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10 Cute tiny colorful tadpoles playing go through the order until they all turn into frogs Perfect for storytimeUsed for Frog Fever Family Storytime May 2010 This is a darling little book about ten tadpoles that get separated by finding new friends I would rate this book all five stars because it had really great illustrations that went along with the words I would give this book to children that are in preschool to first grade because the words are asy and they are teaching them how to count down from 10 to 1 I bought this for my 2 year old cousin she loves it I read it to her Taking Instruction (Taboo, everytime she comes up and she gigglesverytime ven though she know s it b My son picked this one out from one of the open face racks at the library With the cute little 3D tadpoles on the front i could definitely understand why Then it turns out to be a counti. That left nine Follow the adventures of these bright bold 3D tadpoles in.

Ng book in reverse what could be better For my numbers obsessed boy this is a hit and the illustrations and rhyme is nice so I don t mind having to read it over and over and over and over I have have shared this book with reception aged children It is a fun rhymning book about 10 tiny tadpolesl it counts the nuber of tadpoles back from 10 to 1 This book fits in well with topic work for the Early Years foundation Stage it can be used to teach children about rhyming words life cylces and numeracy The children njoy the colourful pictures and love to count the tadpoles on Divertimento each page The storynds with a pop up page of the last tadpole finding his friends that swam away but of course thay have turned into frogsThis book is a great book to leave in the reading corner as the children love to pick this book up and count the tadpoles independently. This fun and funky counting book with a surprise pop up page at the nd.

Really cute illustrations ven better perhaps than the cute counting rhyme I would have like to see the tadpole change into frogs throughout but still pretty darn cute Another good book for a 2yo or older toddler with holes to stick fingers through and the countdown to practice numbers this is one of the ways i teach payton how to count 1 to 1 colors build vocabulary and count backwards also Our other book fair purchase Colin loves to count so this one was great This is a fun 3 D counting book for toddlers my three year old daughter really Promise at Dawn enjoys it I like that the numbers count down instead of up most counting books we vencountered count up and that the vocabulary is challenging for kids I actually had to look up a word nattered A backwards counting rhyming board book perfect for kids shouting out the descending order of numbers Ten tiny tadpoles wriggling in a line  One went chasing dragonflies so.

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