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This is my second book from this author and I like her writing style The narrative flows smoothly and the characters are well developedIn this book tall ed haired Connie ends up married to the son of her father s archenemy AaronThey enter the marriage in less than amicable terms she No Limits (Brutal Master ruined and he about to get financiallyuinedThe Liar, Liar romance grows slowly they get to know each other and to see what lays within I love how she cared for his father and was concerned for him and also that he is honorable and sweetSome misunderstandings just took too long to be clarified but overall a nice and sweeteadI will surely be Essays One reading from Mrs Heath It was fine I feel like the hero is patient than I would be with a heroine who constantly bemoans how hideous she is even though she is actually uite attractive Aaron s financially foolhardy and outspokenly crude dad is my favorite character and he spends half the book view spoilerdying hide spoiler 25 stars I love marriage of convenience stories and this sounded like it would be a good one especially considering it s by a new to me favorite HR author Virginia Heath may very well be my favorite Harleuinomance author and she s probably even in my top 10 overall HR author list nowBut no author turns out a winner every time and this one disappointed me a bit It s not that this is a bad story It just has a few of my personal bugaboos that annoyed enough to make me feel impatient while Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose readingLet s start with the heroine She was the one causing me the most stress Described as very tall 6 feet slender with abundant beautifuled hair green eyes and alabaster skin she focuses only on the very tall and believes herself to be shapeless and unattractive to the opposite sex She develops a feigned I don t care attitude around others which makes her belief about her unattractiveness self fulfilling It doesn t help to have an An unexpected end to the Wincanton–Stuart feudScandal broke last night when Lady Constance Stuart was discovered in the arms of Aaron Wincanton the son of her family's greatest.

Read This one not so much and I guess I need to laugh or at least smile while eading nowadays 35 stars ounded upVery satisfying traditional HR HEatA takes well worn plot devices the forced marriage feuding families PTSD and makes something fresh and delightful out of them Connie and Aaron actually talk to each other each notices the other s virtues slowly to be sure and their coming together feels both hard worn and satisfying I d ead this again and I ll certainly look for others by Virginia Heath This book had the unlucky coincidence of being ead ight after a lackluster book that pretty much had the same storyline Tall heroine who hides her hurt behind a tough abrasive exterior This book s heroine was better constructed but the whole I can never believe I have any minuscule attractiveness to me carried on far too long It ended up giving her a bit of immaturity Poor gorgeous hero who needs to marry for money to save estate Same character outline as the other books I ead but story placement here was a bit different with hero and heroine s families having a centuries old feud The feud wasn t eally explained but how it effected their present families was detailed They are caught in a compromising position and hero marries heroine even though her father doesn t give him her dowry thus bankrupting the hero This book had of a story construct but how long it takes the hero and heroine to develop past the immature I hate you No I hate you took too long and I missed seeing their elationship without any animosity Since I ead this ight after not enjoying an extremely similar storyline I definitely think I already had my fill of insecure abrasive tall heroines I m even one and the poor gorgeous heroes who just want them to ecognize how egal they are The bottom line I was exhausted by how long it took hero and heroine to move beyond their animosit. S stolen his new bride away to the country to begin their unexpected marriage We'll be watching closely to see exactly what happens when a gentleman invites his enemy into his be.

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Nfeeling father who tears her down at every opportunity and has now sold her in marriage to a man who does not care for her but only for what the marriage will bring himNow here it must be said that the Stuart family has been feuding with the neighboring Wincanton family for ages Our hero Aaron Wincanton has arrived home from the Wars with PTSD and also a desire to bring the feud to an end He would like Constance to be an ally in this but since some years ago he had created a teasing nickname for her Ginger ian which still smarts and still haunts Connie she wants nothing to do with himHowever wouldn t you know it circumstances find Aaron and Connie having to marry A marriage of inconvenience to both She because she detests him and he because the Wincanton family is in financial straits and he needs to marry money Connie has been disowned by her father and no dowry is forthcomingThis book had the bones of a very good story and every once in a while it was to my liking Aaron s PTSD for example is treated ealistically and well and Connie s poor self image and low self esteem makes one feel sympathy for her However Connie is just too touchy and abrasive and volatile I found her lacking at times in even common courtesy to Aaron And the Misunderstandings and Failure to Communicate tropes were out in full force in this HR It took until the very last few pages for Connie to come to the ealization that she was attractive and loveable I must say that Aaron s eticence didn t help her much either with thisThroughout the story there were times that Connie would show moments of kindness and consideration for others That just made her angry unpleasant outbursts on many occasions that much disagreeable to me Also lacking in this story was the fun in the ead that I found in the other two Heath HRs I ve ead Those were omantic and humorous and witty and a joy to. Enemy But now we can eveal an even shocking development Our sources say a special license was obtained and the two were married before sunrise It's been confirmed that Aaron ha.