Avi: The Christmas Rat Aladdin Fantasy

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D and then i was totally confused I think the lesson was don t commit to something terrible just because you are bored But i got the message creepy guys are reaky and you never know when one will show up and deceive you Talk to trusted adults when things are creepy I liked this book because it had so much detail and it was very entertaining Also the book had so many sarcastic parts Lady Janes Nemesis from the autho. Ating So with nothing better to do he joins Anje on a mission to destroy the rat living in the basement of his apartment building But as Christmas Day draws nearer and the temperature outside keeps dropping things in the basement gorom weird to deadly And Eric learns how valuable life truly.

Nd I was not disappointed The main character is stuck in his apartment building during Christmas and makes the acuaintance of a creepy exterminator who talks him into helping him kill the rat in the basement The main character begins to like the rat and the story unfolds There is a link to the angel Gabriel of Biblical A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family fame and you have a short weird story that workedor me I had to get to the en. An exterminator needs roach powders and smoke bombs but he also carries some extra euipment a crossbow and metal tipped arrows that can penetrate concrete walls and will annihilate any creature with which they come in contact Anje's number one target Rats To Eric this guy is creepy but ascin.

It was an just okay book it was hard to ollow and didn t really understand it or the point of whole story I gave this 4 because in the begging the story was sort of whatever it does not really matter But you ind out it has something to do with the end The ending was pretty good because you have the eeling you MUST keep reading This book was weird but I liked it I read it because I like rats A boy a rat and an exterminator three players in a game of survival Christmas vacation is supposed to be a blast Or so Eric thinks But with all his riends either sick in bed or out of town Eric's getting bored by the hour Then he meets Anje Gabrail exterminator Anje's got all the normal stuff.

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