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Ook only because there was way too much going on Tenn and Nate Rik and Kae Kota and Iris just to name the majority Then the middle of the story hit and it dwelled almost exclusively about Nate Kenzie and Tenn I felt bad for Matt but he needed to grow a pair There were some annoying editing flops but not enough to ruin the story This was a good second book in the series Although the main focus was on Tennessee and Nate I felt the author was building other relationships maybe for future books It was a very busy book with uite alot to keep track ofThe book picks up not long after b Beautiful 5 star readWow this was my first ever MM book I have to say it most certainly wont be the last Jules Dixon has totally hooked me into the world of red hot beautiful et sensitive cowboys Chaps is so beautifully written that Dudo of St Quentin you can t help but be swept along with the emotions that pour from the page The words really did tug at my heart cause those ugly sobs that catchour breathTenn Reed is so damn beautiful on the inside as well the outside I feel in love with his kindness natural ability to express his emotions no matter the cost He is literally heartbroken after losing his dad his best friend the one man who made him proud to be himself supported him in everything he did Having returned to Valentine for the funeral he is emotionally wrecked unsure of what his future holds until he looks into those beautiful brown eyes of Nate O Neill his world turns on its axisNate O Neill is one hot cowboy A rising 4 Cranky Stars Cowboy Code 1 A cowboy never leaves his love or his hat at home Tennessee a 300 lb brick wall of muscle has just been drafted to play football for the Denver Broncos This is not his dream He envisions himself in New York working in investment not being the token gay football player A family emergency brings him home to Valentine where he meets Nate O Neil at his father s funeral Nate is rodeo to his bones or so he thinks He ends up in Valentine after his friend Rik has an accident He immediately feels the pull to Tenn as much as Tenn feels it to NateuoteLove is beautiful and Love is loveThis is the second book in the Cherry County Cowboys series and I absolutely loved it The way Jules Dixon depicts the love shared not between just Nate and Tenn but with the entire family amazed me Love is not gender specific nor is it biased Love is unconditional and this author shows us that through her wordsLife is messy but that s what makes it interesting Tenn and Nate go through life s issues together and come out stronger in the endThis is a must read series scorching hot and will definitely melt our heart I look forward to reading of Jules Dixon s workhttptwistedbookcurblogspotch201 I did not love this as much as the first one It took me a LONG time to get invested in the story Like way too long I kept putting it down and picking it up every few minutes I did like it okay but there was something missing The characters were for the most part fine but they annoyed They were all in with each other but each keeping a major secret at times I feel like Nate s custody drama wasn t resolved at all It just went away I guess I was heartbroken over Tenn s dad I got annoyed with the side drama of RikKae everyone s interference and need to infantilize Kae disgusted Ditary secret buried in his chest He might be dying inside but when Nate walks into his life all Tenn’s troubles seem to disappear into those hazel eyes and he’s never felt alive Will Tenn follow the cowboy wherever life leads Or will he protect his heart and watch those fringed leather chaps ride aw.

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Story flowed and characters made the book come alive Originally Reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the publisher author for an honest reviewI loved this book One warning it is a fairly direct continuation of the story and characters in the first book in the series Spurs and in my opinion ou should read them in order I reviewed Spurs when it first came out and honestly I read too much so I couldn t remember the backstory Poor meI had to go back and re read that one first It was very onerous Not I loved that one as well so it was a great re readIn this new installment Chaps we are again back in that idyllic little town of Valentine Nebraska a town as I mentioned in my review of the first book that reminds me of the fictional town of Big Eden in the movie of the same name The people in town are just so darned accepting of everyonewell except for the local vet and his wife but I can read the writing on the wallthey have theirs comingI hope in another installment at some point After all their son Matt needs his own storyThis time we shift focus over to a cousin of the first book s MC Grayson The cousin s name is Tennessee Reed and we met Tenn and his brother Dakota in the first book I was hoping we would see of Tenn down the road Well we have Tenn is a fairly huge Locas young man who has been drafted by the Denver Broncos Only problem He didn t want to be and his brother Dakota did The Broncos took Tenn instead because he is gay and they wanted the rainbow diversity cardTenn is home for his and Dakota s father s funeral The father dropped dead suddenly at a veryoung age and the whole town is having a tough time dealing with itNate O Neill is new in town He arrives with his best friend Rik who it turns out has a connection to Valentine which solves one unanswered uestion from book oneOnce in town Nate is kind of thrown together with Tenn Nate doesn t intend to stick around Tenn is member of the Denver Broncos and due back for training in a couple weeks But the best laid plans don t always work outI really enjoyed this one It was a perfect length what some might call long and it had great character and storyline building I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it Like I said do Smoking Lovely yourself a favor and read Spurs first Don t be surprised ifou are like me and don t even pause between the two booksGreat job Ms Dixon I ll start by saying these were cute sweet and adorable MCs just too flippin sweet His eyes held to mine You have me All of me is ours for the taking I pulled him up so we were face to face If I weren t clear now I d never be Myheart pounded in a weird rhythm in my chest I don t want to take anythingfrom ou I only want to give ou everything including all of me It was a little slow for me but it got better as it progressed A hospitalperil scene plus major angst and sort of a break up trope is a perfect little story I love all that But some parts needed work In the order these thoughts came to me as I was readingWay too much internal dialog especially for a story written in first person Finally a story that acknowledges that a big dick doesn t go in easily and might just be too damn big Bisexuals still need to come out Did he really view spoilerleave the state where his daughter was hide spoiler Not as good as the first Face his reckless past he’s reminded that relationships can cause damage far worse than any bull ride and maybe he’s headed for the same suffering again Professional football draft pick Tennessee Reed returns home emotionally shattered by the unexpected passing of his father who left Tenn with a here.

I preordered this book and stayed up Thursday night until it released thinking I would read a chapter or two to get started on a great reading weekend It s now Friday morning I haven t slept at all but I couldn t stop reading about Nate and Tenn until I finished Chaps it s that addictiveI immediately connected with Tenn because I know guys like him or I want to know guys like him He s not just going through the motions He really wants to make something out of his life and I was cheering him on all the way Nate s distance which is really his self protection mode is beautifully written and offers a real understanding of what it s like to struggle with emotions The fact that he s a father struggling to understand his emotions and omg Kenzie is such an adorable little troublemaker truly gives the reader a full picture of who he is as a manSo the love story between Tenn and Nate had me completely hooked but Chaps also includes cameos by Grayson and Izaac which made me sueal out loud and several other potential future couples Matt Zeke Kae Rik Yes please please please I feel like I am part of the community and know these people I m really hoping the next book in the series releases SOON 4 12 out of 5 starsThis book was a perfect example of everything I love about romanceespecially MM romance The emotions and romance were so well done and the book made my heart pitter patter than a little And then throw in some humor and sarcasmand the cutest little girl and it s a perfect book Nate Tenn aren t exactly the same people or from the same worlds and et when they come together there is an instant connection What they want from that connection isn t the same in the beginning but watching them work towards the same goal was so heart warming I enjoyed the back and forth points of view I liked the extras especially Kota Tenn s twin brother and Kenzie Nate s almost 6 ear old daughter There wasn t a scene in this book that I didn t enjoy and want of I really loved everything but here are the best three examples of why I loved this bookHumor like Whiskey could do that to a person I swore there was lettering on the bottle that reuired a magnifying glass to be read It said something like May cause the asshole to come out in any normal healthy seemingly well adjusted person Emotions like when Nate was feeling his first inklings of than a little There was no disguising that I wanted him to take care of me And it was clear he wanted to indulge me I didn t have to pretend that our time together meant nothing and he was free to just leave Romance like when Nate was telling Tenn just how much he d missed him Hell I missed ou as soon as I backed out of Under Grand Hotel, Volume 02 your driveway two days ago Can t imagine what it would feel like to know I d never seeou again Don t know as if I d ever get over it I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great MM read and to spice up DIRTY - 47 verruchte TABU Erotik Geschichten your life just a littlewhat s better than a football player and a cowboy Much better than first bookThe first book was hard to read due to issues of to many characters and way of knowing who they were or how they played into the storyline Now this book was hard to get in to at the beginning but solelyou were able to get the jist of the storyline and connect it to the first book Jules see to relax how the. Rising rodeo star Nate O’Neill never expected to be living in a small Nebraska ranching town waiting for his rodeo brother to recover from a vicious ride His unplanned stop steers him into the arms and bed of local celebrity Tennessee Reed Soon he uestions what thrills him the rodeo or Tenn Forced to.

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Jules Dixon enjoys entertaining her Omaha Nebraska neighbors by dancing while mowing her lawn and is an annoying but lovable online distraction to her writing friends She uite possibly eats her own body weight of Gummy Bears Hot Tamales and Red Vines every year She is addicted to everything related to the amazing emotion of love and has been referred to as “terribly optimistic” which she