold belabors with terrible pseudo post modernist metaphors All of this would be bad enough but what made me throw this book aside withreat force is the offensive and unjustifiable resolution to Susie s laments that she did not et to live This unfairness although poorly developed was at least a cause of sympathy until Susie decides to forcibly correct it at the expense of others In the hands of someone else this last turn could ve been bleak insight into motivations of the cycle of victimization but Sebold conveys not one iota of ambivalenceMuch of my hatred of this novel results from its inexplicable popularity and commendation from people who have a responsibility to promote reading I shudder to think who else picked up this novel convinced it was the best that the contemporary literary world had to offer It is not my intention to slam those who enjoyed this book If you did I am lad to hear it I love books and I want others to love books I simply fear that someone who is tempted out of a long vacation from reading might pick up a novel like this and ive up the cause for lost The Lovely Bones has ot to be the most baffling poorly written jaw droppingly bad book that I have ever set my eyes on It is truly a black black tragedy that the words in this book were placed in that particular order published and distributed How could this have ever possibly been popular Is it for the same reason that the song My Humps hit number one I mean I don t technically believe in burning books but this novel really Legon Ascension (Legon Series got me thinking About burning itIf it serves any use at all it might be a perfectuide on how not to write a book Here are some of my ripes problems and issues that we can hopefully use to prevent something like this from ever happening again to. гновение вернуться в мир живых чтобы помочь разоблачить убийцу и исполнить своё самое заветное желание Для широкого круга изучающих английский язык Текст сокращён и адаптирован Уровень Intermedia.

Alice Sebold is the author of three #1 bestselling books including Lucky and the novels The Lovely Bones and The Almost Moon Her work has been translated into than fifty languages and has appeared in The New York Times and The Guardian among other publications She is a member of the National Leadership Council for RAINNorg Rape Abuse & Incest National Network She lives in California