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N is really easy to nderstand Even for beginners in trading Although note that the strategies that are explained in the book may not apply on all the scripts I found with my personal experience and screen time that the methodology works best with the volatile stocks I haven t tried it with commodity or currency but always pick your horse wisely before betting money on it Great book whatsoever Good book to begin with55 liked the book as the autor English is not my native language But it wasn t difficult to nderstand I am learning about trade this is my 5th book so far And it was very worth the time I ll read it again later good examples nice interpretations Recommended to beginners in trade and price action Best book for trading Read this and assimilate it completely before other systems I generally do not add reviews for books in This is best book I read till now on price action trading I realized mistakes I did in past Analysis in different time frames is best thing and it is filled wi. Ing or relying on an indicator to make trading decisions WHAT WILL YOU LEARN BY READING THIS BOOK How to find the bulk of trading volume by analyzing price action movements alone without the se of additional tools or technical indicators This will in turn reveal the location of the value of price on your charts to provide valuable insights regarding extremely powerful support and resistance areas that you can take advantage of in real trading conditions Proven price action concepts and techniues to find the market trend thoroughly analyze its overall strength and make the most informed judgments possible about its termination You will learn how to Spank! use the value of price to find out very early when the trend will end and predict with high accuracy where the market will be heading next You will be able to develop a clear market structure just by interpreting the price movements on your charts Regardless of the time frame youse for trading or the market you are trading the future price movements will start to trade at and around your predicted trading areas The price action analysis.

Highly recommended to all the traders out there it make sense in the end what the author is trying to tell Amazing book by the author I was little sceptical at first but after 2 reads I couldn t agree the only downside being that you can t trade intraday Saints and Misfits using this methodology as it will be too noisy ExcellentDespite the fact that English is not the author s first language he did explain everything thoroughly and in a concised format I ve read countless books on trading and without a doubt this is the book I absolutely recommend to anyone serious about trading and learning about true market dynamics supply and demand It will change the way you interpret the information in your charts This book is mainly focus on the darvax accumulation pattern It was interesting I could grasp some concepts that are helping me with my trading career Good insights I found the concept of defining value areas and excess prices very insightful and helpful in determining where to initiate trades The narratio. Learn to trade with pure price action No technical indicators No candlestick patterns Price Action Breakdown is a book on pure price action analysis of financial markets It covers concepts ideas and price action trading methods that you most likely haven't seen anywhere else The knowledge contained can besed to trade any financial market such as Forex Futures Stocks Commodities and all major markets It is based on trading the pure price action sing key supply and demand levels Reading learning and applying the concepts and trading methods described will greatly improve your trading in all aspects starting from analyzing the price movements on your charts to trade entry and exit You will get familiar with concepts like value of price control price excess price moving supply and demand levels It comes with an exclusive price action trading strategy that will add great value to your tradingThe material is best suited for the analytical type of traders who are willing to do the work in order to become a successful trader It is not suited for the type of trader looking to automate trad.

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Th practical advices for any type of trading Once content in this book is digested there is no se to remember different setups signals Bon Appetit, Yall used in other systems I will check other books of Damir now UnremarkableJust a rehash of concepts we have all read about Only in broken English Nothing you can t find online in a compacteasier to read format This book gives a goodnderstanding on price action and might add arguments againstfor your previous assumptions on the buyerssellers psychology It certainly helps although I do find some parts bit confusing may be those selected statements or ideas would be better if they were rephrased Nevertheless a good read Good book for an intermediate trader for doing trades with the naked chart The concepts are clearly stated and the tone of writing is appealing As the author points out this type of trading of course reuires a lot of practice and experience The book provides many interesting cases and teaches how to be better at reading price action patterns. Will allow you to see the big picture of the market at all times You will be trading with an edge and with confidence How to discover the footprint of the big financial institutions entering the market by doing exclusive price action analysis of the current trend to find supply and demand zones created by the traders with big volumes that move the markets Working highly profitable tested trading strategy that you can apply to the Forex market and all the other major liuid markets where technical analysis can be applied The power of this type of trading is that it is based on the nderlying supply and demand dynamics behind the price movements These are just an intermediary that we interpret to find what we are really interested in where are the buying and selling orders situated in the market Perhaps the most important you will learn a complete thought process that will make you a very versatile trader able to adapt to the constantly changing market conditions This will change the way you see the market and the way you trade it If all described above sound like hard work do not worry.