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K s about Dutch t s going to take some seriously good magic to make me not want him flayed aliveslowly Three days after finishing Scars and Secrets and I still can t stop thinking about this book It exhausted the hell out of me and I loved every word There s angst then there s Ashton Angst My god does this author know how to work my feels There were times I wanted to clatter Levi s and Van s heads together and tell them to wake the hell up There were times my heart broke for them given the twists and turns that were slowly exposed Absolutely bloody brilliant and a well earned book hangover THEY workedScars and Secrets was the perfect title for this book Let s be truthful we all carry around a sack full of shit and no matter how hard we try to avoid The Student Cookbook it being opened that sack of shit always gets dugnto time and time again It especially gets opened Torpedo Run if you have Dutch as your boss your fathers a ruthless politician and your husband has left youDonovan The Driver is profoundly miserablen his dejection His wounds are opened time and time again booze pills and nameless faces don t help De glazen troon (De glazen troon, it s time to get his husband back because they worked they were uniuen their loving But to get him back scars that were tattooed onto his soul and secrets that no one should have to carry alone have to come out for everyone to see and that makes Donovan vulnerableOH WOW Avril PANTS WHAT PANTS MY PANTS DONT LIVE HERE ANYMORE5 stars bitchI am just Like where do I begin This book was just a pure banger and I didn t want Silent Witnesses it to end I know I m getting an angst ridden read whent comes to Avril but this had me choking on my own spit and had my heart racing I haven t felt them feels since Watch Break me Break You left me ruined Scars and Secrets The Hawthorn Crown (The Changeling, is a thirst trap and I am thirsty My throats mad rawDonovan Cintron has got a job to do but that job didn t entail falling The Past is Myself The Road Ahead Omnibus in love and building a family The thing with keeping secretss that eventually they come to light and leave a mess of hurt behind That s what happened with Van his secrets lost him his husband and family With everything he does clothed The Common Years in dangert s finally coming back to bite him The Valkyrie Song (Jan Fabel, in the ass and his husband and son are putn danger It s time for the prodigal husband to make a return and save his marriage and Inishowen in the process save his own life Levi Nieto found love and lostt Lies and betrayals has shaped his life for the last seven years and he never thought he would be able to move on from that Now his life his sons life s n danger once again and Zombacter it s all because of the man he married Donovan camento his life to bu. Y might be compromised except he’s not the only one exposed So s the husband he hasn’t stopped needing all these years later He’d been aching to die but for Levi Nieto Donovan will live To protect To regret To rememberThe realization that everything he loved was a farce sent Levi Nieto spinning out of control and running away.

Ild him up only to knock him down Now he s face to face with the man that left him wrecked and bodied how can they move past all this hurt One things for sure their passion s blazing fire and Risking It All it seems not even distance could dim the flames First of all first off allthis fcking book left men tatters That s not to say I didn t have a few problems but the pros far outweigh the cons and I feel like I been ruined for any other books I read this year It s like Miss Ashton goes The Housekeeper and the Professor into brain and write the things that make me lose my pants Levi Van are walking talking porn advertisement I read sex scenes with a slight disinterest because I ve been doing this so long sot takes a lot to get my motor running Their heat left me deceased and just shooketh to the core I like them together I love them together but I feel like I hardly know them apart Their surrounding overshadowed their story and I wanted to know how they fell n love Want you to feel me Levi s mouth was at his ear breath harsh loud broken In your fucking chest When I come nside that ass you better taste The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary it on your tongue The plots one crazy twist after another filled with favourite characters from the authors other works My heart was just The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures in a happy place seeing characters that I know and loven one place coming together with a common goal and shaking sht up A lot of Asian Bites interesting shockers here filled with Avril s signature dramatic flair and I was alln for Perfect it I swear I am just son love with the freaking book ts essence s dunked Avengers into my bones What I m having a hard time withs Vans addiction being glossed over and t was a full blown addiction He had some demons and I feel they weren t addressed properly Man needs rehab therapy and a cleanse Alas I m still all for this regardless of ts faults I m still utterly American Prince in love and ain t nobody can tell me otherwise I give kudos to Avril regardless of writing high marks for diversity alone Her stories ain t filled with cookie cutter white boys all over the place and all these bad boy typess my aesthetic Hats off to my Jamaican rude boyz Overall this has been a pleasure to read and experience and I might be ruined for the rest of the year Scars and Secrets The Devouring (The Devouring, is unapologetically Avril Ashton and I am looking forward to reading the series I have to take themn small doses because I m trying to live I am a lifetime fan of this author Big ups Avril keep writing the mans demSideNote Take caution going nto this series f you haven t read the other series Brooklyn Sinners and Run This Town SideNote2 Walking around with a girl boner for the rest of the mont. From the memories Now Donovan The Campaign for Domestic Happiness is backn his life still fully entrenched Il tesoro di Gengis Khan (Le avventure di Dirk Pitt, in darkness Their physical connections one thing but the truth of who they are to each other remains trapped among the anger violence and lies suffocating them Fixing what’s broken will take than each man exposing his scars Secrets and blood must be spille.

BR with Karen who The Complete Idiots Guide to Crowdsourcing is also serving as my tour guide since I haven t read much from this author I could not do this without you Karen25 Stars I want to say I liked this book but I can t really It was ok I guess but I wouldn t readt again Maybe I would have gotten enjoyment out of t f I had read this author s Brooklyn Sinners and Run This Town series But I liked All These Hidden Scars a lot thank goodness for tour guides so I think that I d probably still be luke warm to Scars and Secrets even Aloha Rodeo if I had read the othersThere were too many characters and relationship dynamics from other series to make this book and likely series a good stand alone read If I didn t have a tour guide thanks Karen I d have been hopelessly lostAnd definitely read All These Hidden Scars first Theres very Stealing Venice important story arcnformation there and you will need All aboard the Ninky Nonk! it Scars and Secrets assumes you havenformation on critical plot points that were revealed The Lady and the Peacock in that preuelWhen Van and Levi encounter each other again for the first timen 7 years they went back and forth so much They still love each other but Levi Another Mothers Love is understandably still angry So Vans asking for a second chance repeatedly and Levi THE AGE OF ARTHUR: WARFARE IN THE BRITISH DARK AGES, 400 AD - 800 AD: WARHAMMER HISTORICAL. is saying no repeatedly and then the tables turn just as Levis coming around Dutch just has to get the last word causing Van to second guess everything again I would be ok with Van tossing that good for nothing SOB off a roofafter some heavy torture first Then t s Levi wanting the second chance and Van saying no I found that whole thing so exhausting I wanted to smack them bothBut then like magic they are back together having not really resolved anything but they just decide they are all good now right before the feces hits the oscillator The Witchs Kind in a spectacular way Because these guys just can t catch a breakBetween the exhausting back and forth between Van and Levi and Van s wallowing and self destructive tendencies I kind of wanted to shoot myself a time or 2 Or them Yeah we ll go with that The melodramas high The Galapagos Affair in this one OMGOn a different note I do wish that the author would get a better editor There were uite a lot of wrong names or misspellings along with numerous punctuation and grammaticalssues I m often pretty forgiving about editing Rome Sweet Rome issues as long as they don t take me out of the narrative but they did here because I had to reread passages to figure out whatt was really meant to sayMy conclusion for Scars and Secrets MehI will continue the series though because I have fantastic tour guides with Ele and Karen They really make the reading experience so much better If the next boo. After an undercover assignment that changed his life forever FBI agent Donovan Cintron Tales From Nature is barely hanging on to sanity His new missions to forget by any means necessary so he tries his hardest Pills Booze The warm bodies that never uite measure up to what he’d had What he’d lost It’s almost a relief when he learns his dentit.

A Caribbean transplant Avril now lives in Stone Mountain GA with a tolerant Spousal Euivalent Together they raise an eccentric daughter who loves reading and school not so much school any Avril’s earliest memories of reading revolve around discussing plot points of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys with an eually book minded mother Always in love with the written word Avril finally deci