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Er much trouble in travels opportunity opens to make amens and acceptance I never thought I would enjoy 18th century American Indians adventure until I found this book The storytelling is excellent It as given such great insights of the tribes involved especially the Pikuni Assiniboines and the Crow I can vividly imagine each tribe and The Power of One how they live their lives The messagevalue are also strong the ego and stubbornness of the Lone Bullthe determination of the narrator toelp The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, his family Black Otter the son of Lone Bullthe value of relationship son to father among the tribe members and beautifully the friendship of the Black Otter s mother with Sah kwi ah kiow negative believes lead to unfortunate thingsvice versa and He Who Dares how love forgiveness andarsh experience can change a person There are also a lot of woo woo stuff that I learn from the story such as The Thing About December how a young boy in the tribe obtainis medicine in order to become a man Definitely a great read Love all the books by this writer I Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar have gained so much knowledge of our first people Iave always been a reader of US History but none of the great t history writers and books that Iave read addressed all of our istory Reading Mr Schultz first and accounts of native life and customs Stand Up and Fight has been an eye opener. Ibe to tribe until the man's better nature asserts itself ande rejoins is people when an opportunity comes to save them from an enemy The author is one of our most famous old time frontiersmen and Indian fighters and an Indian by adoption into the Blackfoot trib.

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Ences in My Life as an Indian Good bookBook described in detail the daily life of an Indian Written so well I felt I was there Hard to put the book down This is a good story told by a fourteen year old boy of a Black Foot Indian tribe when is father went against the Now Is the Hour hunting rules of the tribe This incident involved not only the father but the mother and also the boy andis sister This family needed food so their father killed a buffalo to feed Londons Glory (Bryant May, his familye and Jingle Bells his family was forced to leave the tribe the father s ego and pride would not letim return The family lost everything they owned and travelled many miles before the father realized the wrong e ad doneAn adventurous story of several Indian tribes trapping for food sleeping under the stars facing wild animals An outstanding story that shows Troys how the Indians lived Lone Bull s Mistake a very good readIt was a joy to be able to read this book The insight into the Native American way of life andow the family and friends dealt with Lone Bull and not giving up on Knights Templar in Britain him ande learning about Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, himself Very positive Loved this story about an Indian Family and their troubles searching for another place to live on the plains Their father broke a rule with the tribe and struggled withis stubbornness Aft. Family after Nature Cure his punishment for a breach of the tribe'sunting laws It is the account of the wanderings and misfortunes of a Blackfoot Indian who rebels at the tribal The Bookshop on the Corner hunting laws and withis family leaves the camp of The Fixer (The Fixer, his people The family wanderomeless from tr.

WHAT A WONDERFUL ADVENTURE 18TH CENTURY AMERICAN PLAINS INDIANSJAMES WILLARD SCHULTZ DID A SUPERB JOB OF TELLING HIS STORY ABOUT A BLACKFOOT FAMILY AND THEIR TRIALS AND SUFFERING BECAUSE THE FATHER WAS TOO FULL OF PRIDE AND EGO HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN FOLLOWED HIM FAITHFULLY AS HE FOOLISHLY LEFT THEIR TRIBE DURING THEIR TRAVELS THEY SUFFERED HEARTACHE HARDSHIP AND WENT FROM BEING PROSPEROUS MEMBERS OF THEIR TRIBE TO POVERTY STRICKEN BEGGARS THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY AND Excellent bookReading James Schultz is a wonderful experience His descriptions are so vivid that you can easily picture the scenes in your mind as you read I m in the process of reading all One of Your Own his work I definitely recommend Good storyThe writer knowsis topic even to include Jim Beckwourth being at the trading post Schultz Nina has doneis research This1918 book was written by James Shultz who married and lived among the Pikuni tribe in the 1880 s He operated a couple of fur trading posts in Montana The plot is a frame for an adventure around Montana in the early days of outposts and fur trading before the buffalo died I think this story gave me a better understanding of social expectations and skills among the native americans I followed up with Mr Shultz s recounting of Super Gran (Super Gran, his real life experi. Lone Bull's Mistake' a stirring tale of the Blackfeet Indians by James Willard Schultz was pronounced the best of all Mr Schultz's Indian stories It is the story of an Indian man without a country It tells of the adventures of a rebellious Blackfoot Indian andis.

James Willard Schultz or Apikuni born August 26 1859 died June 11 1947 was a noted author explorer Glacier National Park guide fur trader and historian of the Blackfoot IndiansJames Willard Schultz JW Schultz started writing at the age of 21 publishing articles and stories in Forest and Stream for 15 years He did not write his first book until 1907 at age 48 The memoir ''My Life