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N guilty of kidnapping men and orcing them into a life of rape and abuse until they get dead 2ND read just as amazing like the Ali Pashë Tepelena first one WOW WOW WOW REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE425 StarsThis was delicious and teeny tiny bit dark and twisted One hero and one antihero and a story that has you wondering the entire time how on earth they can possibly achieve a HEADrake Donovan is a police officer tied up in a case that involves dead male prostitutes The clues have been sporadic and mainly led to dead ends so when an inrom an internet chat room arises Drake grabs onto it with both hands intending to work the case undercover his Little Fiery One first mistake was assuming that would workRyden Garrick is unapologetically bad He runs a prostitution ring that is organised efficient and makes him a lot of money When occasionally things go wrong and a body has to be dumped he has men willing to do thator him too He is a god that rules over his own kingdom to uestion Ryden is stupid but to cross Ryden than likely means deathDrake gets his wish to work within the prostitution ring but it doesn t go exactly according to plan A snatch and grab The Sacred King finds the exuberant young officer in a tricky situation androm then on it s as though he has Milking the Dogs, Part 1 fallen down a rabbit hole This story skirts the edges of believability but it was such a good read that had me on pins waiting to see how the author could possibly weave any sort of satisfactory ending that I would highly recommend it. L never be the same When gathering evidence becomes the last thing he's thinking about he knows that he will have to make a decision Follow hiseelings or stay strong doing what he was here to do Now he has to decide between the job he loves and the man who could change everything Life Larong Pinoy (LgM Books For Children, 5) for Drake was easy before he went Undercover MM romance Not suitableor readers under 18 years of age due to language and sexual content Please note This book contains scenes of murder rape and abuse which some readers may ind uncomfortabl.

Have a revisit with these characters ive years down the road to see how that redemption wentOverall I really enjoyed this book It was dark and I ll admit that I like dark at times But there was never a time where I didn t like the MC s or how they treated one another The story worked Mrs. Piggle-Wiggles Farm for me and I completely and totallyell in love with Ryden and Drake and their romance story I received a complimentary copy of this book in return How To Be A Domestic Goddess for an honest review view spoiler I wanted to read this but since I m curious I had to check if there was some rape sceneThank the gods I did and well yes Drake gets brutally raped and hurt by Craig one of the guards before Rydeninds him and saves him So too bad but I ll pass this book I m not really in the mood Velvet Moon (Annwyn Chronicles, for this scenesever I could have ignored them if they were off page and on secondary chars but on page and on a MC sorry no I just wished he was saved in time hide spoiler So cop gets kidnapped by the criminal he s hunting who kidnaps men andorces them into prostitution allows his guards to rape said prostitutes whenever they want has his men beat the shit out of people whenever they don t comply etc and these two Kine (The Kine Saga, fall in love I m sorry but that s gross as hell and not remotely romantic And that s leaving out the murders that got the cops involved to begin with Like I m allor copcriminal stories but generally there is some redeeming ualities to the criminal I m not sure how anyone The History of Dark Corner Campbell County, Ga falls in love with a ma. Aught him everything he needed to know to run his area in one of Britain’s largest crime organisations Guns drugs money laundering and the area that Ryden excels in prostitution Running one of the largest male prostitution rings one where anything is acceptable even murder is where he dedicates most of his time When Drake discovered the connection with the young dead bodies all linked with a letter tattooed on their chest he knew he had to do something Now standing inront of the elusive Dreamfixer he knows that life wil.

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My ReviewThere s not a warning on this book but it probably needs one It s very dark and I m not saying that as it being something bad because it s not The book is Q-Squared fantastic but there is a lot of graphic violence and you need to be preparedor that Because 천년구미호 [Cheonnyeon Kumiho] flat outone of these heroes is not a good guy He inherited theamily business Coots from hisather and has grown up with this world of violence as the norm Someone defies himhe kills them And a lot of that happens within the pages of the book You ve been warned but keep reading because I did really like the book The thing that makes it so good is that there s no way out of this Drake is a cop Ryden is obviously a criminal There s absolutely no way they can have a happy endingbut this is a romance novel soAnd I m sitting here iddling with my laptop keys because I don t know what else to say without giving spoilers The romance is unusual but it completely worked or me I loved the chemistry and the build up The entire time reading this book my nerves were on edge not knowing what might come next At about the 80% mark the author went someplace I was sure she wasn t at that point But she didand it didn t ruin the storyat all Seriously good story telling Despite Ryden s violent life and world TA McKay did an amazing job with this character because she made me love him even though we should despise him Through his False Witness feelingsor Drake she showed the reader how Ryden might be redeemed note I would love to. Drake Donovan is one of the good guys He spends his life helping people who need it Being a police officer is all he’s ever wanted to be and there is nothing else that could ever compare After months of work he Pandaimonion finally has a way in to the underground world he's been trying to close down A trail of dead prostitutes has led him to a chat room and a man called Dreamfixer but when a late night meeting goes wrong his life changesorever Ryden Garrick has the life that nightmares are made of Growing up with a ather like his

After being married for ten years and raising three beautiful kids I decided it was time to do something for myself My passion for reading bled over with a need to tell the story that was repeating in my head and that was the birth of my first book The rest they say is history I love the creative release that writing gives you being able to take someone away to a different world feels amazing