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Ook wraps up but there is an open end leaving a small window in the plot for another story to come through in the future This is a fun fantasy adventure that most middle grade readers will enjoy Content some perilous situationsI received a copy from the author which did not influence my thoughts in any way All opinions are my own Most children simply want a home a mother and father someone to love them They like to hang out with their friends play sports or other activities they enjoy Life doesn t always turn out the way a child or an adult for that matter wants it to In SIGN OF THE GREEN DRAGON by Author C Lee McKenzie Sam is one of the children whose life is out of control For six months Sam has been an orphan and lived with his Uncle Jasper According to Uncle Jasper the arrangement hasn t worked out and he s sending Sam to a private boarding school Not only will Sam lose his home such as it is he ll also miss out on playing in the district championship baseball game Their coach says they have a very good chance to winWith his world falling apart Sam runs away to the mountains where he can sleep in a cave and his friends Roger and Joey will bring him what he needs Then he ll still be there for the game Sam and his friends don t count on weird things happening however a secret room a chest with a carving of a dragon and inside the chest a I don t want to give anything away but the boys are in for an adventure they could never have imagined Author C Lee McKenzie is a master at creating characters that seem so real the reader finds herhimself hoping they ll succeed in achieving their goals She even adds a bit of interesting history to the story The plot keeps the boys as well as the reader guessing what will happen next Just when you think you know all the answers the author throws in a twist or a surprise and you think OOPS I didn t see that coming Middle grade and tween readers boys especially should enjoy following Sam and his friends on their uest to solve an age old mystery This book is perfect for middle school libraries and classrooms public libraries and your own library of course so you can read the story again Highly recommendedThe author provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Sam was living with his uncle Jasper but wasn t happy there But what can he do Jasper decided to book him in into a boarding school but Sam didn t like to goRoger and Joey his best friends decide to hide him in a cave up the mountain so he would miss to go there As they scrambled up the mountain and went into the cave an earthuake occurred And here they find something unbelievable First they find in a box a skeleton and laying with the skeleton was another little box they opened it and find a map Here and there they decide to follow the instruction they find in a box with an skeleton But first they have to go to Trent another city They had money enough to goand what they find there is the unbelievableWell I won t tell you otherwise I would take all the excitement away You better get the book It s a great read Love it Well done Well written What a great adventure The characters are totally endearing and you find yourself rooting for the gang as they escape all kinds of wonderful folly YA but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story as it is filled with mysterious legend dragons and villains of all sorts A really fun read thank you to author C Lee McKenzie for providing a copy for my reading enjoymen. In a labyrinth of underground tunnels trapped by dangerous thieves and sealed inside an airless tomb Sign of the Green Dragon gets a high five for fantasy fun and some fearsome adventure If you like intrepid would be knights on impossible and dangerous uests you’ll love this story As one reader says this book “has twists than a dragon’s tail”Order now to ump into the adventur.

I enjoyed this YA adventure particularly as it involved some aspects of Chinese American history and culture Dragons especially The tale follows a boy who Making India Work just wants to be able to play in a school game but is being packed off to a boarding school To avoid this his two pals suggest he hide in a local cave not the greatest idea until the game Heading up to the cave even though an earthuake occurs is not smart either but luckily they see the problem and leave after grabbing an item from under a rocky gap This starts them on a treasure hunt in which again they are not very responsible but at least they all stick together I don t know why none of the lads wanted to tell their parents about the cave discovery That would be the natural thing to do I like the descriptive language the cave is a giant yawn in the hillside We get involved with art thefts and an element of fantasy The book will be good for under fifteens though parents might want to read it and chat about behaving responsibly I availed of a free download offer This is an unbiased review What a rollicking roller coaster This was the first book I ve read of McKenzie s and I m so glad I did Middle grade boys in particular will love this Sam the adventurer Joey the outspoken and Roger the timid soul are best of friends Hiding out in a cave to avoid Sam s uncle they find a chest with a dragon carving on it It contains a mysterious scroll held by a bony hand The boys are bound and determined to track down its source What kid can resist the promise of a treasure hunt I won t reveal any spoilers but trust me this tale is brimming with breakneck twists and turns Plus it is full of heart without being sappy Standout characters besides the boys include Li Kwan and Jen Highly recommended for kids who love adventure mystery oh and dragons Sam is beyond disappointed when he finds out that Uncle Jasper is shipping him off to boarding school He doesn t even get to stay and play in the championship baseball game When he tells teammates Roger and Joey they plan his escape so Sam will be around for the big game Unfortunatelyit involves sneaking away and staying in a cave for a few days which proves to have secrets than they could ve imagined After a small earthuake a crumbling wall reveals a skeleton with a map and a riddle which they hope to find They think there really is a treasure out there and they may be the lucky ones to find it if they can only unlock the riddle Sam won t stay in the cave with the bones so they take a midnight train to Trent to try and find the answers What do the mysterious symbols on the map mean Who is the crying lady that Sam sees Is there really a treasure and will the boys be able to find it One thing is for certain the trio is not expecting what awaits themI have read many books by see C Lee McKenzie and I was excited to read Sign of the Green Dragon The book is full of adventure and excitement The three boys will be appeal to kids because they have a good friendship and seem to find trouble I liked learning about the Chinese culture and the meaning of dragons It was fun trying to solve the riddle and figure out what the boys needed to do in order to find the treasure I would recommend this book to kids in third grade and up who like a book with mystery and adventure I wonder if we ll get to go on another wild ride with Sam Roger and Joey in the future If so I know I ll be reading it Sam s bad yearust got worse His uptight uncle plans to send him away to boarding school which means Sam will. Three plucky sleuths A crumbling skeleton A buried treasureAfter six months in a new school Sam’s finally fitting in He’s the one kid with enough talent to hit the winning home run and bring the baseball trophy back to Haggarty Elementary But Sam’s guardian is shipping him off to boarding school before that can happenWhen teammates Joey and Roger hear his bad news they plot to

Miss the play offs for his baseball team With the help of his friends Joey and Roger they plan to hide Sam in a cave until the game An earthuake hits while the boys are there and reveals a secret room with a treasure map If the kids can reveal the truth about an old murder they ll find the treasure But the ancient Chinese dragons don t give up their secrets easily and the boys could miss than the big game if they aren t carefulA fantastic middle grade read with a lot of fun sleuthing and adventuring Sam and his friends are the typical 11 12 year old boys Good kids but with a knack for finding trouble And who can resist an old mystery that includes a secret treasure Joey and Roger ust want to help their friend and Sam longs for a stable home that he lost after his parents died It s easy to sympathize with them and I cheered them on from the beginningI loved the history of the Chinese in California and the mystical aspects of the story The twists and turns kept me guessing as to what might happen It s a funny suspenseful and fast paced ride Another rollicking middle grade treasure of a tale from author C Lee McKenzie If you have a boy or girl who loves a good mystery adventure this is the book for them The plot has twists than a dragon s tail and the characters are both funny and enduring especially Sam He never gives up going after his dream but at the same time he is a true friend to his buddies And the way the dragons fit it Well I won t spoil it for you but trust me very clever and satisfying One of my favorite things about this book is the way the author wove in facts about the history of the early days of California and the impact of the Chinese immigrants to the region I love seeing diversity in children s literature Thanks to authors like C Lee McKenzie readers are now getting a wider and truer range of the vital windows and mirrors SIGN OF THE GREEN DRAGON is a delightful adventure for readers who enjoy a well crafted mystery with a touch of fantasy and a trio of plucky heroes Highly recommended I was provided with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review This is a fun adventure story for middle graders with lots of Chinese culture and folk stories including of course dragon lore Imagine if the Hardy Boys had three little brothers and you ll have the right ideaMcKenzie s tale dives a little deeper than most in the genre as it explores the despair and fear of the protagonist Sam who has lost his parents and whose only living relative doesn t seem to want him What begins as a bid for freedom and to stay with his friends so he can play in a baseball championship turns into an exotic treasure hunt with elements of the supernatural Three boys find themselves thrust into the adventure of their lives when they discover a wooden chest with a secret map inside Sam Joey and Roger put together a plan to follow this map to find clues and but they don t expect the danger that trails them around every corner I read this aloud with one of my sons and he really enjoyed tagging along on this adventure There are uite a few twists and turns that catch a reader off guard It s later revealed that these boys are around 11 years old I have a daughter who is 11 and I can t imagine her and her friends embarking on something as crazy as this escapade at this age but it s very fun to pretend and imagine That s one this book is really good at sparking imagination and drawing the reader into the experience It s easy to put yourself in place of one of the characters The Ide him until the big game Their secret cave is a perfect place until an earthuake shatters a wall and reveals a wooden chest with a red eyed dragon carved into its top Inside a bony hand clutches a map with a note promising treasureWith Joey and Roger Sam sets off to track down the clues and hopefully discover treasure When some puzzle pieces start to make sense the boys become lost.

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