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Ry novelists remains immense justifying the mythic proportions of his literary reputationEvery Op story in DASHIELL HAMMETT CRIME STORIES AND OTHER WRITINGS is good if not great In the product department the consumer gets his money s worth excellent fiction on nice paper expensively bound Library of America puts together handsome well constructed editions designed to be read often and resist as much manhandling as an old medical desk reference printed in the forties The uality of Library of America s books cannot be overemphasized I own other collections from this same house their books are built to last and can handle wear and tear And they don t have those godawful Deckle edges THE CONTINENTAL OP is so rad Even maybe radder than Sam Spade because the Continental Op is NAMELESS and short and stout and unattractive whereas Samuel Spade is all suave and a ladykiller What a wonderful set of stories Hammett is without a doubt the master and the American private eyenoir genre in both short and long form A great collection of short stories I am a fan of Hammett s novels and his short fiction is nearly as good I liked most of the stories but anything featuring the Continental Op is going to be at the top of the list After reading The Thin Man and The Maltese Falcon I decided to check this out and I ended up devouring the whole thing in every spare moment I had between reading slush and the billion or so other things I was working on at the time Consider me a Hammett fan I loved absolutely every single short story collected in this book Most of them 20 of the 24 feature Hammett s nameless Continental Op character one of my favourite characters ever The remaining 4 stories are all one offs with different characters in different locales By far the most complete collection of Hammett short stories out there especially the Continental Op stories The retail price may be a bit steep so I highly recommend buying it onlineAlso included I guess that s where the Other Writings part of the book s title comes in is an early typescript version of The Thin Man This is not The Thin Man ou know love The version included here is 1 very different and 2 unfinished Not wanting to confuse the final and unfinished versions down the road I mean memory can be a tricky thing and also not wanting to tarnish the luster of The Thin Man as I know it I decided not to read this version But that doesn t affect my rating of the book in the least I got it for the crime stories anyway If Linux Networking Cookbook you ve only ever read a few of Hammett s short stories this is a great book forou And if Marcus Garvey you haven t read any Hammettet well what are ou waiting forHighly recommended for fans of crime fiction mysteries or 1920 s detective stories. Are hard edged entertainment for an era of headlong change and extravagant violence tracking the devious nearly nihilistic exploits of con men and blackmailers slumming socialites and deadpan assassins As guide through this underworld he created the Continental Op the nameless and deliberately unheroic detective separated from the brutality and corruption around him only by his professionalism.

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This volume Death and Company is ultimately and unfortunately for only the most diehard of collectors a disappointing seven page vignette Beyond a shadow of a doubt the weakest entry in the Op s otherwise superlative casebook it s unsurprising it s uncollected with the others With the exception of This King Business all 36 stories first appeared in Black Mask the most feted extinct pulp magazine this side of the eually defunct Weird Tales THE MALTESE FALCON also debuted in the Mask s pages before Knopf brought it out in hardcover they d already published HARVEST and DAINIf ou re reading this Amok you probably appreciate the exploits of the Op one of the pioneering first person hardboiled American private dicks but not the first Carroll John Daly s Three Gun Terry sneaked onto Black Mask s table of contents months ahead of the Op Terry Mack is Daly s pilot fish for his enormously popular Race Williams character a homicidal maniac who rationalizes his shooting sprees as private detecting The name of one of the stories in DASHIELL HAMMETT CRIME STORIES AND OTHER WRITINGS is Bodies Piled Up a title as gruesome as Daly s The False Burton Combs is clever for its misdirection I shan t give away its secret to the few who ve not read it Cap Shaw didn t suffer journalistic fools lightly and even though he hated Daly s stuff he published it anyway because a Race Williamsarn touted on the Mask s cover boosted sales by 10000 issues Daly s stories are ridiculous enough to be farces glutted with a toughness as counterfeit as a schoolboy s playground bluster In his lifetime Daly enjoyed glory in Black Mask than Hammett but in the long run the Hammett legacy enjoys success and respect not that that ever does deceased authors any good This is not to say Daly s writing sucks it often makes for entertaining lightweight reading but it s all hat and no cattle The Op s romps in the Mask are steeped in a realism still resonant and relevant If I may borrow a phrase from Hollywood Detective Dan Turner the Op s adventures are as serious as a rodney probing one s sacroiliac Hammett s strengths as a storyteller and prose stylist as well as his background with Pinkerton s enabled his work to endure On a side note Lillian Hellman claimed Hammett didn t work for the agency for as long as he often alluded to His own publisher Knopf hailed him as better than Hemingway a conceit of course but one I happen to agree with I ll take Hammett s drunken private eyes and femme fatales over Hemingway s drunken sportsmen and forlorn expatriates anytime Not to rip on Papa but why read something to depress And a Bottle of Rum yourself Hemingway s characters don t liberate and lift the spirit the way Hammett s do To this day Hammett s influence on myste. Ling essays and an early version of his novel The Thin Man The texts reprinted here for the first time are those that appeared originally in the pulps without the cuts and revisions introduced by later editorsHammett'sears of experience as a Pinkerton detective give even his most outlandishly plotted mysteries a gritty credibility Mixing melodramatic panache and poker faced comedy his stories.

A great collection but it would be better if it had the complete set of stories Hammett wrote A complete list of those stories is a missing piece as well we don t know what we don t know Hammett s writings are classic for a reason If Crochet you like crime and thriller he s an author to read Take into account when these stories and books were written because the slurs in here areou know woof Danielle Hammett s writing holds up almost 100 Playhouse years later His crisp clean lean prose was decades ahead of his time He deserves as much credit as Hemingway for bringing the writing canon into the 20th century Well worth reading He could write a good short story and not many can which unfortunately doesn t stop them from tryingI This is a fine collection of Hammett stories The most notable and most enjoyable of these stories feature a bull dog of a detective called The Continental Op One particular issue pertaining to this collection of Hammett stories needs to be highlighted and that is that the story This King Business has been inadvertently mutilated by the publishers of this book For on this see editions of this book may have had this issue fixed for on this see There s not a Mt Rush of American private eyes but Hammett s Continental Op wouldn t be one of the faces on it if there was That s because he s a modest faceless everyman though he s hardly anonymous or devoid of personality I prefer the Op over Hammett s infamous creation Sam Spade That probably puts me in the minority but I don t mind Spade is not a particularly nice guy on the other hand the Op is a regular Jack the lad his voice like that of an old friend s to the reader Even though he s a Roaring Twenties lawman who breaks heads and takes names he turns a blind eye to Prohibition as eager to go into a speakeasy as the next man It s worth mentioning there s a lot Continental Op material than there is about Spade too about six times as much Fully two thirds of Hammett s crime fiction starred our man from the Continental Detective Agency instead of falcon statuettes glass keys and thin menDASHIELL HAMMETT CRIME STORIES AND OTHER WRITINGS collects two dozen of the 36 stories Hammett published about the Continental Op most of them novelettes And distinguished authoritative writing it is The novels RED HARVEST and THE DAIN CURSE initially consisted of four Op novelettes apiece I personally have never seen any of those eight segments published home or abroad in their original standalone form and I ve looked That leaves only four other stories to collect ifou want them all on our shelf Three are easy to source That fourth and elusive final Op caper available nowhere but THE RETURN OF THE CONTINENTAL OP 1945 cost me as much as I paid for. In scores of stories written for Black Mask and other pulp magazines in the 1920s and 1930s Dashiell Hammett used the vernacular adventure tale to register the jarring textures and revved up cadences of modern America His stories opened up crime fiction to the realities of American streets and American speech Now The Library of America collects the finest of them 24 in all along with some revea.

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Also wrote as Peter Collinson Daghull Hammett Samuel Dashiell Mary Jane HammettSamuel Dashiell Hammett was an American author of hardboiled detective novels and short stories Among the enduring characters he created are Sam Spade The Maltese Falcon Nick and Nora Charles The Thin Man and the Continental Op Red Harvest and The Dain Curse In addition to the significant influence his nove